Ideas And Themes In Writings English Literature Essay

Writers use tonss of literary techniques and characteristics to back up their thoughts and subjects in their writings.All those tehniques are design to pull strings and determine the readers perceptions.They place readers to react to the authorship in certain ways, either holding with or challenging those themes.Themes of allienation, nostalgia to love and loss are really frequently repeated in Literature.We can see this really clear in three short narratives which I would wish to compose about, Erneast Hemingways ‘Hills Like White Elephants ‘ , John Cheevers ‘The Enormous Radio ‘ and Doriss Lessing ‘To Room Nineteen’.In first narrative Hemingway tells us about inabillity to pass on efficaciously in a relationhip.Main characters got a immense trouble in jointing their feelings which makes them frustrated with each other.In ‘The Enormous Radio ‘ we see subjects such as dependence and loss of control, hidden secrets ans dirts and communicating issues but they all lead to the chief subject of this narrative which is loss of love.Last Doris Lessing narrative subjects are subject of allienation, individuality issue and loss of sense of being.Main character of this narrative, Susan is portrayed as a captive of political orientation driven by sociaty that adult females are expected to be lief and volitionally acepting their repression and bondage.

Narrative point of viewe is one of the first techniques which has immense influence on significance and tone of the story.All narratives are written in the same a 3rd individual point of viewe but with a small difference between them.Erneast Hemingway wrote ‘Hills Like White Elephants ‘ in 3rd individual point of position and aim which is limited to what characters say and do.He does n’t uncover their ideas ang feelings, as a readers we need to think that by construing the text.In ‘Enormous Radio ‘ we see that storyteller use the same 3rd individual point of viewe but it ‘s omniscient.He is able to depict non merely each characteraa‚¬a„?s actions but besides their inside emotions, motivations, and feelings.Sometimes narrator even takes subjective attack by depicting one of the characters Irene as a egoistic adult females which is merely concerned about how people viewe her and by depicting Jim as a loyal and difficult working adult male who tries really difficult to give her and their kids a comfy life.In Doriss Lessings ‘To Room Nineteen ‘ narrative starts from the 3rd individual narrative point of viewe merely to switch subsequently in a narrative to first individual point of viewe.Lessing utilizations watercourse of concioussness techinque and interior soliloquy which creates the feeling for the reader that he is about listen ining on the flow of concious experience in characters mind.This give a reader an acces to ideas, emotions and esthesiss experienced by a character.

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Varied inside informations of puting and character has got a immense contributon to the maning of these short stories.Setting plays the biggest function in Hemingways narrative where even the rubric refers to symbolical importance of it.Jig, one of the characters of a narrative, by depicting the hills that they look like white elephants refers to her gestation and the chief issue of this narrative which is abortion.She describes the hills in the distance that they look like white elephants because American which she travells with, views the babe as an aproaching obstruction to their careless life.The remainder of a scene besides provides symbolism which express the tenseness and struggle between the couple.The train paths traveling into two different waies, in between which twosome sits at the train station might mention to match being in the center of doing drastic determination. A twosome is merely like those paths which run side by side but will ne’er hold a opportunity to run into. Different sort of land on both sides, on one viridity and fertile and on the other dry and without trees besides describes their different viewe and reading of the quandary of pregnancy.In ‘The Enormous Radio ‘ , the reaching of the new wireless which changes its scene, traveling deeper in the house, traveling from the door to the center of the life room behind the couch because of its physical ugnliness it seems to be like agressive interloper, irrupting Irenes life.By listening to the wireless which picks up noises and conversations from the whole edifice she besides starts irrupting on other people lifes.This is how we start to see immense alteration in Irene and her relationship with Jim.She gets involved in people lives heard on the wireless so much she shortly became down and alterations from a pleasant, instead apparent adult female to a adult female who doubts who she is and uncertainties in her relationship with her husband.They both start to gain there is a tenseness in their matrimony, that Irene has many dark, deep secrets which she has hidden really good all these old ages and which she feels guilty about.Setting it ‘s non so of import in this story.Narrator is seeking to concentrate merely on the wireless, voices and music coming out of it which plays immense function in a narrative by determining ambiance of a narrative and besides altering temper of a chief characters.The same we will see in Doris Lessings narrative where there is less description on puting but this minimal art have immense importance for the meaning.This minimal art gives the reader a sense of unrealized emptiness of a relationshp between Susan and Matthew and emptiness in Susan ‘s life which is described as a desert which shows her hopelessness and depressesion.Also the empty room 19 which in she spends most of a clip describes Susan ‘s demand of allienation.

Use of techniques such as sarcasm, symbolism an understatement by wrtiers in those short narratives has got a immense impact on themes.The most of import in those narratives is symbolism which is a usage of symbols to stand for or propose other things or ideas.As said before in ‘Hills Like White Elephants ‘ we can already see symbolism in the rubric of a story.Jig refers to the hills that they look like white elephants to speak about abortion which is the chief subject of this story.A white elephant is a mostly useless object that is expenssive to ain and maitain which symbolise a unborn baby.The whole symbolism of a scene is of import in many ways which I already had a opportunity to analyze earlier.The rail paths could symbolize Jigs and Americans relationship and being in the center of doing an of import decision.Two sides of a station described in a narrative has it ‘s ain significance, green can by a symbol of life, babe, a new beggining and dry side can stand for decease and abortion.Irony in this narrative chiefly shows Jig ‘s defeat towards the American and this is its chief purpose.In conversation between them about licuorice and its familiar gustatory sensation we can clearly see Jig is non merely mentioning to a drink but besides to their life style which she is able to abandon at any point to settle down.I believe immense impact on the narrative has the last sentence spoken by Jig, when she tells the American she is fine.We can understand this sentence as an sarcasm and that Jig will travel through with the abortion because of her inability to pass on her feelings to the American wich leaves her defeated and non being able to contend anymore.Also conversation between them, approximately such an of import topic which is abortion, seems to be really simple, fiddling and even pointless.The talk about good drinks and lovely hills is merely a screen for a deathly argument.This tehnique used by Hemingway is called understatement.Again symbolism is used in Johns Cheever ‘The Enormous Radio’.It is chiefly used to depict the concealed significance of the wireless from the title.It symbolise an dependence and loss of control.Irene gets so obssesed with listening to her friends and neighbors on the wireless that she is non even interested any longer in her relationships with other people in existent life.She prefers to travel place and eavsdropp on them through the radio.Radio besides symbolise a concealed secret and scandal.When Irene start to doubts felicity of her marriege, all secrets are being revealed like larceny and abortion, which she was concealing all these years.Radio is besides used as an irony.It was purchased to convey joy and felicity to Irenes and Jims life but it merely caused problem between them uncovering deep and dark secrets.In ‘To the room 19 ‘ once more we can happen symbolism in the rubric of a story.We see Susan as a adult female who has been caught up in the web of the societal functions in a community and she is seeking to step out of this universe into a universe of her ain devising which is room nineteen.She is no longer a married woman and female parent in this room, she escapes her societal function and she eventually finds peace and freedom.We can see an sarcasm in words depicting Susan and Matthew as ‘intelligent ‘ which is the really characteristic that is their downfall.Although they do everything “ sanely ” in their heads, their repression of her as a adult female is anything but intelligent.Also Lessing usage repeat technique, utilizing word ‘intelligence ‘ fiftee times to do an sarcasm even stronger.

Dialogues, conversations between characters have besides large impact on the significance of those stories.Hemingway narrative is told in 3rd individual point of viewe and it does n’t state us any facts about characters.This is why duologue is of import and we need to interpretate it to happen out about attitudes oh the chief characters towards each other.Their are able in this manner to talk for themselve and we can besides see through the tone and form of the duologue, exsistence of a deep job in their relationship.In ‘The Enormous Radio ‘ duologue has the same purpose.We are able through duologue to happen out more about characters ideas and feelings.We besides in a duologue see a tenseness between chief characters, which bilds up towards the terminal of the story.In the ‘To Room Nineteen ‘ Doris Lessing we can see through duologues between Susan and Matthew the deficiency of communicating in their married life.Lessing besides use interior soliloquy to emphasize the significance of the story.Through Susan ‘s interior soliloquy we can see her helplensness and emptiness of her matrimony life.

All those strories got their ain particular construction which has an impact on the temper and ambiance of these stories.In Hemingways ‘Hills Like White Elephants ‘ puting frames the narrative, it plays a important function in finding the ambiance in his work. The pick of a scene and objects supports the sytuation and develops the narrative conflict.Also duologues are keeping the narrative together, they tell us about the chief subject of a story.In ‘The Enormous Radio ‘ music frames the narrative, creates the temper and reveals the emotional passage of the characters.In ‘To Room Nineteen ‘ Doris Lessing is utilizing more literary techniques in her authorship to back up the significance. Narrator by altering the tone of linguistic communication creates a mood.At the beggining of a authorship words are longer which makes reading slower and creates really peacfull effect.But than towards the terminal of a narrative storyteller is seeking to make tenseness in a narrative and starts utilizing shorter words which makes our reading much quicker.Also watercourse of conciousness technique adds dramatic consequence to the narrative and without it composing would be really bland.

I have truly enjoyed reading short narratives, particularly those three which I have chosen for this rating and analysis.Mainly I believe so because of female issues in sociaty presented in those stories.Earnest Hemingways ‘Hills Like White Elephants ‘ is deffinitelly my favourite.It is really interesting that storyteller does n’t uncover any informations about characters, what they think and feel.To happen out we need to interpretate the text, in this instance duologue between them.Through reading the narrative I felt like sitting following to the twosome, eavsdropping on their conversation.Because there is a immense communicating issue between them and they are unable to uncover their true feelings once more it is left to the reader to analyze what characters are truly thinking.It besides intrigued me how narrative shows a contrast between male and female viewe on relationsips.When abortion for Jig, killing their unborn babe is a immense determination for her, for American is merely a simple operation ‘letting the air in’.He does n’t place himself with the babe which is an obstruction for him and his careless lifestale. I besides found ‘The Enormous Radio ‘ really interesting to read.I believe John Cheever through this narrative once more proved the fact how pass oning issues between people might impact their relationship.Irenes secrets and dirts creates tenseness between their matrimony and they lead to loss of trust and love between them.The construction of a narrative has besides catched my attention.I found it really interesting that music was making the temper in the narrative and that music was uncovering the emotional passage of the characters.In ‘To Room Nineteen ‘ I was hugle intrested in Lessings attitude towards female repression, disaffection and flight which is all exposed in this story.She tries to explicate how societal, cultural, and ethic recreations, how they all limit adult females positions and experiences and their rational, religious, and emotional freedom.By indroducing us to the chief character Susan, which full exsistence was like prison, she tells us that this allienation might even ensue in mental breakdown.Short narratives are really speedy and gratifying reading but still they have a immense deepness and of import message hidden in them.I would deffinitely recomend to others short narratives which I had a opportunity to read and I will besides go on to spread out my experience as a reader.

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