Male Devine Article

Male Divine Article HUM/105 World Mythology This article discusses the male divine and the myths surrounding him. This article starts by defining the male divine, then taking the reader back to the early myth of the gods and then showing how gods and the male divine still play an important part in today’s society and modern religion. The male divine plays a large part in the worlds myths, but the male is not the only being in the world’s myths. About half of the world myths include the male divine but when you look at cave painting and other ancient engravings the female divine is a much more prevalent character.

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These myths and engraving also includes other beings that appear to have no specific gender, thus showing the unity of both the male and female divine. There are numerous myths that talk about the male divine. These myths show the male divine in several different roles that include the creator, warrior, trickster, hunter and the hero. When looking at the female deities they are mostly see as the earth or are embodied as a part of the female reproductive system.

On the other hand, the male divine are not seen as parts of the reproductive cycle or in the different seasonal cycles; they are mostly seen in the sociopolitical roles that they fulfill. One of the major roles that you see the male divine in is the role of the creator. The role of the creator is shown in countless myths to include role of the Christian God. The Christian God and Jesus are both shown in the male form. The male divine plays a large role in the myths and beliefs of today’s society and religion.

In conclusion the male divine plays a large role in most all myths, from sacrifice myths to creation myths. The male divine also plays large roles in other myths from the hunter to the savior. Myths that tell of the male divine play a large role in the story of our beginnings, of which we can all learn something from. References Leonard, S. & McClure, M. (2004). Myth and knowing. An introduction to world mythology. Retrieved from University Phoenix Online Library: http://www. apollolibrary. com/Library/Library. aspx

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