Khans Reason To Search For Cultural Identity English Literature Essay

Khan is the strongest character among others. It can be seen from his life and his battle to maintain his household from the calamity of 9/11. That is why people around him treat him otherwise. For farther treatment, it can be seen from some parts below:

4.1.1 Khan ‘s Features

Khan is an Indian Muslim who born in India, afflicted with Asperger ‘s syndrome.

“ My fright of new topographic points. New people. My hate for the colour yellow and crisp sounds. The ground for me being so different from everyone defined in merely two words, Asperger ‘s Syndrome ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:23:16 ) .

He immigrates from India after the decease of his female parent to populate with his brother in the United States. He works as a gross revenues professional for his brother ‘s company and marries a adult female, Mandira, out of his faith. He lives merrily with step-son and married woman in his new place. Khan struggles with people accepting him with Asperger ‘s Syndrome and understanding his alone personality. After 9/11 his step-son dies from a hatred offense and his married woman wantonnesss him. His mission becomes to inform the American president and the Americans that he is a condemnable because “ he is a Muslim, and his name is Khan. ” Khan displays many features that relate to Asperger ‘s Syndrome. Communication

Khan is able to pass on his ideas exactly. He can prosecute in meaningful conversations across different populations. It is stated by Zakir ‘s married woman ( Khan ‘s sister-in-law ) when se negotiations to her hubby, Zakir that

“ I took Bhai to the Autistic society. Mrs. Brennan there believes that Bhai is better than most people with Asperger ‘s. Possibly in uneven ways, but at least he can show his feelings. And I think your Ammi had a batch to with it, Zakir ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:23:58 ) .

However, he has to self-script his ideas before he engages in a undertaking affecting interactions with multiple people. He frequently reherses the duologue he will state when he is selling the beauty merchandises. He talks in a monotone voice and he does non expose facial look. He does non present linguistic communication when he is speaking. Social – Emotional

Khan can associate to people of all ages. He has a love for humanity, as he goes out of his manner, to assist people in Wilhemina to mend their Hurricane – struck town. Khan told himself when merely arrived in Wilhemina which has damaged edifices and already full by inundation.

“ Mandira, there ‘s traveling to be a hold in run intoing the President. I have come to Wilhemina, Georgia. Mama Jenny and Funny Hair Joel are in problem. There ‘s excessively much H2O here, Mandira and I do n’t believe that Mama Jenny can swim. She ‘s a small fat ” ( Johar, 2010, 02:10:40 ) .

He does demo attending while he is listening, but he does do eye-contact. He does non understand people ‘s feelings toward him. He does non pay attending when his brother contests him get marrieding Mandira. He takes his married woman ‘s petition to go forth her and state the American President “ My name is Khan, and I am non a terrorist ” earnestly. On his journey to run into the American President, he meets a twosome that offer him bread axial rotations and empties out their supply. Sometimes he invades people ‘s privateness when he is in conversation with them. The first clip he approached Mandira, he told her about his information for her old matrimony. Khan said:

“ You are divorced. Divorced. Rita told me you are divorced. You were 19 when you had an arranged matrimony. You came to America with your hubby. He harassed you a Lashkar-e-Taiba for three old ages and so left for Australia with another adult female. It must take a long clip to run till Australia, right? He divorced you from there and did n’t even pay you alimony. Such a animal! Slimy! Idiot! He has n’t called you even one time in the last four old ages. He has n’t even talk to Sam. Now, where is he traveling to come back ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:38:29 ) .

Mandira, feeling violated, did non desire to go on the conversation with him. However, he manages to win her bosom with his earnestness. Insistent Behaviors

Khan likes to be really facile and hold his ideas heard. He will frequently reiterate his ideas before he conducts him. When his step-son was deceasing in the infirmary from an eruptered lien, he said, “ eruptered spleen, I have to look that up. ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:19:30 ) . He did non rest until he found the definition for the state of affairs. During his journey to run into the American President he would frequently state, “ I need to run into the president. ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:27:48 ) . He resorts to echolalia from reiterating definitions of footings and citing lines from books that apply to his state of affairss. He starts to exacerbate when he sees the colour xanthous flashing in his eyes. He is besides sensitive to sound and he wears ear stoppers when he is on the streetcar traveling to work. When he is nervous, he will frequently agitate his caput furiously and gait about until he finds an reply to his solution. Self-Help Skills

Khan is an expert at day-to-day populating accomplishments. He performs simple functional life accomplishments like, dressing, brushing dentitions, combing hair, pressing apparels, shopping, etc. He has problem seting on attempts and wears bow ties. He relies on his married woman for cooking nutrient. He is an expert of mending mechanical points and he does it to gain money on his journey.

“ My Abbu ( male parent ) Dilawar Amanullah Khan worked for the S.T. Workshop in Borivali. He took me with him to work everyday. And left me to play in the garage. I know how to mend broken things since so. Queerly, I could ne’er mend Abbu ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:09:23 ) .

Similarly, when he does non hold nutrient, he frequently asks other people to give him nutrient for a favour in exchange. Associated Behaviors

Khan is a high working individual with Aspergers Syndrome. He is financially independent and his encephalon plants like a reckoner. He is able to do computations without trusting on instruments. When his married woman opens her ain salon, he is the accountant and helps her brand concern determinations. However, he presents a low self-pride at times. He frequently blames himself for events out of his control like, his female parent ‘s and step-son ‘s decease. Part of his personality is formed from being with Aspergers Syndrome, which he does non understand gags. He keeps inquiring Mandira to cut his hair without waiting for his bend. Mandira says, “ I am deceasing to cut your hair. ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:36:18 ) He responds stating, “ Do n’t decease, I merely want you to cut my hair. “ ( Johar, 2010, 00:36:21 ) . He did non understand that Mandira was busy and was non paying attending to him because she was with another client. However, he became at easiness when Mandira attended to him, and he easy realized that he was incorrect.

4.1.2 Khan ‘s Environment

In this movie, antecedently Khan lived in India with his female parent and his brother who are Muslims. He immigrates from India after the decease of his female parent to populate with his brother in the United States.

“ Before death, Ammi made me assure that similar Zakir, I would do a happy life for my ego. That I would travel to America ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:21:26 ) .

“ And so I came here to your favourite metropolis, San Fransisco. And it was chilling. Very chilling ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:21:51 ) .

In America, Khan works as a gross revenues professional for his brother ‘s company and marries a adult female, Mandira, out of his faith. He lives merrily with step-son and married woman in his new place. Khan ‘s household lived in the new circle that most of the population is non come from his ain state ; most of them are an American. Although, there is diverseness that showed in this film but the author think the chief character ( Khan ) and the other back uping characters are made goodly, because they can set the topographic point where they lived. Khan lived in United States, so he adjusts his visual aspect and behaviour like an American but non at all. Those prove showed in the linguistic communication he used and take when he speak with others, the manner he wear apparels, the interactions and relationships between him and his neighbour or with the other American.

4.2 Khan ‘s Experience Using Post Colonialism Approach

As what the author wrote in chapter 3 that station colonialism theory is about the battle for high quality between the East and the West. In this instance, the West ‘s hegemony spreads over to the East. Not merely does the status make the West more dominant than the East but besides makes the West has positive side, such as: masculine, democratic, rational, moral, dynamic and progressive.

4.2.1 The Influence of Eastern Culture in Khan ‘s Life

The influence of Eastern civilization spread over Khan ‘s life. This is shown when Khan married with Mandira use India civilization which the bride wears Sari and the others friend usage frock covered with Sari. Indian civilization is besides seen in this movie when Khan and Mandira married there are some music, singing and Indian dance which typical with Indian civilization. And so as an Eastern civilization which has Islam as the faith, as a kid Khan wear a Moslem apparels like he have on a white cup and his apparels cover the male genital organ from thorax to knee. Khan ever says some poetries of Al-Qur’an such as O§U„O±U‘UZO­U?USU’U…U? O§U„O±U‘UZO­U’U…UZU†U? O§U„U„U‘U‡U? O?U?O?U’U…U? ( Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ) [ In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful ] , O§UZU„U„U‘U‡U? ( Allah ) , O§U„U„U‘U‡U? O?UZ O?UZO? U†U’ O§U? ( In sha Allah ) [ God willing ] , O§UZU„U’O­UZU…U’O?U?U„U?U„U‘U‡U? ( Alhamdulillah ) [ Praise be to Allah ] , O§UZU„U„U‘U‡UZ O§UZO?U’O?UZO?U’U?U?O±U? ( Astaghfirullah ) [ I seek forgiveness from Allah ] , and etc. It is shown when Khan writes a journal on the manner to run into the President, he writes:

“ O§U„O±U‘UZO­U?USU’U…U? O§U„O±U‘UZO­U’U…UZU†U? O§U„U„U‘U‡U? O?U?O?U’U…U? ( Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ) , , may Allah bless this missive I ‘m composing to you. The book ‘Different Minds ‘ says that people like us ca n’t show in their emotions in words but we can compose them easy. I can make full 1000s of pages, 1000000s of clip with ‘I love you, Mandira ‘ but non one time could I say it to you. Possibly that ‘s why you are angry with me. I had promised you that I would run into the President. So, my efforts are on. Meanwhile whenever I have clip, I will compose all that I could n’t state. And so, you will love me once more O§U„U„U‘U‡U? O?UZ O?UZO? U†U’ O§U? ( In sha Allah ) ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:08:34 ) .

And besides, when Khan and his household attend to the victim of the calamity 9/11 for pray together with other people. Khan says surah Al- Fatihah, which reads:

“ 1. Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang. 2. Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam. 3. Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang. 4. Yang menguasai di Hari Pembalasan. 5. Hanya Engkaulah yang kami sembah, dan hanya kepada Engkaulah kami meminta pertolongan. 6. Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus, 7. ( yaitu ) Jalan orang-orang yang telah Engkau beri nikmat kepada mereka ; bukan ( jalan ) mereka yang dimurkai dan bukan ( pula jalan ) mereka yang sesat ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:03:34 ) .

[ Translation: 1.A In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 2.A Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds 3.A Most Gracious, Most Merciful 4.A Master of the Day of Judgment. 5.A Thee do we idolize, and Thine assistance we seek. 6.A Show us the consecutive manner. 7.A The manner of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, Those whose ( part ) is non wrath and who go non astray ] .

After Khan reads Al Fatihah, some people beside him travel off from Khan because other people think that Islam which has led this calamity happens.

As a Moslem people, Khan ever prays on clip wherever he is. It is shown when Khan on the manner to run into the President with coach, Khan instantly to prayer while coach halt. Khan said to his new friends on the coach that he must go forth because it is clip to prayer “ Prayer should ne’er depend upon the topographic point or the people. It should depend merely on your belief ‘ ( Johar, 2010, 01:36:07 ) .

In Islam there is a spiritual revenue enhancement or called by Zakat, it means that for Moslem people must pass 2,5 % to be given to the hapless and needy of their income. It is stated in the Al – Qur’an surah Al Baqarah 2:43 that

“ Dan dirikanlah shalat, tunaikanlah zakat dan rukuA?lah beserta orang-orang yang ruku. ” ( Al = Qur’an, 2:43 )

[ Translation: And be steadfast in supplication ; give Zakat, and bow down your caputs with those who bow down ( in worship ) ] .

In My Name is Khan ‘s film that Khan and his household attend the contributions for the household of calamity 9/11. “ In Islam they donate a certain per centum of their income each twelvemonth in charity. This twelvemonth, how could it be anything else? Yes, that is $ 3502 and 50 cents precisely ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:02:43 ) .

4.2.2 The Influence of Western Culture in Khan ‘s Life

In My Name is Khan ‘s film, the author found some influences of the American civilizations in Khan ‘s life like the manner Khan used and chooses linguistic communication. The manager ( Karan Johar ) use English when he talks with the others. The manager did n’t utilize mother linguistic communication ( Hindi ) to utilize by Khan although he is an Indian. The author assumes that the manager wants to demo Khan can set the topographic point where he lived. When he talks to the neighbour and other Americans, he uses English. And when he talks to his married woman ( Mandira ) and his boy ( Sam ) , he uses Hindi. But sometimes, he use English besides when talk with them. Possibly, it is because Mandira and Sam have been lived in United States for along clip. In add-on, when Khan was a kid, his female parent took him to a instructor to learn Khan a assortment of cognition particularly in English.

“ Rizu. My Rizu is a crisp male child. So I thought if you agree to learn him here, in your house ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:14:03 ) .

Then, the instructor, Mr. Wadia agrees to learn him a assortment of cognition and English.

Indian has characteristic apparels for both work forces and adult females. In this film, Khan did n’t have on those Hindi apparels. He merely wears insouciant apparels like the other American. Mandira and Sam are besides non utilize have oning that. They merely use the traditional apparels from Hindi when they have Hindi traditional ceremonial such as when Mandira and Khan acquire married, Mandira wear Sari and Khan merely wear shirt and black suit.

As a Moslem people, Khan should non get married Mandira who is Hindu because they have different faiths. As Khan ‘s brother, Zakir does non hold if Khan marry with Mandira.

“ You can non get married her. It ‘s haram! And if you do, I will break up all ties with you. You will hold no topographic point in my house. She is a Hindu. There ‘re a batch of differences between them and us, understood? ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:56:46 )

However, Khan does n’t care with Zakir said, to Khan there are no differences in the universe, there are merely good people and bad people. And besides he still want marry with Mandira and happen his happiness life with Mandira.

“ There ‘s no difference. Good people. Bad people. There ‘s no other difference ” ( Johar, 2010, 00:55:05 ) .

The interactions and relationships between Khan and his neighbour or with the other Americans whose have different civilization with him. In this film tells, at the first clip the relationship between him and the other Americans is good, there are non job between Indian ( Muslim ) and American. They have harmonious life and esteem each other ; even they come from different civilization. But after dining the terrorist act job, they are non harmonist once more. The status alterations quickly in America to Moslem people.

“ Reports are in from assorted station in America that Muslims are being targeted and attacked. A Sikh employee in Michigan was shot dead by his employer because he was mistaken for an Afghani. In the aftermath 9/11, a batch of American Muslims are altering their names to get away racial profiling. Questions are being raised about America ‘s colored positions toward the Islamic community. Even as Muslim adult females have oning hijabs ( head coverings ) are being targeted. Post 9/11, America ‘s position towards its Islamic dwellers is altering quickly ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:04:04 ) .

The Americans think that Muslim is a terrorist. It is shown in Sam ‘s category when his instructor says “ Of all the faiths in the universe, Islam is the most violent and aggressive. It encourages killing or ‘Jihad ‘ as they call it, in the name of God ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:04:56 ) .

Furthermore, after Khan ‘s measure boy died, Sam, Khan ‘s household has broken and Mandira blamed Khan because he is a Moslem so his boy was killed. It is shown when Mandira go to the field unhappily which the topographic point of her boy died. Mandira said:

“ It ‘s all my mistake. If I had n’t married you all this would n’t hold happened. I thought you loved me so much. Loved Sam so much. What difference would it do if his name is changed? What difference would it do if a Khan was added to his name? But, I was incorrectly. It makes a difference I should ne’er hold married a Moslem adult male! If Sam had been a Rathod ( Hindu ) , he would hold been alive today. He was a Khan, so he died. He died because of you. Because of your family name! ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:24:42 ) .

Because of this incident, Mandira hates Khan and trail him and may return if he has tell to the President that “ My name is Khan and I ‘m non a terrorist ” . The following twenty-four hours, Khan responds Mandira said earnestly and he travel to run into the President to state that he is Khan and he is non a terrorist. On the manner to run into the President, in Wilhemina, Georgia, Khan meets Joel and Mama Jenny who give him a tonss of nutrient because he help Joel who has injured in his articulatio genus. Then Mama Jenny invited Khan to the church to pray together for people who have died. Actually as a Moslem people, Khan should non travel to the church because it is non a topographic point of worship for Moslem people. It is stated in the hadist Qur’an that:

“ Janganlah kalian masuk menemui orang-orang musyrikinA di gereja-gereja dan tempat-tempat ibadah mereka, karena kemurkaan ( Allah ) turun kepada mereka. ” ( HR. Al-Baihaqi )

[ Translation: Do non come to run into the idolizers in the church and their topographic points of worship, because the wrath ( Allah ) down to them. ]

But, for Khan it does non count because he still retrieve that his female parent said that there are no differences in the universe, there are merely good people and bad people.

“ Funny hair Joel and his Mama Jenny are good people. Mama Jenny is rigorous and a small fat excessively. But I like her ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:38:54 ) .

However, in the terminal of narrative between Indian Moslem and Americans ( non Moslem ) have good relationship once more by Khan which proves that as a Moslem can assist other people without holding to cognize their individuality, position and faiths. Khan thinks that all of people in the universe are equal in the eyes of God.

“ While several hurricane hit countries have suffered from authorities inactivity. One little town in Georgia is easy acquiring back on its pess. This group has brought something more valuable than money. They brought themselves. The US authorities may hold forgotten the inundation inflicted country of Wilhemina, Georgia but one adult male has refused to be apathetic to the predicament of its dwellers. This one adult male has spared no attempts in assisting rehabilitate the population of Wilhemina. Looking at him as an inspiration today many Americans have rushed to Wilhemina and its adjacent towns to assist in reconstructing the destroyed towns. And all this merely because of one adult male whose name is Rizvan Khan and who, in his ain words, is non a ‘terrorist ‘ . ” ( Johar, 2010, 01:16:35 )

Finally, Khan can turn out that he is a Muslim but non terrorist and win to run into the President and state to the President that “ My name is Khan and I ‘m non a terrorist ” .

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