GE 101 – Spring 2010 Chapter 5 Quiz: notes Name: Charisse EwellDate: 02/21/2010 1. Effective note taking consists of three parts: a)Questioning, highlighting, and reviewing. b)Abbreviating, drawing, and summarizing. c)Observing, recording, and reviewing. d)Abbreviating, recording, and participating. 2. Note taking is useful only if you a)Use a computer rather than a notepad to take notes. b)Participate as an energetic observer in class. c)Take enough notes so that you do not have to review later. d)Analyze the instructor’s appearance while observing in class. 3. What is the best way to listen to an instructor’s lecture? )Sitting in the back so she will not call on you and interrupt your notes. b)Hoping the instructor is a good performer and keeps your attention. c)Listening to the lecture with a plan to read your notes at the end of the week. d)Sitting as close to the front as possible. 4. During a lecture, you hear something you disagree with; you should a)Think about the disagreement internally for the rest of class. b)Plan a way to interrupt the instructor to ask a question about it. c)Write down your disagreement and focus on the rest of the lecture. d)Assume the instructor is wrong and ignore the rest of the material. 5.

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The Cornell format of note taking consists of a)Symbols, abbreviations, and concepts. b)A cue column, a notes section, and a summary. c)Outlines, key words, and definitions. d)First-level, second-level, and third-level headings 6. Mind mapping helps you in the note-taking process because it a)Involves both left-brain and right-brain functions. b)Helps you concentrate on the words. c)Helps you see if you are really a left-brained thinker. d)Shows you how artistic you are. 7. When taking notes for an online course, it is helpful to a)Print everything and read it later. b)Skip the notes because everything is on the computer anyway. )Concentrate only on the teacher’s e-mail messages. d)Write Discovery and Intention Statements to capture key insights. 8. A reason that tape recorders can be used effectively in lectures is because you can a)Use them in place of taking notes. b)Focus more on what is being said. c)Use them when the instructor speaks fast. d)Tape-record without the instructor knowing it. 9. An effective method for keeping your notes well organized is to a)Write on both sides of the paper. b)Take notes using key words. c)Make editorial comments in your lecture notes. d)Use shorthand. 10.

The Power Process: “I create it all” is about a)Applying this process to other people when they don’t treat you right. b)Blaming yourself. c)Feeling powerful and knowing you can change your behavior and responses. d)A process that is not effective when things are going great. 11. A prerequisite for improving your handwriting is a)Using only a number two pencil. b)An attitude of surrender. c)A desire to improve. d)Exploring alternatives to writing. 12. Research notes are unique because they a)Look like the notes you take in class. b)Use source cards and information cards. c)Should include a bibliography. )Will reflect lecture materials. 13. The four A’s of taking meeting notes are a)Attendance, Apparatus, Actions, re-Actions. b)Attendance, Agenda, Agreements, Actions. c)Agenda, Agreements, Application, Actions. d)Actions, re-Actions, Ask questions, Application. 14. The Cornell format of note taking includes a cue column that is used a)For the summary statement. b)For standard abbreviations without explanation. c)For pictures and diagrams. d)To list potential test questions that correspond to your notes. 15. Becoming a successful online learner is characterized by a)Taking responsibility. )Purchasing a laptop computer. c)Practicing positive procrastination. d)Skipping over instructor e-mails. 16. The best time to resolve conflict with an instructor is a)Before class. b)After class. c)During office hours. d)In the parking lot. 17. True or False The best time to review your notes is within 24 hours of writing them down. 18. True or False Mind mapping organizes a subject in a sequential, linear way. 19. True or False You can rewrite notes later if your writing is too sloppy to read. 20. True or False When you schedule conference time with an instructor, it is up to her to ask all of the questions.

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