People Like Us

People like Us On the essay “People like us” David Brook’s main purpose is to discuss the increasing diversity in America. This essay is a master piece of intelligence and organized ideas. A reader can grab that in his first sentence. “We all pay lip service to the melting pot, but we really prefer the congealing pot. ” The writer uses relative concept with very effective language. He uses strong diction, logical tone and complex syntax. The writer’s choice of words is very effective and persuasive.

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He uses words not only from dictionary but the meanings can be visualized by the reader. For example, when he gives example of “The bell curve” the whole scenario comes in the readers mind. His last sentence “Look around at your daily life. Are you really in touch with the broad diversity of American life? Do you care? ” has a thought provoking effect. Brook tone is emotional and he uses pathos, repeatedly, as he says “It is appalling that Americans know so little about one another.

It is appalling that many of us are so narrow-minded that we can’t tolerate a few people with ideas significantly different from our own. It’s appalling that evangelical Christians are practically absent from entire professions, such as academia, the media, and filmmaking. It’s appalling that people should be content to cut themselves off from everyone unlike themselves. ” At times his tone is sarcastic for e. g. In fact, any registered Republican who contemplates a career in academia these days is both a hero and a fool so, in a semi-self-selective pattern, brainy people with generally liberal social mores flow to academia, and brainy people with generally conservative mores flow elsewhere. ” The syntax used is complex. He uses the word diversity repeatedly when giving examples of Elite University, diverse in geography or research for segregation. I like the way he used punctuation in this sentence “But people love it.

Make no mistake—we are increasing our happiness by segmenting off so rigorously” to make it an effective thought. David Brook is a good persuasive writer, and has a great convincing power . He uses pathos and logos which serve as an eye opener to racialism. We should realize the diversity we live in, and learn to accommodate it. Though we have different cultures and diverse lives, we should not have diverse institutions. United States of America means fifty two stars all united together sparkling on the sky.

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