How To Write A Therapuetic Song English Literature Essay

Music is all around us. It surrounds our mundane life through wireless, public presentation, and our friends. Music is cosmopolitan that has profound effects upon adult male. For illustration a vocal can do a individual happy piece at the same clip it could convey person else to cryings. That makes music powerful. What if that power could be used to assist people? What if a vocal could assist person get the better of depression? What if it could actuate person to suppress their frights? Throughout history, music has had an influential consequence upon humanity every bit good as it has inspired and encouraged emotions. There is a sense of alleviation found in a vocal that matches your temper. Music can be the remedy for solitariness, grief, and difficult times. In order to compose a vocal that acts as such a remedy, a songster would necessitate to understand what music therapy is, how musical therapy helps people, and how to compose a curative vocal.


Before composing a vocal that ‘s curative, it ‘s best to larn more about what musical therapy is. “ Music Therapy is an established health care profession that uses music to turn to physical, emotional, cognitive, and societal demands of persons of all ages ” ( AMTA ) . Basically, it is the usage of music to assist people get the better of issues such as depression, insomnia, physical or emotional hurting, and better life as a whole. Music therapy comes in many different signifiers. One such signifier is called Brain Music Treatment. “ Brain Music Therapy records encephalon moving ridges utilizing EEG ( EEG ) equipment, and translates them into alone musical composings ” ( Mindlin ) . By manner of account, this means that Brain Music Therapy uses a machine to mensurate the electrical activity within the encephalon, and so uses those measurings to bring forth a vocal that can relieve stress-induced deficiency of slumber and depression. The vocal that is produced by the encephalon waves causes a sense of relaxation for the person. Other signifiers of music therapy are: making a vocal for the person, singing to the person, or merely listening to music. The most basic signifier of musical therapy is what people use mundane. This basic signifier of therapy is accomplished by listening to vocals on the wireless that fit how you feel. The best signifier of musical intervention depends on the individual being treated, and each signifier of musical therapy dainties different complaints and has many different effects.

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Music has many different effects on people and can be used for many different intents. As antecedently mentioned, one signifier of musical therapy is Brain Music Therapy. This signifier is chiefly used for kiping upsets and depression. When the Brain Music Therapy machine records a individual ‘s encephalon moving ridges, it creates two composings. One of the composings helps you to loosen up and one inspires you to be more active. When the individual is holding a difficult clip kiping, they listen to the loosen uping composing. The composing is set up harmonizing with that specific individual ‘s encephalon moving ridges and helps them loosen up. In a similar manner, when a individual is experiencing depressed, the active composing helps the individual experience better and inspires them to travel out and make something. This is an illustration of one of the more celebrated types of musical therapy.

The more mundane signifier of musical therapy is found on the wireless. Songs can assist people through their life battles by holding wordss that speak to people. For illustration the vocal, “ I ‘m Not Alright ” by Sanctus Real ; the vocal negotiations about acknowledging your failing and the comfort in stating that you ‘re aching. The chorus of the vocal says, “ I ‘m non all right, I ‘m broken inside, I ‘m broken interior ” ( Hammit ) . The songster admits his hurting and invites the hearer in to experience it with him. To a individual who is fighting with an issue that is aching them, but they do n’t desire anyone to cognize, this vocal is curative. This song lets them know that they ‘re non entirely, and that they ‘re traveling to be okay. Another illustration is the vocal “ He ‘s My Son ” by Mark Schultz ; the vocal tells the narrative of a adult male inquiring God to take him alternatively of his boy. The chorus says, “ If You can hear me, allow me take his topographic point some how, see, he ‘s non merely anyone, he ‘s my boy ” ( Schultz ) . He wrote the vocal specifically for a twosome that he knew whose boy was deceasing of malignant neoplastic disease. But even though he wrote it for them, the vocal is helpful to more than merely them but any individual who is sing loss. It tells of hope in the thick of hopelessness and doggedness through the tests. The vocal is so powerful because of how he conveys the torment felt by a male parent watching his boy suffer. The vocal undertakings the adversities of the state of affairs and offers comfort to people who are traveling through similar state of affairss. This is an illustration of how music can move therapeutically. Other such illustrations are:

“ How to salvage a life ” by: The Affray

“ The Prayer of the Children ” by: Kurt Bestor

“ The Words I Would Say ” by: Sidewalk Nebiims

Overall, music plays many different functions in get the better ofing the hardships of life ‘s adversities, and instills a sense of hope in whoever listens to it every bit good as offers some peace in cognizing that they ‘re non the lone one traveling through their battle.


In order to compose a vocal that ‘s curative, a songster must hold a subject that is relatable to life ‘s issues and about something he or she understands. If the songster tries to compose about something they do n’t understand, they merely stop up with a song full of stereotypes and premises which does n’t assist the hearer. The subject besides ca n’t be something junior-grade such as sloping java or late to school, though those are relatable, they do n’t speak about the genuinely difficult facets of life. For a vocal to be impactful and curative, it must be a subject that reaches out to the hearer. “ Lyrics that resonate with universally felt emotions foster strong emotions foster strong designation between the performing artist and the audience ” ( Davis ) . Lyrics play a cardinal component in whether or non a vocal can be relatable. When a vocal is simply an instrumental, though it may be imposingly hard to play or nice to hum to, it ‘s non relatable to the hearer. At the terminal of the vocal, the hearer will experience the same as they did at the beginning. That ‘s why songsters use wordss to state narratives and convey their life narratives or feelings. When the songster writes of something that people understand, it ‘s easier for the hearer to acquire into. It builds a span between the songster and the audience ( Reynolds ) . When that span is built, it helps the hearer feel less entirely and experience as though there is person out there who understands. After the author has decided upon their vocal subject, they must pick a signifier. When it comes to songwriting, there are three chief types of lyrical signifiers:

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The AAA format was more common in the earlier portion of the twentieth century, but it is still seen today. It comprises of a insistent tune with different words on each repetition. The three A ‘s in the rubric average poetry, poetry, poetry. The AABA, although really similar to the AAA with its insistent poetries, has a major difference. It has a Bridge subdivision. The span provides the author with an chance to alter up the excess feel of the poetry with a different tune and subdivision. This signifier is really popular amidst songsters for musicals and shows of that nature. Finally, the 3rd most common signifier is the verse/chorus, which makes up the bulk of vocal signifiers heard today. The vocal contains a chorus, which has the chief subject or thought of the vocal, and the poetry which tells the narrative behind the subject. Normally a author will utilize the poetry to pull you in, and utilize the chorus to do you understand.


Lyrics are n’t the lone component to be considered in the authorship of a vocal. Angstrom vocal demands to hold music that non merely matches the temper of the vocal, but besides draws the hearer in. That ‘s why an impactful vocal needs to go a hit. Not all people who are aching can travel to an expensive clinic to acquire intervention such as encephalon music therapy. But they do n’t hold to travel to a installation to have intervention. They can have the aid merely by listening to the wireless. The wireless is the easiest manner to make the most people at one clip. But a vocal wo n’t be picked up unless the wireless station thinks that it will be successful ( Reynolds ) . In order to compose a hit vocal, it ‘s best to understand what makes a hit vocal. For one thing, when a individual can associate to the vocal on an emotional degree, it automatically improves its opportunities of being popular. “ A vocal is successful when an audience responds with a acknowledgment that says: ‘me, tooaˆ¦ I ‘ve felt thataˆ¦ I ‘ve seen what you ‘ve seenaˆ¦ I know what you mean ‘ ” ( Davis ) . As stated earlier, when a vocal is relatable, it draws the audience in therefore making more of a demand for the vocal. Another component that defines a hit is a catchy tune. “ MRIs show that a catchy vocal makes the audile portion of the encephalon ‘itch, ‘ and the lone manner the scabies can be scratched is by listening to the vocal ” ( Anuta ) . When a vocal has a catchy hook, it grabs on to the hearer and causes them to desire the vocal once more therefore making a greater demand. The vocal needs to make a big audience in order for it to make the people who need to hear it. When a vocal is good written it can possess mending qualities that those people would n’t hold received otherwise.


In this twenty-four hours in age, our society is consumed with depression, hatred, and aching. Youth suicide rates rose 18 per centum between the old ages 2003 and 2004 ( Tanner ) . “ Depression affects about 19 million Americans, or 9.5 % of the population in any given annual period ” ( Price ) . Pain is one of the most cosmopolitan elements across the universe. Everyone has felt it at one clip or another both emotional and physical. At the same clip, music is merely as cosmopolitan. Everyone listens to one signifier of music or another. Music could be used to contend depression and being broken hearted. Sometimes by the clip people realize they ‘re aching, it ‘s excessively late. But if the therapy was brought to them, they could be helped. When curative vocals are played on the wireless, people do n’t hold to seek aid. Music can be used to assist us cover with the things that cause our heartache every bit good as aid influence this universe for a better tomorrow.

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