Janie Crawford Idea Of Marriage English Literature Essay

Janie has the thought that matrimony must affect love and believes that matrimony is the human equivalent to this natural procedure. During the clip she is married, she searches for her true individuality and is deceasing to cognize to cognize the true significance of love in hunt of hope alternatively of invariably populating off of dreams and phantasies. In Their Eyess Were Watching God how does Zora Neale Hurston create such a novel of the African American adult females in hunt of individuality in the 1920 ‘s and 1930 ‘s.

To get down with, Janie spends her whole life seeking for herself intending her true ego and true love. For illustration, she tells her friend Phoeby that people have to happen their ain truth. Janie ‘s life can be defined as a journey that is strongly showed by the different three matrimonies she is involved in. the first two matrimonies are non as she ever imagined they would turn out to be and ne’er lasted on a good note. The 3rd matrimony ends to shortly, all three of the matrimonies create a Janie that she has ever imagined, and she accepts herself for who she eventually is. Therefore, her first matrimony is with Logan Killicks is non one of Janie ‘s taking her Nanny made this determination. Nanny caught Janie snoging a small male child name Johnny Taylor by the gate and insisted that the perfect adult male for her to get married is a adult male name Logan Killicks. Janie is surprised by what Nanny is stating and does non desire to make it “ Naw, Nanny, naw Ah ai n’t no existent ‘oman yet ” ( Hurston12 ) . Nanny says that he will be perfect because he ‘s available, has a big sum of estates and has a small spot of money. Nanny insisted that she go through with it “ Yeah, Janie, youse got yo ‘ muliebrity on yuh. So Ah mout ez good state yuh what ah been dwarf junipers ‘ up for uh enchantment. Ah wants to see you married right off ” ( Hurston 12 ) . Janie thought it about and while believing it came to her head that she was to immature for a hubby to immature to be married at that and did n’t cognize nil about a hubby “ Me, married? Naw, Nanny, no dame! Whut Ah know ’bout uh hubby? ” ( Hurston 12 ) . Nanny was non traveling back on her word and figured if she making things like snoging with Johnny Taylor she ‘s more than ready to get down her ain life with her ain adult male and Nanny did n’t desire a male child like Johnny Taylor utilizing Janie to pass over his pess on. Nanny ‘s words made Janie feel like she had done something incorrect “ Nanny, Ah merely — – Ah did n’t intend nothin ‘ bad ” ( Hurston 13 ) . Nanny knew that Janie did n’t intend nil bad what she had done but Nanny was going old and merely wanted Janie to be with person she trusted if anything was to of all time go on to her. Nanny and Janie sat and talked and Nanny had flashbacks to where she could retrieve what had happened to her when she Janie ‘s female parent, she shared narratives with her and told Janie how it made her feel and what she had to make to protect her and her newborn. Janie begged her Nanny to merely allow her wait a small while longer “ Lem me wait, Nanny, please, jus ‘ a lil spot minute ‘ ” ( Hurston 15 ) . She wanted Janie to cognize what the existent universe was like so she would n’t acquire out on her manner and be taken for granted. She did n’t desire Janie to stop up like her female parent had going a rummy and running off from her jobs.

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In add-on, Janie spends her clip traveling back and Forth to the pear tree inquiring herself about felicity and matrimony, she could n’t believe it but she trusted what Nanny and the others had said so she went through with the nuptials and got married to Logan Killicks. Finally, the matrimony turned out non to be a success merely as Janie had thought. Janie went to endorse to see Nanny. Janie still did n’t cognize anything about love or even how to love “ ‘Cause you told me Ah mus gointer love him, and, and Ah do n’t. Possibly if person was to state me how, Ah could make it ” ( Hurston 23 ) . Janie was still confused about being in love and still did n’t cognize what love was or what it feels like. Nanny protested that if Janie did n’t love him she should love him because he has more to give to her than any other of the coloured folks in town due to him holding a house and being able to purchase some estates of land. Alternatively, Janie did non look to care about all that she merely wanted person to love and she felt that Logan was the one non to be loved

“ Ah ai n’t studyin ‘ ’bout none of ’em. At de same clip Ah ai n’t takin ‘ dat old land tuh bosom neither. Ah could throw 10 estates of it over de fencing every twenty-four hours and ne’er look back to see where it fell. Ah feel de same same manner ’bout Mr. Killicks excessively. Some folks ne’er was meant to be loved and he ‘s one of ’em ” ( Hurston 24 ) .

Janie and Nanny continued speaking about why Janie should love Logan, Janie still did non desire to be with him any longer. Towards the terminal of chapter three, Nanny and Janie continued their conversation about Janie ‘s new matrimony to Logan. Nanny dies at the terminal of chapter three and Janie realizes that matrimony did non do love and her first dream was dead, so she became a adult female.

Meanwhile, Logan left Janie at place to make some work while he went into town. Janie looked up and within a short distance she sees a adult male walking down the route. Janie had ne’er seen a adult male so dressed up and stylish due to the fact that she ‘s been with an Logan half of the clip, she rapidly jumped up to the H2O pumped and jerked it so difficult it made a really loud noise, loud plenty for the adult male walking to inquire for a drink. The adult male ‘s name is Joe Starks from Georgy. Joe Starks attracts Janie because of his fashionable garb, his surpassing personality, and his attraction. For the most portion, Janie seemed to be acquiring along with Joe, they talked and got to cognize each other a better. Every twenty-four hours after they had met they made clip to see each other in the chaparral oaks. One twenty-four hours, Joe had come to mind that Janie should run off with him and he can do her happier than what she is with Logan. Janie still had the idea and memory of what Nanny had told her it was still slightly fresh to her so she pulled back from Joe a small. Joe eventually said that he wanted to do Janie his married woman “ Janie, if you think Ah purposes to tole you off and do a Canis familiaris outa you, youse incorrect. Ah wants to do a married woman outa you ” ( Hurston 29 ) . Janie wanted to do certain that what she was hearing was true. Jody, talked a average game “ Leave de s’posin ‘ and everything else to me. Ah ‘ll be down dis route uh small after dawn tomorrow mornin ‘ to wait for you. You come travel wid me. Den all de remainder of yo ‘ natural life you kin unrecorded lak you oughta. Snog me and agitate yo ‘ caput. When you do dat, yo ‘ plentiful hair interruptions lak twenty-four hours ” ( Hurston 30 ) . Since this was something that Janie made experience good it sort of made her feel like this is the new adult male that she wanted to be with since she did n’t acquire every bit much attending or was n’t happy when she was Logan she debated all dark on what she was traveling to make the following forenoon. Janie made conversation with Logan that dark and told him that she had been making some believing about them, they had got into little but non deep of an statement and Janie came right on out with it and asked what if she left him what would he make or how would he experience. The following twenty-four hours, Logan yelled out for Janie to come and assist him travel some manure heap before the Sun came up and got hot outdoors. Janie did n’t acquire up and assist him when she was told and that upset him she was fed up with he manner he was handling her and hoped that by her actions he would alter his ways but, it merely made the state of affairs worse and caused him to talk his ideas out loud

“ Do n’t you alter excessively many words wid me dis mawnin ‘ , Janie do Ah ‘ll take and alter ends wid you! Heah, Ah merely every bit god as return you out de white folks ‘ kitchen and set you down on yo ‘ royal diasticutis and you take and low-rate me! Ah ‘ll take holt uh digital audiotape ax and come in dere and kill yuh! You better dry up in dere! Ah ‘m excessively honorable and hard-workin ‘ for anybody in yo ‘ household, dats de ground you do n’t desire me! I guess some low-lifed nigga is grinnin ‘ in yo ‘ face and lyin ‘ tuh yuh. God damn yo ‘ fell! ” ( Hurston 32 ) .

Janie gave Logan ‘s address a difficult idea and took it to bosom that it was now her clip to travel and go forth Logan. She chuckled a small and knew that something new is coming her manner that she is ready to see. The following forenoon came turn overing about and she untied her apron from her waist and met Joe Starks merely as she had planned the old twenty-four hours. The got married that same twenty-four hours at Green Cove Springs and at that place Janie received new vesture of silk and wool and from that twenty-four hours Janie thought to herself this is it.

Futhermore, Janie and Joe began their new lives together and return to Janie ‘s hometown Eatonville. When he arrives he looks at the topographic point as an old piece of Nothing but trees and soil. The townsfolk asked where he was coming from and was Janie is daughter but one time he told them that she is his married woman they lost involvement for her and continued on with their conversation about the town. Eatonville had nil. No freshly built houses, and no city manager that Joe was surprised approximately. Joe had many thoughts that he wanted to make with the town. He wanted to do sudden alterations and do the town expression something new. Jody attitude begins to alter and Janie realizes she truly does non love Jody at all but, she hopes she will subsequently. See, Joe was a new the new adult male in town with money and the dream to populate in a town operated by an Afro-american community. Joe bought saw the old town as doing it a better community, he bought a house, a shop, and made a better out coming if things. Although, Joe bought nice things for her things rapidly changed. Janie ‘s duties and relationship with Joe changed to believe that she was non allowed to make like: do a address, play games on the porch, and allow her hair hang down. Joe had become really commanding of Janie. One eventide, Joe was giving a address about the community and running for city manager, everyone was already voting for him but, wanted to hear a word from Janie but, Joe rapidly responded that she did non cognize anything about a address but it truly because he did non let her excessively “ Thank yuh fuh yo ‘ regards, but mah married woman do n’t cognize nothin ‘ ’bout no address Tarawa ‘ . Ah ne’er married her for nothin ‘ lak digital audiotape. She ‘s uh adult female and her topographic point is in de place ” ( Hurston 43 ) . Joe did non let her to do a address to townspeople that twenty-four hours because he did non desire her speaking to them because of his commanding and covetous traits. Joe wanted Janie to be ticker after the shop and make some things around the shop while he went and took attention of other things but, Janie did non cognize how to run the shop or even look after it unless Joe was there “ Oh Jody, Ah ca n’t make nothin ‘ wid no shop lessen youse at that place. Ah could possibly come in and assist you when things git rushed, but- ” ( Hurston 43 ) . Janie was forced to have on caput shreds because Joe did non desire anyone to see her natural beauty. A mule came into town and Joe bought it for five dollars for ownership and to salvage it from all injury. He did this for Janie because he heard her mumble under her breath but she did non desire to state it out loud because she did non desire to acquire in problem with Joe. Janie wanted to go to the dragging out with Jody but Jody refused to allow her, Janie felt that it was nil so of import for her to make in that shop that she could go to with her hubby. Janie knew that Joe would n’t let her to travel he was shocked himself for her even inquiring

“ Dat ‘s right, but Ah ‘m uh adult male even if Ah is de Mayor, But de city manager ‘s married woman is somethin ‘ different once more. Anyhow, they ‘s apt tuh need me tuh say uh few words over de carcase, dis bein ‘ uh particular instance. But you ai n’t goin ‘ off in all digital audiotape muss uh expectedness. Ah ‘m surprised at you fuh askin ‘ ” ( Hurston 60 ) .

Joe thought Janie did n’t appreciate things, nil he did for her, that is the manner he look at it. Janie was hurt because she realized that Logan and Joe shared the same qualities in what they want for adult female nil but difficult working adult females. Janie wanted to shout and demo emotion but she merely could non “ Even so, but you do n’t hold to shout about it ” ( Hurston 63 ) . Meaning, yes she is hurt and yes she struggles to acquire where she wants to be in life but weeping is non traveling to do it all better so you have to suck it up and maintain traveling. Couple yearss subsequently, a client comes in to purchase some pig pess but Janie does non recognize that their all sold out. Joe come in to assist the client expression for the hog pess and does non see it so ask Janie where the reception is from yesterday that the cargo came in. Janie could hold sworn she sat the reception on the nail, but Joe going disquieted got into his commanding manner and told her that all she has to make is mind him and follow his regulations “ Wid yuh heah, AH ought n’t tuh hafta make all dat lookin ‘ and searchin ‘ . Ah done told you clip and clip agin tuh stick all dem documents on dat nail! All you got tuh do is mind me. How come you cant make lak ah Tell you? ” ( Hurston 70-71 ) . Janie was shocked and responded that he loves to stamp her around but when she can ne’er state him anything because he merely would non listen “ You sho loves to state me whut to make, but Ah ca n’t state yuh nothin ‘ Ah see! ” ( Hurston 71 ) . The old ages passed and no affair what Jody did Janie said and did nil. Joe was acquiring old and get downing non to look like himself any longer from the old old ages ago. Janie had noticed it but Joe did non desire Janie to see it so invariably argued about her age because he did non desire her to be so immature while he was turning old and shortly about to decease. Joe started knocking her expressions stating her she excessively old to still be acquiring offended by it but she was still to immature in a kind of manner and he is merely manner to old for Janie now that Janie is losing more focal points on him and gazing to non care and speaking back with out keeping her lingua. Joe began to distant himself from Janie after the pandemonium they had in the shop the dark before so he gathered his things and stayed in a room downstairs of his place. Joe was going ill. Following after, Janie found out that a lady name Ms. Davis was cooking for him, so Janie felt that she could cook Joe better than she did, so she made him some soup but he refused to accept the nutrient because he thought she was traveling to seek to kill him and slaps her for fixing a bad repast. Finally, Janie shared her last and concluding words with Joe Starks and he died. Janie was happy with this because she eventually free, she looked in the mirror to happen her inner ego that she ever longed for, unwrapped her shred from her caput and yelled out to the townsfolk that her hubby had died and she was free from him.

Shortly after, it was a ball game traveling on and the whole town was go forthing to travel except Janie because she could non go forth the shop unattended all twenty-four hours so she had to remain and be given to the shop. At five- 30 that twenty-four hours a adult male stepped to her nearing her by her name but seemingly, she did non cognize his. He joked with her and asked her could they play a game of draughtss. Startled, Janie is surprised because no 1 has of all time took the clip to demo her how to play or even attach to her to play. This new gentleman name is Vergible Forests better known as Tea Cake. They laughed and joked all dark long and portion of their conversation together became a small spot to sexual. They laughed and joked all dark. Tea Cake helped Janie shut the shop and walks her place to state goodnight. Tea Cake waited a hebdomad before he came to see Janie once more. Not merely did Tea Cake make Janie experience particular with his “ smoothed-tongue ” but besides because he is taking her topographic points she has ne’er been earlier. Tea Cake shows Janie everything that she has looked for and everything that she wanted while being with a adult male and that is to be happy. Tea Cake finally dies and Janie goes back to Eatonville. From the matrimony with Tea Cake she realizes she has experienced love and that that was something few people of all time got to portion with one another. Janie Mae met Tea Cake non to long after the decease of her 2nd hubby. She knew Tea Cake is different from the two old work forces she was one time married excessively he was really loving, showed emotion, and cared a batch what him and Janie were sing. In the beginning Janie is non certain if she can swear Tea Cake because of her past matrimonies and Teac is afraid of losing her because of her beauty and attraction. They spend clip apart from each for a twenty-four hours to see if age truly mattered and they realized that it did n’t every bit long as they had each other. Unlike the last two matrimonies Janie was involved in, she ne’er had to work, Tea Cake did.

In decision, in the fresh Their Eyess Were Watching God, Janie develops into a adult female who is strong through her three matrimonies. In each relationship she learns something new, she learns how a individual is truly suppose to populate their life. Janie ‘s matrimonies with Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Tea Cake are major influences in her life. Her first with Logan showed her how to go a adult female being married at such a immature age and seeking to remain up and confront married woman responsibilities still as a adolescent. I think that every location she spends her clip with the individual she is married with reflects on how she would depict their matrimony its really symbolic. In Their Eyess Were Watching God how does Zora Neale Hurston create such a novel of the African American adult females in hunt of individuality in the 1920 ‘s and 1930 ‘s.

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