Like Water for Chocolate

“A comparing between the destiny and forfeits of the characters, Tita de la Garza from Like Water for Chocolate and Blanca Trueba from The House of Spirits”

The narrative of “Like Water for Chocolate” revolves around Tita who is the youngest girl of the three kids in a Mexican household whose destiny is decided by her cold and selfish female parent, Mama Elena. As an old tradition in thier household, Mama Elena insists that the younger girl ne’er marries and alternatively corsets at place to care for the female parent in Ag old ages of her life and would be free to prosecute herself into a relationship or marriage merely after her decease. When a suer for Tita, Pedro Muzquiz presents himself, the female parent culls due to her inflexibleness and uncomfortableness sing the breakage of tradition. This leads Pedro to get married Tita ‘s eldest sister Rosaura as the female parent offers her manus in marriage to him and Pedro accepts in order to be near to Tita ever. Tita is overwrought and grieved by this though Pedro maintains that it is Tita who he loves and wants to be near to. Tita is forced to quash her feelings for Pedro since he is her sister ‘s hubby and besides because of her female parent who during Rosaura ‘s battle warns and nags her by giving a intimation of her ain history stating “I ‘ve done everything you are believing of doing” . Mama Elena does so as she sees Tita and Pedro holding a brief conversation during the battle where he confesses to her about loving her and desiring to get married her sister so he could remain near to her this manner. A twelvemonth or two base on balls in which Rosaura and Pedro have a babe male child named Roberto who Tita is really near to as she has been his care-taker and besides breast-feeded him while Rosaura was ill. One dark Mama Elena overhears a conversation between Tita and Pedro and so the undermentioned twenty-four hours she sends Rosaura, Pedro and their kid to Texas to maintain them off from Tita which once more is a really tragic event for her to bare and leaves her numb. Here we see how Tita has sacrificed the love of her life for her female parent and her obstinate nature to maintain up the tradition. We besides see that her destiny is really misfortuned for she non merely loses her lover but besides loses connexion to Pedro ‘s boy who she really profoundly loved and cared for. The babe finally dies on the manner to Texas and Tita blames her female parent for making so. Tita is unable to bear this loss and gets traumatized so Mama Elena decides to direct her to an establishment to acquire treated. There she meets her healer Dr. John Brown who decides to take Tita place for her intervention. As clip goes by John falls in love with Tita and asks her to get married him. Though Tita still has Pedro in her bosom and loves him profoundly, she lets travel of his idea and agrees to get married John and settle in life. We once more see her giving her love for the interest of a better life in front and possibly meaning to fall in love once more.

The narrative of “The House of Spirits” revolves around Esteban Trueba but the cardinal female character is that of Clara del Valle but my comparing between characters with Tita would be the girl of Clara viz. Blanca Trueba. Since Blanca was immature, she befriended Pedro Segundo Garcia ‘s boy, Pedro Tercero Garcia. They grow up to be lovers who would in secret run into as he was her male parent ‘s chief ‘s boy. She was sent to the embarkation in the metropolis and she would do alibis and would forge unwellnesss to return back place to Tres Marias so she could run into Pedro and they would do love. Blanca ‘s destiny is really misfortune with her lover as she finally gets separated from him. This happens when a Gallic adult male named Jean de Satigny who is Esteban ‘s bussiness associate sees Blanca and Pedro doing love in secret and he tells her male parent. Esteban is outraged and forbids Blanca from seeing Pedro of all time once more and besides lies to her about killing him. Meanwhile, Blanca is found pregnant with Pedro as the male parent and so to cover up the bastard gestation, he forces Jean to get married his girl. Blanca is distraught when she hears that Pedro is dead and agrees to get married Jean as a via media since she does non even love him. Blanca sacrifices her lover and his heartache to maintain her male parent ‘s and household ‘s regard and honor intact.

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Blanca and Tita have both suffered and sacrificed their lovers for the interest of their several households. They both seemed to hold laterality by their parents and have been controlled by them to a point where they could n’t manage it. Blanca and Tita both lead a life of un-fulfillment since their several lovers are n’t in their lives. They both are n’t content with their lives till the terminal of the novels when they unite with their lovers after a long delay full of force, agonies, forfeits etc.

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