Looking At V For Vendetta English Literature Essay

Based on the same named amusing series written in 1982 by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, A V for VendettaA tells the narrative of a close hereafter England tally by an oppressive authorities and a adult male, known merely as V ( Hugo Weaving ) , who sets out to destruct it. V is a terrorist, and he achieves his ends by slaying, blind, and blowing things up. He bursts onto the scene clad in dark apparels, hidden behind a Guy Fawkes mask, and spurting duologue so complex and full of high-dollar words that it ‘s about another linguistic communication. While lurking London ‘s deserted, under curfew streets, he rescues a waifish miss accosted by Fingermen, the authorities ‘s rape-hungry secret constabulary. The miss is Evey ( Natalie Portman ) and it ‘s the 5th of November, a twenty-four hours the people of Britain will remember.A

V takes Evey under his wing, as he embarks upon his scheme of governmental devastation. He ‘s a terrorist, but he ‘s non terrorising the people. Alternatively, his end is to rouse and authorise them, while striking fright in the bosom of England ‘s totalitarian authorities. “ If you want to see who is responsible, look no further than a mirror, ” he tells the state ‘s citizens. “ I understand, you were afraid, ” he says by manner of forgiving them. It ‘s the people who put Britain ‘s corrupt, hate-driven authorities in power, and it ‘s the people who must halt it. “ Peoples should non be afraid of their authoritiess, ” pronounces V, “ authoritiess should be afraid of their people. “ A

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This is a visually rich, dark, and resonating movie ; one which uses manner to convey substance under the pretense of pure amusement. The Wachowski brothers ‘ book is an perfectly faithful version of its beginning stuff, tweaked merely plenty to update it and decently interpret it to the screen. James McTeigue ‘s directing is pitch perfect, he cuts in all the right topographic points and lingers on all the right minutes. He gives the movie a sense of urgency, even when characters are merely hanging around philosophising. Whenever the film moves towards going excessively preachy, he quickens the gait and dips into something exciting. Is the film political? Yes, but non needfully in a manner that ‘s specific to anything traveling on now in the universe. It was after all, written in 1982. These are the same political paradoxes that have been blighting adult male for centuries. If you find a manner to use it to George Bush or Tony Blair, it ‘s merely because the movie ‘s subjects are so universal.A

Hugo Weaving is merely unbelievable as V, moving underneath a stiff, slightly cockamamie mask that wholly covers his face, his eyes, or anything else he might utilize to convey the slightest emotion. Yet someway, V is the movie ‘s most passionate, powerful character. Hugo uses his voice and animalism to convey that ; to convey an awkward, faceless creative activity to electrifying life. V calls himself an thought, and with Weaving playing him he ‘s a really powerful thought indeed.A

But it ‘s Natalie Portman ‘s Evey that becomes the existent bosom of the film. V is an unstoppable force ; Evey is a existent individual, caught up in his deathly rebellion. Her conversations with V, non its one or two action spots, are the driving force of the Wachowski ‘s book. Evey resists V ‘s campaign against subjugation, her head Rebels against what he has to state out of fright and self-preservation. So will you.A

There are people who are traveling to detest this film ; people who do n’t wish to believe, the encephalon dead, the saps. Referencing the still unobserved movie, one member of a politically minded movie forum was speedy to declare: “ You ca n’t do a film about a terrorist now without backing bin Laden ” . It ‘s that mentality, which has become so deep-rooted in all of us since 9/11, that makesA V for VendettaA so unsettling. At times it about feels like you ‘re watching something forbidden, like you ‘re seeing something you should n’t be allowed to see. It ‘s flooring that a film like this, particularly in these times, of all time really got made. It ‘s even more incredible that it was made by a major Hollywood studio. It ‘s merriment to impeach Hollywood of broad activism, but you do n’t anticipate this sort of existent filmmaking courage from corporate America or a company like Warner Bros. It ‘s a purposefully uncomfortable movie, one that will impact different people otherwise depending on what you bring in with you.A

Yes, A V for VendettaA is rebellious and hazardous, insurgent and unsafe. But it ‘s non misanthropic. V ‘s naA?ve return on the universe is one that believes in the basic strength and goodness of people every bit strongly as it believes in the intrinsic corruptness of large authorities. It ‘s a point of view that about surely has no footing in world, but that ‘s alright What makes the movie great is that you ‘re non asked to subscribe to its doctrine, merely think about it and take note. It ‘s non a call to lift up against your swayers, but a warning about the manner fright can be used to give a individual or organisation excessively much power. It ‘s an old lesson, but one that bears frequent reiterating. It ‘ll lodge with you after you leave the theatre. You wo n’t desire to believe about it, the thoughts in this movie are excessively unsafe, but you ‘ll hold to.A VA is that sort of powerful. Once you see it, there ‘s no escaping it.A

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