Human Beings And The Influence Of Language English Language Essay

This paper explores the dealingss between the factors that influence the manner people think and their behavior, besides here I will explicate my sentiment about the point of position of Sapir ( 1921 ) . Factors like the History, civilization and geographics are utile to analyze if the linguistic communication is the chief point to explicate why people do what they do and believe what they think.

Before the first meeting with my chaps my point of position was the same that Sapir. Because I thought in the differences between people of different states and I assumed that the cause was the linguistic communication, for case, German people are more structured than the Spanish people and I thought that the linguistic communication was the chief factor ( the Spanish linguistic communication is more flexible than the German linguistic communication ) . But during the first meeting I realised that there are more factors that have a great importance in the manner the people think and in their behavior.

Tsovinar noticed that the geographical conditions and conditions are besides of import in order to understand the manner people live. For case, in the mountains, with cold conditions and troubles to populate, the people are ruder than who live in the beaches or the vales. And that have an influence in the manner they speak. Normally, the people in the mountains speak heavier and louder. If we go to the North of Switzerland, the portion where people speak German, we can hear the difference between the German spoken in Germany and the German spoken in Switzerland. In this last one state, the people who leave in the Alps, in small towns rather separated one from the other, the linguistic communication is improbably difficult. For me, a novice in the German linguistic communication is about impossible to understand them but besides for native German people. And that is the same in many topographic points in Austria and the South of Bavaria. But I do non hold to travel to another state to explicate that, in Spain, near of Madrid, there is a part rather depopulated with small towns of less than 50 dwellers and surrounded by mountains, I go at that place in many occasions and the Spanish they speak is hard to understand. They use small statements, in many times they do non complete the words, the pronunciation is loud and so on. Here we can appreciate that to hold the same linguistic communication is non the cardinal point to determinate the idea of the people who speak it.

Ramesh, besides brought up a really of import point: the civilization. Depending on in which civilization you grow up, the manner you think is wholly different. A good illustration for this point of position is what we have seen during the talk five of this topic about a adult male who was speaking to a group of people belonging to a folk in Africa. The narrative he told was about a adult male who tried to happen a adult female he loved, and to make that he had to suppress several troubles. The people of the folk could non understand that, because they thought that looking for another adult female was easier, they do non hold the construct of love that many people have in many topographic points, for case in Europe or USA. This small illustration shows that depending on the civilization where we grow up, the manner to believe is wholly different. Another illustration to exemplify the differences produced by the civilization in human existences is the manner the people celebrate Christmas in Germany. In the North, the people during Christmas receive the visit of the Weihnachtsmann, the equality to

Slides of “ Media, Cultura and Mind ” , talk five.


Santa Klaus in North America, and in the south, people celebrate the Christmas twenty-four hours with the Christkind, who is Jesus when he was merely born. It is really interesting the difference between one portion and the other. The South is more Catholic and that is seeable in the stand foring of Jesus when he was a babe, and in the north the people have traditions imported from Scandinavia and more heathens than in the South. Here we have the same state and the same linguistic communication but with differences influenced by the history and civilization of the state. The South of Germany was nearer to the Catholic influence of the Spanish imperium in the in-between ages and some centuries after that in the parts of Austria and north Italy. But the North of Germany was influenced by Sweden, Norway and Denmark which traditions were wholly different. So civilization is another point to take into history.

Ramesh besides noticed that history is necessary to understand the idea and behavior of people. To explicate this we can besides utilize the instance of Germany. Since the last of Second World War, Germany was divided in West and E. In the East Germany, under the communism influence, the Government tried to wipe out the influence of the Church in the people. After 50 old ages in this state of affairs, the Christmas in the East Germany is wholly non-catholic and different to the manner that is celebrated in the remainder of Germany. A wonder of this circumstance is that the people in the E have different names for some icons typical of Christmas ( for case, the angels ) that in the remainder portion of Germany. With this illustration, we see that History is besides a cardinal point determiner to understand the human being ‘s outlook.

After the confab with my chaps I checked some web sites to hold more information about this issue. This first papers was besides of this topic, the article of Lera Boroditsky “ Linguistic Relativity ” . In her papers she says that if the linguistic communications are different, the talkers of each linguistic communication have to be besides different in their perceptual experience and behavior. In this article is exposed besides the Whorfian point of position, which assures that “ the idea and the action are wholly determined by linguistic communication ” , this is rather similar to the Sapir point of position. Now, I non hold with this statement and a simple but strong logical thinking: if the linguistic communication is the lone thing which has an influence in the people, all will hold the same idea and behavior. And that is non true, in each state there are many different political parties because people have different point of positions, there are people who like to pass some yearss in the mountain but there are other who love the beach, there are people who study scientific discipline and other who study humanistic disciplines. But non merely the ideas, the behavior is besides wholly different because I like climb mountains but another 1 could merely love to remain in the couch watching the Television, there are people who loves siting

Lera Borodisky, “ Linguistic Relativity ”

Whorf, “ Language, Thought and Reality: Selected Hagiographas of Benjamin Lee Whorf ”


motorcycle and other merely go by auto. This rigorous statement does non take in history the different ways of think of the people and besides their behavior.

One of the pages I checked in order to make this try talked about a group of kids in Nicaragua who developed a new mark linguistic communication. If we apply the point of SAPIR this is non possible because is the linguistic communication which change us and non frailty versa. But really this is possible, and another illustration, and this is rather known, is the linguistic communication created in the nineteenth century, Esperanto, created by Zamenhof. This is the great cogent evidence that the Sapir thesis is non right. This linguistic communication was developed by a group of people of many states and different civilizations working all together. In add-on, this linguistic communication is in usage like any other and evolves excessively, like Italian, Lusitanian or any other. But a wonder of this linguistic communication is that if you want to larn it you merely have to analyze. You can non analyze the context of this linguistic communication, I mean, if you want to larn a linguistic communication is rather of import to cognize the civilization of the state where it is spoken, the traditions, the people, and as many informations of this linguistic communication as you can because that is a cardinal point to larn it more easy.

In the paper of Aubrey Neil Leveridge the importance of learning the civilization of the state and non merely the linguistic communication is clear seeable that civilization influence in the linguistic communication. In this article a instructor of English in Taiwan exposes the hard to learn another linguistic communication in a different civilization. The writer exposes that the linguistic communication of a state can assist to understand the civilization and the people of the state. It is explained besides many points which show the completely alteration of outlook. For case, the pupils do non take part in the talks speaking with the instructor if he asks something, at first sight, this is the same that in Spain where pupils are ever soundless, but in our instance is due to shyness and non because of the ground in Taiwan. There, the instruction follows the Chinese theoretical account and is wholly out to interact in the talks with the instructor. In order to suppress this obstruction, the instructor had to alter his function and act like a friend alternatively of a instructor, because for the pupils were wholly impossible to alter their head.

Furthermore, to larn a new linguistic communication implies to larn the civilization as Allwright and Bailey in their paper maintain.

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With the parts of my chaps and the articles read I think that the linguistic communication is non the factor that influence in the human existences but the conditions where the people live, the history of the part and the civilization are which determine the linguistic communication and the manner of people think and their behavior.

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