Loss Grief And Bereavement English Literature Essay

Jane is a 34 twelvemonth old lady who lives in a residential country in a big household house with her hubby and two immature girls. Jane found a ball in the chest when she was five months pregnant with her youngest kid. Jane visited her general practician who thought it was most likely be a out of use milk canal but with Jane household history of chest malignant neoplastic disease He made a referral to the local infirmary. Jane attended her audience with the chest adviser and he performed an extremist scan and biopsy. Jane returned with her hubby for support the undermentioned hebdomad for the consequences. Jane was giving annihilating intelligence ; Jane has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her left chest. Jane decided before she received her consequences that if the intelligence was bad she would non get down her intervention until her babe was born. Her adviser advised her that she needed to get down her intervention every bit shortly as possible because it will give her a better endurance rate, but she informed her adviser said she will non put on the line the life of her unborn kid even if it means put on the lining her ain life. Jane adviser has to esteem her treatment but points out she endangering her ain life. Jane babe has now been born and she has now stared her intervention and has had a mastectomy and her chemotherapy has now stared. Jane ‘s heartache she has experienced started from being diagnosed with chest and lost her chest she is unable to breast feed her new born babe. Jane besides feels loss from her function as a female parent and her household life. Jane besides feels that losing her chest has put a discoloration on her relationship with her hubby. Jane hair has started to fall out in balls and is happening it difficult to come to footings with the hair loss and her organic structure image. Treatment for malignant neoplastic disease is chemotherapy unluckily one of the distressful side effects is the loss of organic structure hair which is known as chemotherapy-induced alopecia ( Dougherty L 2006 ) . Jane was told by her adviser that hair loss was one of the side effects with chemotherapy so she was prepared to take it in her pace but was ne’er prepared herself to look into a mirror and see a individual looking back with merely one chest and a bold caput. She feels like she lost the image of herself and the individual in the mirror was a alien looking back at her.

Kozier et Al. ( 2004, p1033 ) states that “ the loss an facet of ego alterations a individual ‘s organic structure image, even though the loss may non be obvious.The grade to which these losingss affect a individual mostly depends on the unity of the individual ‘s organic structure image ” . In Jane ‘s instance she has experienced organic structure image alteration signifier holding a mastectomy and the affect the chemotherapy has on such a immature adult females ‘s organic structure for illustration ; Jane has gained weight and the loss of her organic structure hair, Jane feels self -conscious about her organic structure image. Jane hair loss and weight addition is a side consequence from a drug called doxorubicin and is on a regular basis used for chemotherapy but unluckily the drug can impact hair loss for 80-90 per cent of patients with malignant neoplastic disease ( Dougherty L 2006 ) .Jane has been fitted with a existent hair wig but is happening it difficult to have oning it she feels really unusual and self-aware that it might merely fall off. Jane happening hard to get by with the alterations to her organic structure.Jane has been given impermanent chest prosthetic device but feels self – witting about the prosthetic device when have oning it for illustration ; Jane scare if people can detect that she warning breast prosthetic device and what if it falls out. Jane feels she has loss her muliebrity and gender and this has made a large impact on her relationship with her hubby for illustration ; Jane feels that the adult females he had married merely five old ages ago has now disappeared. Jane refuses to allow her hubby see bare and will merely acquire undressed, washed, and frock entirely.

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Kozier et Al. ( 2004, p1034 ) states that “ heartache is the entire response to emotional experience related to loss. Grief is manifested in ideas, feelings and behaviors associated with overpowering hurt. Anticipatory heartache is experienced in progress of the event. The heartache Jane is experiencing is overpowering straitening from non being able to breast feed her new born babe she feels she loosed that of import bounding clip her new born babe Jane happening it difficult to keep her babe because of the hurting she is sing.Jane heartache has affect her function as a female parent feels guilty because she needs aid with her kids for illustration she needs aid to acquire them washed and dressed and her hubby has to take her kids to school and feels overpowering hurt non being able to finish her function as a female parent. She feels her behavior has changed towards her household for illustration she feels depressed and finds it difficult to halt shouting she feels angry because her status has changed her life she had planned out.Jane is besides experiencing anticipatory heartache she fears her girls will be at hazard from chest malignant neoplastic disease when both misss are older. Jane ain female parent died of chest malignant neoplastic disease when Jane was merely 16 old ages of age she remember the hurting she experienced from losing her female parent. Jane fears what does her hereafter clasp for herself and her household.

Kozier et Al. ( 2004, p1034 ) states mourning is “ the subjective response experienced by lasting loved 1s after decease of a individual with whom they have shared a important relationship ” . In Jane instance she or her household has non experienced any mourning and hopes and prays her kids do non loss they mother from chest malignant neoplastic disease.

The psychological impact this is holding to Jane is seting a strain on her relationship

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