Medea Women Depicted As House Wives English Literature Essay

Euripides wrote the drama with Medea introduced as fantastic beautiful adult females that is meant to turn against her hubby and kids. He expresses her emotions through her actions so we can understand the battle she was traveling through all the hurting she must hold felt. Medea is the combination of a scoundrel, heroine, and victim, which is what makes her so absorbing and her function so important.

Medea is a strong willed adult female who is built to demo us what love can make to us. She gives Jason all her love and trust and he betrays it. That ‘s how she views it and how some of us do to. Her universe is shaken from the land and her bosom is broken as Medea is left entirely. As she sulks she comes up with a strategy to acquire retaliation to ache him. All this is to demo us what her chief function is. Medea demonstrates to us how love can do you make brainsick things. Through all her actions she is blinded, non believing, but besides believing. At this point if you ask me I would state she is insane and driven by vindictive ideas.

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Medea wanted to deprive away everything Jason had, foremost his love for this other adult females. So she comes up with a secret plan to utilize her kids to kill her, so she plans to kill her ain kids. One thing I found interesting is harmonizing to Euripides a female parent can bewray her love for her kids merely like Medea does. I think she gets so into this planning into this secret plan of hers she forgets what she ‘s making what she is giving up. On the other manus she knows what she is making ; she knows what precisely to make. She knows that if she takes off Jason ‘s kids he has no air, no life line, no hereafter, no safety, and she will strike at his bosom.

So as planned she does the title. Now irony comes in because a great male monarch asks her to hold his childs while she merely killed her ain. She says yes because she needs the protection for the vial act she has committed. All these inside informations and facets to what Medea has done let us to truly see her function and what her character was meant to make. Medea is merely a beautiful adult female who was betrayed and hurt by love. She shows people what love can make. Medea is objectified by love, it was all because of her feelings that all this happened without love there is no Medea, and that ‘s the point of Medea to demo us Love. It takes great love to give kids it takes even more love to kill your ain. How can a adult female sacrifice her ain without cognizing that she loved them?

Desdemona on the other manus is similar to Medea in some facets. She is strong willed and has besides fallen for love. She is a strong person and plays a large function in the drama. Unlike Medea Desdemona is sort of the voice of wisdom in the drama. She is unagitated, cool, and corporate she knows what she is making and is rational about her picks, she does n’t allow herself acquire blinded by love like Medea.

Desdemona is arch like Medea she is involved in this fly-by-night secret plans throughout the drama. She tries to carry Othello to forgive casio directing the incorrect message to Othello. She is besides a sexual immature adult female who is bounded by love. Both Medea and Desdemona are surrounded by love. Throughout the drama Desdemona tries to be independent and turn out to Othello the she is independent, but her decease is dry because she dies from being smothered by a pillow sort of like being smothered by all the weight she was drawing in the drama. Desdemona ‘s function is to be a wise independent adult female who defines Othello without no Desdemona there is no Othello. I have come to the psyche decision that the function of this really lubricious ladies is to specify one of the chief characters ( largely the one she is in love with ) of the narrative for the audience to better understand them.

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