In The Novel Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

In a instance of life copying art, in 1795 Jane Austen was in love with Tom Lefroy but his household found Jane unsuitable, much like Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet in “ Pride and Prejudice ” . At the clip that Jane Austen is depicting, many adult females could literally non afford to remain single. They were besides prevented from come ining an business to gain their ain life. Possibly they could go a governess, though this was ranked merely above being a retainer, and did non pay good. Writing for money was besides non desirable as this seldom paid plenty to populate on. Jane was populating the life that she was composing approximately. The stigma attached to non holding a hubby and the force per unit area to get married was huge, and it determined your societal standing within society. For this ground adult females committed themselves to pulling a hubby. They had to go “ complete ” in “ ladylike humanistic disciplines ” such as vocalizing, playing the piano or embellishment. Other inside informations in “ Pride and Prejudice ” coincide with Jane Austen ‘s existent life. Jane Austen and her fictional heroine Elizabeth Bennet had similar values and beliefs. They both found the matrimony market “ pathetic ” , and both come from big, in-between category households. Jane Austen ‘s relationship with her sister Cassandra was much like that of Elizabeth and Jane Bennet. While Jane Austen seems to hold based character Elizabeth on herself, Jane Bennet is the one she possibly wanted to place with. Jane Bennet is described by her female parent as being beautiful and pleasant, “ without exclusion, the sweetest pique I of all time met with. ”

The first sentence of “ Pride and Prejudice ” states that “ it is a truth universally acknowledged that a individual adult male in ownership of a good luck must be in privation of a married woman ” . Jane Austen instantly sets the focal point on matrimony, and the reader knows that the novel with Centre around it. In “ Pride and Prejudice ” , Austen uses the characters to exemplify facets of this quotation mark. She besides highlights her thoughts on the importance of love in matrimony.

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The Bennet family shows a strong statement for this necessity. Mr Bennet is an intelligent adult male, exhaustively unsuited for his married woman, a foolish chitchat. Mr Bennet married Mrs Bennet for her good expressions and for kids. Ultimately her beauty deteriorates and through the old ages their relationship does besides. Mr Bennet withdrawers from his household, preferring alternatively to pass clip entirely in his survey. This is what finally causes his household to develop into how they are. Jane Austen demonstrates how marrying for beauty is, in her sentiment, incorrect and how good expressions fade with clip. The book foremost revolves around Mrs Bennet seeking to happen suited hubbies for her girls. Jane Austen demonstrates that this is a adult female who really strongly believes in the opening quotation mark of Pride and Prejudice, and says that it was “ her concern in life ” to acquire her girls married.

Throughout the novel, Austen ‘s dry account of the farcical society they live in reinforces the fact that she does non believe you should get married for fiscal security. Her ideas are reflected in Elizabeth Bennet ‘s. When Mr Collins proposes to her, alternatively of accepting as she ‘ought to ‘ , she rejected him, as she believed him to beA ” a conceited, grandiloquent, shockable, cockamamie adult male ” . Her initial ideas were right, and her rejection of the proposal is a landmark in the book. In Elizabeth Bennet ‘s and so Jane Austen ‘s society, the refusal of a socially desirable adult male who could offer long term stableness and reputability was about unheard of. Elizabeth realises this, yet can non convey herself to get married without love. Austen influences the reader to experience empathy with Elizabeth, and to hold with her ain thoughts of matrimony and love.

Another illustration of this is with Charlotte Lucas. Charlotte marries Mr Collins merely for economic sciences. Charlotte is cognizant that she is acquiring old, and may non hold other chances. She explains to Elizabeth that, ‘Not all of us can afford to be romantic ” . Jane Austen emphasizes the inequality in gender, and draws attending to what many adult females had to make to guarantee they did non pass their life as a old maid, and a load to their household. It was non the romantic idyll but Charlotte, being a realist, accepts it. In this clip period, there was really small societal credence for adult female who were individual past a certain age. One peculiarly fatal matrimony was the black elopement of Lydia Bennet to the fine-looking Mr Wickham. The matrimony reveals Mr Wickam ‘s true character to Elizabeth. Lydia Bennet is silly, thoughtless, coquettish and unprincipled. Predictably, she is Mrs Bennet ‘s favorite girl. Neither Lydia, nor Mrs Bennet comprehends the awful results that may bechance their household. Jane Austen underlines how Wickham and Lydia were non good suited ; Lydia ‘s ‘love ‘ for Wickham was simply lust and Mr Wickham had non of all time loved Lydia.

Austen uses these failed relationships to juxtapose Elizabeth and Mr Darcy ‘s, which she perceives to be as the theoretical account matrimony. Both characters are proud and prejudiced, responding against societies values and preconceived impressions of matrimony. They about do non happen felicity together because of this. Jane Austen encourages the reader to believe her ain positions on love are worthwhile and are rewarded with a genuinely happy matrimony.

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