Lysistrata And Todays Culture English Literature Essay

While reading Aristophanes ‘ Lysistrata I noticed rather a few inside informations that are still apparent in today ‘s civilization. The narrative of Lysistrata was focused on the place adult females had on work forces and the society they lived in during a clip where the Grecian authorities was holding its ain jobs. Reading about the Grecian civilization, opened my eyes, to how close it was to American society, in both the yesteryear, and the present. This certain narrative provides first-class illustrations, of comparing and contrasting the Grecian civilization to the American civilization today.

One obvious comparing that I came across was how the adult females in the Grecian society were portrayed. During that clip period adult females were looked at as the housekeeper, and the health professional to the kids, and of class the hubby. In today ‘s society for the adult female in the American civilization, we ‘re still looked at in that manner, but it ‘s non so much pushed on adult females, as it was in past decennaries. Now, adult females are able to work outside of the place, alternatively of ever working in the place, and its needed more now, than of all time to hold two incomes coming into the family.

“ I am a adult female, but still I ‘ve got a head: I ‘m pretty intelligent in my ain right, and because I ‘ve listened many a clip to the conversations of my male parent and the other work forces I ‘m reasonably good educated excessively. Now that you ‘re a confined audience I ‘m ready to give you the tongue-lashing you deserve-both of you. ” ( Lysistrata ) That quotation mark, is by far one of strongest statements a adult female can state to a adult male, which leads to the following civilization similarity with the Greeks and the Americans. Lysistrata ‘s strength and strong willed head is expressed all throughout the narrative. As a adult female, she ne’er relied on a adult male for anything, she was a really independent adult female, and she spoke whatever was on her head. Womans today besides perceive that fantastic quality. Though in the American society today, adult females are n’t looked down upon for being this manner, it is freedom of address, and that is being expressed on a day-to-day footing. Lysistrata was decidedly a brave and strong adult female to make everything she did, particularly in the clip period she lived in. In the narrative Lysistrata clearly stated, “ All along, being proper adult females, we used to endure in silence no affair what you work forces did, because you would n’t allow us do a sound. ” ( Lysistrata ) The chief character herself, Lysistrata is the one adult female who really spoke up for every adult female in her society. Without her voicing her sentiment and feelings on certain issues, so possibly the war would hold ne’er ended for them. Finally the adult females in the narrative did non merely sit back and watch calamity go on, like normal, they really took a base and did something about what was traveling on around them. Womans in the clip period we live in are really vocal and stand up for themselves every bit good, which decidedly compares to the adult females in this narrative. I know for a fact, no adult female in the American society today, is merely traveling to sit back and watch our authorities diminution. That is precisely what the adult females in the narrative did, they found something they thought would be able to assist halt the war and they took advantage of it.

“ aˆ¦I ca n’t maintain the married womans off from their hubbies any longer ; they ‘re running off in all waies. ” ( Lysistrata ) Withholding from sexual behaviours with their hubbies or spouses is what the adult females resulted to, even though it was highly difficult. If a adult female today did this with her spouse, I ‘m certain it would hold an consequence on the adult male, and he would finally give in to what the adult female wants or demands. So I can wholly hold with this being a similarity that is still apparent today, in the American civilization. With how the plot line was set up, with the usage of linguistic communication, I ‘m certain the work forces had a really hard clip keep backing from something like that, merely like work forces today would hold an issue with.

Last, likely my most favourite comparing to discourse about these two civilizations is the problems every authorities goes through, no affair the clip period. Clearly, our authorities is in demand of serious aid, at this minute. Every authorities, no affair the state or civilization has their just portion of problems. In Lysistrata ‘s clip the chief ground adult females became strong willed and followed her lead was because of the pathetic state of affairss their authorities put them in. Not merely do I see this really thing go oning in our authorities today, but so make other adult females and work forces every bit good. Sing a diminution in your authorities can go really frustrating. With every authorities, politicians get themselves into some problem that most likely affects the full society. When state of affairss like that occur, so the authorities has an full society that is unhappy, and the citizens want to make something about the problem they were brought into. Lysistrata was seeking to halt a war ; her authorities got her state in, by talking up and keep backing sexual pleasances from the work forces. She wanted to be heard as the person, she genuinely was.

I perfectly enjoyed reading the narrative of Lysistrata ; so much can be learned from it, every bit good as every comparing and contrast of the Grecian civilization, to the American civilization, today. Even though many things have changed in civilizations throughout clip, there will ever be some similarities because history does genuinely reiterate itself, overtime. Though in this narrative, both the Greek and American civilizations were similar with how adult females were looked at as one, and how the authorities had problems, that they had a difficult clip acquiring over. No affair the civilization, they all compare in some ways, and are really different in others. Without all of these differences no 1 would larn from anyone and alterations would n’t be made. Throughout this large universe, there are dozenss of different civilizations that affect the people and the society in both, positive and negative ways.

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