Lent and Ramadan

Lent and Ramadan

Ramadan is a really sacred vacation for all Muslims throughout the universe. It is a vacation during which Muslims engage in religious patterns. Similarly, Lent is a sacred vacation for Catholics. Lent and Ramadan are similar because they both involve fasting. Lent and Ramadan are both influenced by the lives of the Prophetss. However, Lent and Ramadan are celebrated at different times of the twelvemonth.

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting as ordained by the Koran, for all Muslims. The fast during Ramadan begins each twenty-four hours at morning, when “white yarn becomes distinct from black yarn, ” and ends instantly at sundown ( “Ramadan” ) . Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. A Muslim must follow the five pillars of Islam in order to be accepted into heaven, merely as Christians follow the Ten Commandments. During the fast, Muslims are out to eat, imbibe, or fume from morning to sunset ( “Ramadan” ) . Those who are sick, going, old-aged, pregnant/breastfeeding, or traveling through a catamenial rhythm are allowed to abstain from fasting. However, some insist on fasting no affair what in order to fulfill their religious demands ( “The Festival of Ramadan” ) . However, if a Muslim does lose a twenty-four hours for whatever ground, they are expected to finish extra yearss at the terminal of the month. If that is non possible, tradition dedicates that they should feed a hapless individual two repasts a twenty-four hours for a month ( “The Festival of Ramadan” ) .

Lent is a period of fasting and penitence traditionally observed by Christians in readying for Easter. The length of the Lenten fast was established in the 4th century as 40 yearss ( “Lent” ) . Christians believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, prior to his ministry, was in the desert 40 yearss, fasting. Christians fast on the yearss of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, which are considered the yearss that are the lone true fasting yearss. Like Islam, Lent provides some exclusions to fasting, including the ailment, old/young aged, pregnant or nursing, difficult labourers, and invitees who travelled from a long distance and can non fast ( Campion 23 ) . Additionally, some Christians give up certain types of luxuries during Lent, which may include telecastings or even laptops.

The ground why Ramadan exists is because of the history of Muhammad. In AD610, Muhammad wandered in a desert near Mecca, when one dark the angel Gabriel told Muhammad that he was chosen to have the words ofAllah( God ) . Afterwards, Muhammad found himself talking the poetries in the wilderness that would subsequently be transcribed as the Quran. Muslims celebrate this dark as the most holy dark of the twelvemonth know as,Laylat al-Qadr. This dark falls during the last 10 yearss of Ramadan.

Similarly, Lent influenced by the history of Jesus Christ. Lent lasts precisely 40 yearss, get downing on Ash Wednesday and stoping on East Sunday ( “Lent” ) . This is a clip for religious contemplation in the Christian religion. The ground Lent is celebrated is because it is the clip when Jesus Christ gave himself up for all world. The Bible provinces that Jesus Christ died on Good Friday, and so two yearss subsequently he was resurrected on what is now called Easter Sunday. Prior to Resurrection, Christ Himself, cognizing he was finally traveling to decease for the world’s wickednesss, said that his adherents would fast one time He has departed ( “Lent” ) . This became a spiritual jurisprudence for Christian people through the written Bibles as published by His adherents.

Lent and Ramadan are celebrated at different times of the twelvemonth. Muslims celebrate Ramadan for about 30 yearss, depending on the length of the lunar month in a peculiar twelvemonth. ( “The Festival of Ramadan” ) . Moslems are required to fast from dawn to sunset. Muslim households rise early before dawn, and eat a large breakfast calledsuhur. ( “The Festival of Ramadan” ) . The repast has lager parts in the summer, when the yearss are longer and dinner is more hours off than in winter. In the eventide, after dark, everyone breaks the fast either by eating something of local usage or by following the illustration of the prophesier, imbibing a tall glass of H2O and eating a day of the month. Then they settle down for dinner, callediftar.Iftaris the interrupting fast repast that is celebrated after sundown each dark. Finally,Eid-al-Fitris celebrated at the terminal of month of Ramadan ( following new Moon ) and the beginning of shawwol, the following month in the lunar calendar.Eid-al-Fitrlast for three yearss, it is a clip for household and friends to come together by observing with good nutrient, nowadayss for kids, and gifts to charity. People greet each other by snoging custodies and stating “Eid Mubarak, ” or “Holiday Blessings to you.” ( “The Festival of Ramadan” ) .

Meanwhile, Lent, which is celebrated by Christians, in peculiar Catholics, required giving up something that is beloved to one as a forfeit and after 40 yearss. The single thanks God for all that God has done for the person. During Lent, there are non existent of import repasts when comparing to Ramadan. Breaking fast is merely eating any type of nutrient or imbibe that may be considered a nutrient ( i.e. milk shakes but non milk ) . ( Campion 22 ) . Unlike Muslims, drinks, including alcoholic drinks, are no considered interrupting fast substances. The terminal of Lent, though, is celebrated on a twenty-four hours termed Easter Sunday. Easter, as implied in the bible, is when Jesus Christ was resurrected after being nailed and deceasing on a cross. Christians celebrate by saying, “He has risen.” ( Campion 21 ) . This is usually a gay clip where households gather and thank Christ for giving His life for the world’s wickednesss. Traditional repasts usually include leavened staff of life, jambon, and all right vino. ( Campion 22 ) . Before interrupting the fast and recovering their luxuries, Christians must go to mass on Easter Sunday. ( Campion 23 ) . This concluding twenty-four hours is a twenty-four hours of rejoicing.

Wholly, it has become rather clear that the Islamic and Christian vacations of Ramadan and Lent, severally, are rather similar. They do hold their differences but the resemblances are dominant. Their religions are both based on the work, instructions, and sermon of the Prophetss. The followings want to go closer to God and assist the less fortunate by staying to the regulations giving to them by God. Overall, Lent and Ramadan are similar because they both involve fasting and they both influenced by the lives of the Prophetss. Lent and Ramadan are celebrated at different times of the twelvemonth.

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