Jordan Baker

Not all houses can be the centre of attending where everyone wants to party at that place on Saterday darks. The houses that can make this are ever filled up people and are ever throwing partys that keep the bangs traveling non halt. The house described exists in a topographic point known merely as West Egg. The one throwing all these astonishing partys is Jay Gatsby, besides known as the great gatsby.How he got his luck is unknown but everyone excepts the fact that he is really rich.the house described above is found in the exciting authoritative novel, The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway is the 1 that tells this narrative. He tells the narrative in a really unagitated and understanding manner. Nick lives across the manner from Gatsby and is related to Daisy. Theres many different important parts to the narrative. One that many people dont relize are the minor characters, there of import because they make the major character seem more realistic. The minor characters can state parts of the narrative that the major characters could ne’er make. They complete the book and do all the events that take topographic point seem more realistic. The minor characters of this narrative show sides of the major characters that you would ne’er see with out at that place aid. Fitzgerald, the writer of The Great Gatsby, made many of import minor characters that bring the narrative to life such as Jordan Baker, Myrtle, and George Wilson. these minor character further finish the secret plan.

Jordan Baker was normally seen throughout the book. She is Daisy ‘s friend and she represents the new adult females of the 1920s. Nick said “ She was incurably dishonest. She was n’t able to digest being at a disadvantage ” ( Fitzgerald 60 ) . Nick and Jordan so ended up in a relationship. Fitzgerald included Jordan Baker because she makes Nick more of a character instead than a storyteller. Since she is friends with Daisy, she has information that Nick could non acquire which helps the narrative be told. She told Nick the narrative behind Gatsby and how his wealth came to be. She besides told Nick about Daisy ‘s matrimony, and how Daisy decided she did n’t desire to get married Tom on the nuptials dark, but she did anyhow. Jordan said “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be merely across the bay” ( Fitzgerald 80 ) . She connected Nick and Gatsby and besides connected all of the chief characters. The relationship between Nick and Jordan was non as strong. It was there to be contrasted with the relationship of Gatsby and Daisy. Jordan was an of import minor character because she connected the chief characters together.

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Myrtle Wilson foremost appeared in the narrative when Tom introduced here to Nick. Myrtle is merryed to George but is rip offing on him with Tom who is besides married. Myrtle is reasonably much a homewrecker and she is merely being used by Tom as more female company. During the party that happens in chapter 2 Myrtal repetitions Toms married woman name one time to many times and in a tantrum of fury Tom punches her in the face. This shows Toms disrespect for adult females and that he wanted nil to make with Myrtal than to utilize her. Myrtle making what she did shows that Tom is non merely a nice loving cat. Tom is shown as a 2 timer when he inquiries Daisy and Gatsby ‘s relationship even though he himself was holding an matter. Myrtle believes she is in a higher category or people than her hubby George Wilson. You can see this when she recieves a complament on something she was have oning and answer “ It ‘s merely a brainsick old thing, I merely steal it on sometimes when I do n’t care what I look like ” . ( Fitzgerald 37 ) . She trys to conceal the white rubbish she truely is by moving snobby all because she is with Tom. In her head money is all person needs to hold felicity in life. Myrtle shows the reader that no 1 should move like something they ‘re non.

George Wilson is besides another minor character in the novel. He is a mechanic and is Myrtle Wilson ‘s hubby. Tom Buchanan dainties George in a atrocious mode. He still talks to George easy, even though he is holding an matter with his married woman. When Tom went to present Nick to Myrtle, George asks Tom when is he selling him his auto. Tom replied following hebdomad, but so says “ And if you feel that manner about it, possibly I ‘d better sell it someplace else after all ” ( Fitzgerald 25 ) . The manner Tom negotiations to George, feels as if Tom acts superior. But George proved that incorrect because he is a sincere adult male. He really, genuinely loved Myrtle, unlike Tom. Tom practically plays both Daisy and Myrtle. When Myrtle was killed, Tom decided to state George that Gatsby killed her. He despised the relationship that Gatsby and Daisy had. He told George that, because he knew George would revenge Myrtle and so Gatsby would be out of his manner. George killed Gatsby all because of words from Tom. Tom is a barbarous adult male that merely uses George as a tool.

The Great Gatsby is a great American, authoritative novel. It tells a great narrative of love and complications. It ‘s a review of the American dream. But all of it could n’t hold been accomplished without the usage of minor characters. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald included minor characters functions such as Myrtle Wilson, Jordan Baker and George Wilson to sophisticate the narrative, with important actions. For illustration, Myrtle Wilson reflected the harsh and hypocrite side of Tom Buchanan. He uses her and does n’t desire to go forth Daisy for her. Jordan Baker linked the chief characters together. She gave information to the storyteller that he would n’t hold been able to have realistically. Her relationship with Nick made him more of a existent individual, and less of a storyteller. George Wilson ‘s character shows how Tom merely uses people for his benefits. The minor characters played of import functions in the novel. They reveal or unlock secrets about major characters. The writer sends messages through minor characters that he could non through major characters. They make the major characters dynamic, and their actions causes the secret plan to alter. The narrative would n’t be so great in-depth without minor characters.

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