Marriage In Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

The thought of matrimonies has changed throughout the centuries a batch, but it has ever presented the current values which people from the peculiar society follow. Jane Austen ‘s book Pride and Prejudice nowadayss two really different constructs about matrimony and the enticements which lead the characters to come in into a marriage relationship. On one side, matrimony is presented as a program and an chance for accomplishing something hardly related to love. The consequence of such matrimony is a relationship of no love, regard, cordiality or even communicating. On the other side matrimony is presented as a apogee of ongoing observations and interaction between the two people. As overall the matrimonies in Pride and Prejudice purpose to knock the characters ‘ mercenary point of position and stress the important and of import feelings and emotions on which a successful and happy matrimony is based on.

Society in Pride and Prejudice has developed a really simple and strategic tenet sing the matrimony of a adult female to a adult male. Some of the female characters in the book have considered matrimony to be portion of their program to raise financially to a higher position in the society. In the society of Pride and Prejudice the words “ ownership ” and “ good luck ” present the true grounds why a adult male is “ in privation of a married woman ” ( 5 ) . Matrimony is seen by most of the immature female characters as a great chance for come ining the high societal strata every bit good as supplying a good fiscal and secured hereafter of their lives. The fact that this construct is “ universally acknowledged ” ( 5 ) tells the reader that the determinations of the bulk of characters in the book are partly influenced by the societal stereotypes. Any action which does non suit into these stereotypes is considered to be unusual and unacceptable. Mrs. Bennet stubbornly disapproves the refusal of Elizabeth to get married Mr. Collins and Tells to her girl that she has “ no pleasance in speaking to impious kids ” ( 111 ) . Mrs. Bennet does non recognize that Elizabeth wants to happen felicity in matrimony instead than an alternate to her middle-class life. The apprehension of Mrs. Bennet is similar to the apprehension of Miss Charlotte Lucas who is wholly devoted to winning a adult male who will supply her a fiscal security. Harmonizing to Elizabeth ‘s friend felicity can non be achieved in matrimony and it is “ wholly a affair of opportunity ” ( 24 ) .Miss Lucas ‘ thought of matrimony bows down the moral and religious values and importance of matrimony by showing the matrimony non a as a apogee of love feelings and emotions, but as a purely followed program which has nil to make with love. The matrimony for Miss Lucas is besides “ the lone honorable proviso for knowing immature adult females of little luck ” ( 120 ) . This shows that marriage is an alternate to the inability of the adult female to gain felicity utilizing her freedom to take. All characters from the book are free to take, but few of them have the strength to utilize this freedom to oppose the societal stereotypes. Therefore really few of the characters reveal the existent nature of the matrimony, while the others create a new false visual aspect which bit by bit replaces its true values. Harmonizing to the bulk ‘s sentiment in the book seeking for felicity is non the major taking force which makes people marry. It is instead security and a more deluxe life that the ordinary adult female from the book wants to happen in marriage.

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The 2nd type of marriage relationships which is presented in the book is the matrimony for the incorrect grounds. An illustration for this relationship is the matrimony between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. They have been married for a batch of old ages and they have five girls. Their relationship is a consequence of a matrimony which is based on something different from love. They seldom interact and the minutes in which this happens are state of affairss in which Mr. Bennet jokes with her “ nervousnesss ” stating that they are his “ old friends ” ( 7 ) . Making merriment of Mrs. Bennet and covering with her with levity seems the lone possible enjoyment that the hubby receives from his relationship with Mrs. Bennet. In the other instances he “ shall be glad to hold the library ” to himself and finishes any statement with his married woman ( 110 ) . There is no love or esteem even in the words which these people say to each other. It is obvious that Mrs. Bennet has besides married Mr. Bennet because of stuff benefits and now she wants to acquire her girls married to the richest work forces in the vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet really clearly present the unfortunate hereafter of a matrimony “ by program ” in which the two partners have nil to portion except statements and jeer.

The existent values of marriage can be found in the construct of Elizabeth and Darcy about matrimony and their strong and come oning relationship. Elizabeth Bennet is one of the few characters in the book who oppose the incorrect unreal societal regulations sing matrimony. She is a character who goes through a immense development. Her thoughts and understanding alteration a batch throughout the book. Her character improves and she becomes able to lodge out from the rules and demonstrates a strong will and a alone reading of the people around her. An illustration for that is the manner she treated with a batch of biass Mr. Darcy in the beginning of the book. After that, nevertheless, she learns a batch about herself and she realizes that she “ had been blind, partial, prejudiced, absurd ” ( 201 ) . Elizabeth is a free-spirited individual who is besides non depended on societal stereotypes. That is why she refuses to get married Mr. Collins after his proposal, even though that their hereafter matrimony would convey her a large fiscal stableness and the regard and satisfaction of her female parent. Elizabeth says that Mr. Collins is “ a egotistic, grandiloquent, shockable, cockamamie adult male ” ( 133 ) . In this ways she truly opposes to the common sentiment of her household and particularly of her female parent who wants to do Elizabeth marry him. Elizabeth is one of the few characters who present the values and virtuousnesss of matrimony and that love is the chief drive force that brings two people to marriage. She reveals to the reader her feelings toward Mr. Darcy that increasingly develop and do her admit “ with cryings in her eyes ; “ I love him ” ( 356 ) . Mr. Darcy besides changes a batch sing his dainty toward love and Elizabeth. In the beginning of the book he says that Elizabeth is “ tolerable but non fine-looking plenty to allure ” him ( 13 ) . He is excessively proud to acknowledge that she is an object of his involvement. But subsequently in the book Mr. Darcy ‘s maladroit behaviour alterations because he realizes the love that he feels towards Elizabeth. Her understanding to get married him makes him experience felicity which “ he had likely ne’er felt before and he expressed himself on the juncture as sanely and every bit heartily as a adult male violently in love can be supposed to make ” ( 346 ) . Love makes Mr. Darcy gain a batch of self-knowledge about him as he understands that love and matrimony can convey him happiness. He understands that concealing his existent feelings behind the mask of pride causes him merely hurting. The alterations in both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in add-on to their strong feelings that burgeon between them reveal to the reader that the existent values of matrimony are the religious benefits.

In decision Jane Austen represents two different types of matrimony in her book Pride and Prejudice. Marriage can be a consequence of strong feelings and attractive force or aspirations for higher societal position and fiscal security. These two constructs are nevertheless united by her purpose to demo to the reader the existent dimensions of marriage and to laud the existent immaterial values that can do a individual happy in matrimony.

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