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“ Imagine a widely used and expensive prescription drug that promised to do us beautiful but did n’t. Alternatively the drug has frequent, serious side effects: It induced stupidity, turned everyone into dullards, wasted clip, and degraded the quality and credibleness of communicating. These side effects would justly take to a world-wide merchandise callback ” ( Edward Tufte ) . Business, Technology, Media and Internet- the so called parametric quantities of advancement, are they genuinely a beginning of enlightenment to carry through ourselves with better and more cognition?

Those were the old times when life was smooth with equal sum of everything from all the domains of life. With altering times, the Earth has turned into a square with the walls of concern, media, engineering and cyberspace devising every possible attempt to regulate our lives standing manus in manus. The four parametric quantities are every bit much connected to each other as much they hold their importance in our lives. The concern universe is endeavoring to remain in media for bigger and better concern, the media brings information and cognition to remain in concern, the engineering held in the custodies of concern and cyberspace occupying our lives in every possible manner.

Internet is one of the most productive and most used end products of engineering. With tonss available to offer from internet-search engines, communicating tools like electronic mails and couriers, package downloads, computing machine ascents, shopping – are the few most sought after applications of cyberspace.

Is n’t Google a great tool to seek anything and everything? It ‘s used so much that it has about replaced the term ‘search ‘ . I realized other twenty-four hours that how much we are accustomed to Google when I heard my friends speaking other twenty-four hours about seeking something, “ Tim can you delight Google that for me? ” . Search tools are one of the applications of Internet to assist you look for information anytime. We are no more edge by library agendas to look for books, diaries and newspapers. Internet has replaced the fuss of traveling through dust-covered books sitting on the tonss, hemorrhoids of old newspapers to look for one article with few typed words in the hunt engine and about blinds you with tremendous sum of information right in forepart of you in seconds at any hr.

Youtube is like Pandora ‘s Box which has something for everyone from every walk of life. For little concern it ‘s a topographic point of advertizement, topographic point to look for intriguing plants of engineering, information about new releases, make-up techniques and every bit good as developing picture of exercisings. Not merely this, even tutorials on stuffs taught in schoolrooms are available on the universe broad web. It feels like it fills us with every sort of cognition we can believe about.

Technology is like a magnet of today ‘s universe every bit good as base for about everything that exists at the finger tips of today ‘s coevals. Ever felt like jumping a gym session for the fright of acquiring bored? Take an iPod, a merchandise of engineering, with you and bask working out with your favorite music. A lexicon could change from pocket size to the elephantine 1s weighing few 10s of lbs. With the approvals of engineering we now have electronic lexicons available which are every bit light as pocket size lexicons and resourceful as the large lexicons with merely a few lbs to add to your pocket.

If you miss a meeting and unable to pass through to the topographic point, you ever have an option of picture conference unfastened to you. This tool brings concern and engineering under one roof, reminding us how blessed we feel to hold them in our life. With a chink on webcam, your loss can be turned into a net income.

As per Statistics Canada, “ Dramatic alterations in the composing of investing have taken topographic point in the Canadian economic system over the last 40 old ages as investing has shifted toward advanced information and communications engineerings ( ICT ) . The growing rates of ICT capital services have systematically eclipsed those associated with other signifiers of investing – non-ICT machinery and equipment ( M & A ; E ) , technology constructions, constructing constructions, land and stock lists. From 1961 to 2002, ICT M & A ; E grew faster than non-ICT M & A ; E. And the difference between the two increased over clip. By contrast, ICT ‘s part to capital ‘s part increased to 40 % from 1989 to 2002 ( Baldwin and Gu 2007 ) ” . This clearly states that the concerns related to media and engineering are making better than other industries as they give a feel of supplying cognition and information to the common multitudes.

Harmonizing to Dr. Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Google, “ Cell phones, instant messaging, wireless Internet entree, informations marketplaces and picture conferencing, which are an built-in portion of our life and concern. Internet or net based concern are besides considered to be one of the most volatile ventures. Despite of the high-profile failures of the dot coms, turning engineering has shaped and improved the working environment in concern, authorities and instruction sector, and will go on to make so. “ ( Northern university )

Selling and purchasing books, fittingness tools, iPods, mattresses, jewelry and much more, new and old everything is available on the cyberspace. Amazon, eBay are merely non names of sites to shop for every sort of merchandise, they are a complete concern running off the powers of cyberspace. Every large or little concern has a website these yearss to supply more information about them, doing them more accessible through the usage of cyberspace. Applications for employment are submitted through cyberspace. All the communications within a concern is done through electronic mails.

The one word that keeps us connected to the occurrence in the universe around us, is Media. From the new approaching engineering to wellness tips, condemnable activities from your metropolis to terror in other continent, media brings us all that keeps us cognizant and known to the new facts that might do a difference to our lives.

From I-pods, cell phones, to notebooks, the Internet, Business and Media is virtually all around us. There is no get awaying it. So once more I ask, are they our ideal of advancement or a hinderance to single growing? That depends on how you interpret its application and how you make usage of it.

Talking about the advantage of cyberspace, we frequently miss the side effects of the same. Not all the information provided on cyberspace is true. Think about mentioning to articles on Wikipedia where anyone can redact the information provided anytime. The younger coevals might non be able to estimate what ‘s right and what ‘s manipulated by their equals. “ There are some people on Wikipedia now who are merely toughs, who take pleasance in bust uping and mocking peoples ‘ work ” ( Nicolas Baker ) . Any illustrations of this you can supply? ?

Internet besides gives manner to rip offing. During tests, all that requires a pupil to draw out old test is to type the word “ old exam chemical science 12 ” and all the sites holding old exam inquiries pop up on your screen. While some tests might non hold solutions to the old test, there are still opportunities that still chances that some of them will hold. For research documents, alternatively of utilizing cyberspace as a resource to garner information, some misuse the advantage to copying full articles taking to plagiarism. You are more tempted to take the confect if it ‘s sitting in forepart of you as compared to when you have to really walk to the shop to buy one. “ When pupils feel they are under enormous force per unit area, that is when they make bad determinations ” ( Anne Mullens ) .

Youtube can be termed as Pandora ‘s Box for the viewing audiences, but it does jeopardize the difficult work of the proprietors of the music picture, educational talks and many more who are n’t even cognizant that there is stuff is sitting on the web site. The music picture available to watch for free are in a manner pirated as it does lower the count of existent pictures sold. The educational talks, available on the site, consequences in loss of attending paid in the existent schoolroom.

An electronic lexicon is surely a “ cool ” appliance on the list of a scholar. With the usage of engineering it might be easy to merely type the exact word and within seconds appears the exact significance. But we miss a opportunity of holding indiscriminately catching a new word, above or below the word we are looking for. A traditional lexicon helps you to widen your vocabulary with such inadvertent brushs.

Electronic mails can be destructive if non given proper attending while composing and more significantly before hitting ‘Send ‘ . “ Email is like an contraption that we have been impotently misapplying because it arrived without instructions ” ( JanetMalcolm ) . There is no limitation on who can utilize and how. For case, its really easy for anyone to do an electronic mail history by any name and direct an electronic mail to anyone. These sort of email histories can make great problems for others. Think about a rival co-worker making a personal history of your name and directing an unethical electronic mail to your foreman. Janet Malcolm wrote in Pandora ‘s Click, “ Email is a medium of bad authorship. Poor word pick is a norm- as in tone hearing loss. The job of tone is, of class, the job of all authorship. There is no cosmopolitan default tone. ”

Another widely used application of engineering in concerns is PowerPoint. Almost all of import presentations deserving 1000s of dollars are done on tPowerPoint. “ Slideware may assist talkers sketch their negotiations, but convenience for the talker can be penalizing to both content and audience. The standard PowerPoint presentation elevates format over content, bewraying an attitude of commerce that turns everything into a gross revenues pitch ” ( Edward Tufte ) . PowerPoint is doing its manner into schools every bit good where pupils are asked to give a made to pay attending to one line headings about a subject instead than doing them read in item. Very competently said, “ PowerPoint is a competent slide director and projector. But instead than supplementing a presentation, it has become a replacement for it. Such abuse ignores the most of import regulation of speech production: Respect your audience ” ( Edward Tufte ) .

“ Statements made in the media can sneakily works deformations in the heads of 1000000s ” ( Yvonne Raley and Robert Talisse ) . Harmonizing to an article in International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, Tareq Y.Ismael wrote, “ Using the Iraq instance, it is argued that Canadian media, followed its American equivalent, has been credulous in its credence of US intelligence stuff, and overly regardful to American power, the political effect of which has been a debasement of Canadian democracy ” . This is merely an illustration of how media can construe the information in a different manner and how the beginnings can non ever be believed.

As put frontward in this paper, engineering is for concern and concern is for media but somehow ‘we ‘ seem to be losing from the equation. Do we hold a solid substrate of cognition in us or we are merely populating in an semblance of being enlightened?

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Introduction TACIT KNOWLEDGE! ( Introduces subject suitably for your capable and thesis ; captures attending and announces your capable ; includes ethical entreaty to set up your credibleness ) Where are you in the argument? Is at that place a significant argument about the issue you chose? Mention to one of the Framework Topics? From the Directions?

Good gap quotation mark but there is non mention to the models that clearly tell the reader what contention you are depicting and suggesting for research and what your ain relationship is to it. I have mentioned about short paragraphs and passages. Where are you in this argument? What ‘s the grounds for the averments in boxes? Are you suggesting to research them? Make non mention to the reader as ‘you ‘ this is non good essay signifier. Rewrite these sentences if you have a inclination to turn to the reader as ‘you ‘ unless of class you are composing to an person. Do non utilize short paragraphs, I ‘ve mentioned this many times. Work on passages.

Thesis and Supporting Arguments for a PROSPECTUS ( clear, persuasive thesis is developed ; clear, converting statements appropriate to subject & A ; audience, utilizing a mix of entreaties ; consciousness of false beliefs )

Good ethos in your gap paragraphs but what is the contention? Amount? Quality? How it ‘s used? Misuse of engineering? Use of engineering to replace what? What beginnings in our Texts stimulate you to compose about this? This is writer ‘s credibleness.

Opposing Arguments ( at least 3 distinguishable 1s that show the contentions ; presented utilizing just, nonsubjective tone, good refuted )

I do n’t ‘ see these clearly outlined or mentioned in order for the reader to see what the jobs are on all sides. This is the intent of the assignment.

Organization & A ; Paragraphing ( overall organisation appropriate to topic and thesis ; unified, developed, consistent paragraphs with strong passages )

Short paragraphs do non work for this sort of essay. Development, passages, inside informations, instances, concrete illustrations.

Quotation/Paraphrase, Citations and Bibliography ( right, complete, no plagiarism ) . What other beginnings have you identified as utile or possible? What beginnings in the Readings have you identified?

Format of Sources is wrong. Needs to be in alphabetical order. Interior commendation besides wrong, page mentions? No folio!

Ending ( strong closing ; persuasive thesis is clear by the terminal of your essay ; does your statement include “ Entreaties ” ? for illustration ethical entreaty and consciousness of false beliefs identified in your book and I pointed out: emotional, logical, rational and ethical in ch. 14? )

Ending does non mention to false beliefs or manners of entreaty in either your statement or the statements of the beginnings. More of import there is no indicant where you would travel for farther research since this is a prospectus for research. Repeating beginning thoughts without rating of them is non good pattern for this sort of essay.


Writing is good.

Mark: 53 %

Mark: / 25 ~ % Key: Excellent ( 80-100 % ) , Good ( 68-79 % ) , Adequate ( 50-67 % ) , Inadequate ( 0-49 % ) Note: The paper ‘s concluding grade is more than a mathematical norm of how good you did in each country. These standards below are meant to steer you about countries to better and give you guidelines for future authorship ; everything noted in the checklist and mentioned here has been discussed in the class and in the Strategies Textbook.


Did you sufficiently concentrate your subject so that you can show and adequately back up your thesis in 7-10 pages? This is really of import because the aim here is depth, non breadth of treatment.

The first paragraph/s of your Persuasion paper introduces your topic/theme/framework to the reader by stating the reader about what I call “ silent cognition ” . Tacit cognition is about where you are, what you know and why you care about the topic. What is your committedness to the topic you are composing about? Why should the reader attention? What can you state to convert the reader that this topic is portion of your life and mentality? That is that it is more than merely sentiment. Are at that place any cardinal events in your life that conveying the topic out? What is the point of position ( vantage point ) you are composing from? This is a good topographic point to advert any of the readings we have done that high spots your subject. It is a good topographic point for comparing and contrast.

Take a clear ( plenty ) place ( thesis ) on your subject about which you can set up your credibleness and deep involvement, use good argumentative scheme, and show your cognition. ?

Refer to the Readings as directed in my Instruction manuals?

Writes an essay that: ( a ) does n’t simply presents information ; ( B ) aims to actuate readers beyond issues that everyone logically agrees with already ( e.g. , aching animate beings is bad ) ; ( degree Celsius ) seeks to convert readers of places based on ground non on belief ( e.g. , that faith X is best ) ; ( vitamin D ) merely reiterates the thoughts of the beginning ( e.g. by supplying more illustrations ) .

Managing dissensions? When you presented your dissension or reserve about an facet of the statement I looked at whether ( a ) you understand accurately what this statement is ; ( B ) you respectfully show your position ; ( degree Celsius ) you right weigh the importance of your disagreement relation to the writer ‘s overall place.

Audience: Did you compose your paper for a general, educated audience ( i.e. , members of this category ) ? If you picked a subject that relates to your current / intended business or demands specialized cognition, did you explicate specialised information and associate it to a general reader ‘s involvements and demands?

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