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Article rubric:Reduced monetary values for summer merriment in the Caribbean

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ECONOMIC CONCEPT: PRICE ELASTICITY OF DEMANDsteps the reaction/sensitivity of the measure demanded by clients to a monetary value alteration. In existent life it looks like that: When the monetary value for a peculiar merchandise rises, people will purchase less of them. When the monetary value goes down, people tend to purchase more. The reaction to a monetary value alteration varies between different merchandises. It besides depends on such factors as: necessity of the merchandise, possible replacements, sum of income spent. Therefore when it comes to autos, people have clip to prorogue purchase ( luxury merchandise ) , they have to pass a large sum of their income, many replacements ( many theoretical accounts and monetary value assortment ) . When the monetary value for autos increases people would purchase less. Therefore, such merchandises have elastic demand.

Merchandises like salt, have inelastic demand. Salt has no replacements ( merely soy alcoholic, which non everybody likes ) , minimal sum of income spent, it is necessary for mundane cookery. If the monetary value for salt will increase, people will maintain purchasing it. Merchandises like salt and gas have inelastic demand.

ARTICLE Analysis:

Harmonizing to the article “ Reduced monetary values for summer merriment in the Caribbean, ” during tough economic times, when the demand for many goods and services has dramatically decreased, many Caribbean resorts are offering really attractive trades for tourers. Many Caribbean hotels offer about 70 % off ; travel agents have n’t seen such monetary value decreases since 9/11. So households can salvage some money by booking a bundle that includes air and hotel together. Offers besides include price reductions for plunging lessons, sailing boat flotillas, vent hikings, and circus lessons. Sounds like a great trade to me.

It is interesting to see in what ways these important monetary value decreases would impact entire grosss. To happen the reply it is necessary if determine if the monetary value for bundles is elastic or inelastic. There are several factors that affect monetary value snap of demand: handiness of replacements ( people may take other topographic points to travel ) ; grade of necessity or luxury.

To cipher snap we can utilize equation: Elasticity = % alteration in measure / % alteration in monetary value.

Lashkar-e-taibas say that despite high completion on the market, the figure of bundles sold per individual in one individual hotel had increased from 250 to 480 ) ; or % Change in Quantity Demanded = [ ( Q2 – Q1 ) / [ ( Q1 + Q2 ) / 2 ] ] x 100 ; or63 %alteration in measure demanded.

As it was mentioned in the article, monetary value per seven-day- across-the-board bundle had dropped by 60-65 % in norm. If the monetary value had dropped signifier ( from $ 650 to $ 350 ) ; or % Change in Price = [ ( P2 – P1 ) / [ ( P1 + P2 ) / 2 ] ] x 100 ; which equals -60 % alteration in monetary value.

Therefore, snap of holiday bundles = 63 % alteration in measure demanded/ 60 % snap =- 1.05

Elasticity of demand can be shown on the demand curve. The incline of the demand curve depends on the snap. Elasticity of more than 1 is a horizontal line ( bluish line ) ; and it indicates that tourer are willing to purchase holiday bundles at this monetary value, but will seek to happen another topographic point for holiday if the monetary value will alter.

If the snap would be equal 1, it would hold the form of parabola ( ruddy ) . This means that, at any given point on the curve, a certain % alteration in monetary value will ensue in an indistinguishable % alteration in the measure demanded

Most of the clip, the diagram is someplace between the extremes horizontal and perpendicular ( inelastic ) line. For elastic goods it will be a small spot flattish. But is shows that a really small addition in a holiday monetary value ( P1 to P2 ) , the demand goes down dramatically. ( Q1 to Q2 ) . Tourists would be looking for close replacements, or would make up one’s mind to travel for a holiday next twelvemonth.

If the holiday bundles monetary values were inelastic the demand remedy would look something like that:

A really large monetary value addition ( P1 to P2 ) would do really little/ undistinguished measure lessening


ARTICLE Title:“ Jon and Kate ‘ Divorce? The Money Traps Ahead ”

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ECONOMIC Concept: Consumer sovereigntyconstruct means that purchasers determine which goods and services are to be produced and which are non. Consumer satisfactions becomes and ultimate economic end for concerns. Consumer is person who invariably makes determinations about merchandises and services, and most of the clip theses determinations are influenced by the life-style, households, communities, corporations, and states.

ARTICLE Analysis:While looking for a category undertaking article, I was invariably attracted by the headlines such as “ Jon and Kate ‘s proclamation, ” “ Jon & A ; Kate ‘s divorce. ” After reading the article “ Jon and Kate ‘ Divorce? The Money Traps Ahead ”

I eventually found out that Jon and Kate is an American twosome, which becomes celebrated, after the birth of their sixs. The household hosted their world show for 5 or 6 seasons, pulling about 10 million viewing audiences. I was really surprised to larn that, every dark, 1000000s of people have nil to make but watch, for hours, how person else does the wash, prepare dinner, and subjects kids. This public wonder is called Consumer sovereignty, which becomes a beginning of demand, and which becomes ultimate economic end for TLC overseas telegram channel, and multiple newspapers and magazines, that put Jon and Kate ‘s narrative on their headlines. I besides learned that Jon and Kate ‘s one-year income ( about $ 36 million a twelvemonth ) has to be divided, and issues such as child support and Out-of-Pocket Health-Care disbursals have to be resolved.

I found it a small spot amusing that the count comes to one-year immunisations, which do n’t be more than $ 50, without insurance coverage.

While famous persons are worried about their income and hereafter disbursals, it is interesting to look who determined, how much Jon and Kate are acquiring paid.

First, I think it would be the right reply to state that it is the human wonder or in economic footings – consumer sovereignty, which dictates what as produced.

Second, there is a direct proportion between the figure of viewing audiences and the monetary value of the commercial per minute, during the show.

On the supply /demand graph below, the horizontal axis- figure of spectator ( in 1000000s ) .

The perpendicular axis represents monetary value charged to the minute of the commercial ( in 1000s ) .

TLC overseas telegram represents the supply ( S ) or sums of commercial proceedingss they are able to offer for sale. Ad Companies – the demand ( D ) , the sum of air proceedingss they are willing and able to pay for.

Point E is equilibrium, where the TLC overseas telegram is willing and able to offer commercial clip for 9m viewing audiences for $ 15 per minute, as the sum of money companies are willing and able to pay for their commercials, per minute, based on the figure of viewing audiences.

Let ‘s state that, viewing audiences started to free involvement in Jon and Kate ‘s life and many switched to Octuplets ‘ Mom show. The figure of viewing audiences dropped from 9 million to 4 million- hence. This instantly reflects on the demand curve, which shifts inward, and creates new equilibrium point E2.

The standard commercial air monetary value for a less popular show is $ 10 K per minute. Well, since the production of a world show has really high costs, 10K per minute for a commercial clip in inefficient. Manufacturers would necessitate to measure and see whether to or to halt the show and happen another “ profitable ” Television personage.

As a decision: merely consumer sovereignty determines what products/services have to be produced. In state of affairs with Jon and Kate ‘s show merely viewing audiences ‘ ballot ( watching the show ) , will find if it is traveling to be or non.

Journal entry # 3

Article rubric:Investors bet on Detroit lodging market

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ECONOMIC Concept: The Law of Demand

In economic sciences, Demand refers to how much of a merchandise or service is desired by purchasers. Harmonizing to the Law of demand, when the monetary value for peculiar merchandise goes up, people buy less of it. When the monetary value of a merchandise or service goes down people buy more of it. Important factors act uponing the demand are: sum of income spent on the merchandise, consumer gustatory sensations, handiness of replacements, outlooks, and figure of purchasers. When one of these determiners alterations ( for illustration new replacement on the market ) , the demand for the merchandise alterations.

ARTICLE Analysis:

The U.S lodging market crisis affected some countries more so the others. Detroit, Michigan, became the poorest large metropolis in the United States and the “ leader ” of the most for closing filings. The place monetary values had fallen every bit low as the cost of a used auto $ 12,000. These monetary values became an attractive force for investors. Coming to Detroit from different parts of the state and from abroad, they are purchasing multiple, and even bulk belongingss in the country. This article is a good illustration of how economic rule The Low of demand plants. It is mentioned that one Californian investor had purchased 178 belongingss for under $ 10,000 each. Here in California with the sum of $ 1,780,000, he would ‘ve purchased 3-6 ( depend on the country ) places merely.

Housing market, like any other market consists, of demand and supply. And like everyplace else, when supply and demand are the economic system is at equilibrium ; or the figure of houses on the market is the same as the figure of houses in demand. This state of affairs everyone satisfied refers to a pre-recession a period of clip, in a linguistic communication of Realtors it was marketer ‘s market, when demand is high and place used to sell rapidly. The lodging market in Detroit likely looked something lake that:

Price – perpendicular axes ( P )

Quantity – horizontal axes ( Q )

Equilibrium ( E ) – At this interception point, the average existent estate monetary value P1 and the measure of the houses Q1 at equilibrium

Unfortunately, the state of affairs has changed a few old ages ago. Demand depends on the buying power of the local population. Due to high degree of unemployment, existent estate demand reduced dramatically, traveling demand curve deeper to the left.

Since demand curve has shifted to the left indicating, demand lessening on the market.

Point E is non equilibrium any more. If the supply remains the same, decreased demand creates a excess of houses ( green line ) . The excess causes existent estate monetary values to travel down dramatically.

Since Detroit lodging market, created a large excess of literally cheap houses, it became an attractive force for investors from other provinces, and even from abroad. Harmonizing to the Law of demand – as the monetary value of the place decreases the measure demanded rises. It was mentioned already that investors started to purchase non 1 or to houses but tonss, and even 100s.

Demand addition of foreign investors can be represented by the graph. It is a downward incline that reflects the jurisprudence of demand – people by more of merchandise as the monetary value falls.

On the graph we can see as the monetary value of the house is 90 1000, investor can afford to purchase merely 3 houses. When the monetary value beads to $ 35 1000s, they can purchase 8 places. And when the monetary value is every bit low as $ 13 1000s, the measure of belongingss purchased goes up to 22. As the existent estate monetary values go up, the figure of belongingss purchased goes down.

Journal entry # 4

Article rubric:Firm buys 400,000 hectares to works coconuts

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ECONOMIC Concept: Tradeoff– is a forfeit of one merchandise in order to derive another 1. This means that when all bing resources are use used to the full and expeditiously, merely certain sum of two or there goods can be produced. When production of one good additions ; end product of the 2nd merchandise has to drop proportionately.

ARTICLE Analysis:after subscribing a contract with, one of the keeping companies in the Philippines, is about to get down a new type of concern – coconut trees seting. It is traveling to utilize about 400K hectares of land. The harvested coconuts would be converted to coconut ethyl mester ( CME ) , an indispensable constituent of biodiesel, and sold to the Nipponese consumers within 5 old ages. The thought of bring forthing alternate car fuel is great, but it raises a new concern for the local husbandmans. 400,000 hectares in the Filipino peers to a size of the full state such as Abra or Masbate. This means that the sum of veggies harvested, necessary for local population, would be reduced.

In footings of economic sciences, the resources are scarce ( land restrictions, labour, etc ) and Filipino authorities can non bring forth every bit much as they want without giving local green goods.

This trade-off can be reflected on the Production Possibilities Curve ( PPC ) . If all resources are used to the full and expeditiously, upper limit of coconuts and veggies can be produced without impacting each others end product.

If at the get downing the authorities was able to bring forth 120tons of veggies it could merely bring forth 80 dozenss of coconuts ( indicate A on the curve ) . Subsequently, when a new contract was signed, and the authorities decided to tradeoff vegetable and coconut production, the veggies end product dropped to 40 dozenss and coconuts production increased to 160tons ( point C on the curve ) .

There is besides a possibility that a alteration in engineering, for illustration, a usage of New Super Miracle Grow, would cut down a clip required for crop of veggies and coconuts. The end product for both types of goods would increase. The curve on the graph would force outward, and the point D would bespeak a new efficient allotment of resources. At this point, it will be possible to bring forth about 110tons of veggies and about 150 dozenss of coconuts.

Without obtaining more resources or doing existing resources more efficient, addition of end product for both types of merchandise at the same clip is impossible.

Journal entry # 5

Article rubric:Will Americans Tune To Al Jazeera?

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Fringy public-service corporation is a measure of public-service corporation a individual gets from ingestion of every extra unit of merchandise.

Harmonizing to the jurisprudence of decreasing fringy public-service corporation, during ingestion of any good or service, while entire public-service corporation is increasing, fringy public-service corporation is diminishing. While measure of merchandise consumed is increasing, entire fringy public-service corporation increasing at a really slow rate. When fringy public-service corporation is equal nothing, entire fringy public-service corporation is at its highest point. When fringy public-service corporation is negative, entire public-service corporation diminutions. It is the point of disutility.

ARTICLE Analysis:Al-Jazeera is one of the most controversial Arabic new channels in the Middle East. It is besides one of the biggest – 53 million viewing audiences. On July 1st the channel would get down to air in the US, Washington, D.C. The pull offing manager of Al Jazeera English believes after the Bush epoch is over, American People became hungry for more international intelligence. He besides stated that the web has no connexion to al Qaeda, and that the proprietor of the web – the authorities of Qatar is non an American enemy. In fact, the U.S has the biggest air base in Qatar ; and its biggest foreign investor is Exxon Mobil. The Managing manager, Burman, says that the web wants to show to American people a more planetary position of the universe.

Possibly many people would be interested to watch Al-Jazeera intelligence ; but the fringy public-service corporation from the intelligence finally falls, and some point would go even negative.

For the first period of clip, while entire Utility is lifting, the extra public-service corporation from extra intelligence updates will be positive ; Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s state it is 90. While entire public-service corporation is lifting, the extra public-service corporation from extra units must be positive. As person watches the intelligence the sum of entire public-service corporation additions. Week 2 public-service corporation is 100. Week 3 – 105. Week 4 – 107 ( MU = 10, 5, 2 ) . However, after this point a individual becomes less satisfied with the intelligence. When entire public-service corporation is falling, the extra public-service corporation form extra intelligence will be negative. Later a individual can happen that watching this intelligence channel is doing him/ her ill – negative public-service corporation ( below 0 ) .

All this can be reflected on the public-service corporation graph. Utility on the perpendicular axes ; and measure on the horizontal axes.

The ruddy curve indicates the entire public-service corporation curve. It starts from “ nothing ” ranges maximum and so diminutions. The green line is fringy public-service corporation, which declines as public-service corporation lessenings. When fringy public-service corporation is zero the spectator receives no satisfaction from watching Al Jazeera channel. It is the minute so entire public-service corporation is at its upper limit.

When fringy public-service corporation goes below “ 0 ” – becomes negative, a individual receives dissatisfaction from watching. Which really may non go on in existent life ; no 1 would be sitting disgruntled coercing him/her ego to watch.

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