Presenting Children In We Are Seven English Literature Essay

I ‘d wish to speak about William Wordsworth in this paper, and analyse his verse form “ We are seven ” . In my sentiment, foremost of all it is necessary to discourse poetic way of an writer, because his literary manner formed his attitude to all domains of life and, of class, the manner how Wordsworth understands kids and how they percept life around them. The chief purpose of our treatment is to happen an reply on the simple inquiry: How is the kid or kids presented in Wordsworth ‘s “ We are seven ” ? Ex facte, poem “ We are seven ” is a small verse form without serious actions and environing world description that is consists of conversation between small miss and grownup adult male, but it has really interesting secret plan and deep sense. I think that we will give careful consideration to a job that is described in all above stated minutes through the organic structure of this paper and we will make it in inside informations.

Let ‘s get down this paragraph from the writer ‘s life description or possibly non, it will be unimportant information in our instance to speak about Wordsworth ‘s life ; I think it will be better to state about his literary manner, because precisely the chief constituents of it made him popular and his plants of literature interesting to readers until presents. William Wordsworth is a poet of Nature and Man. He strongly believed that his poetic assignment – to demo nature as non safety of adult male from agonies and duties, but as a beginning of the A«cleanest passion and merrimentA» , lasting inspiration and support, granting, if merely a adult male is able genuinely to see and hear, ageless and cosmopolitan values of the psyche and bosom that are expressed in love, gladfulness, soundness and compassion. This religion leaved roots in kids and young person ‘s experiencing of Wordsworth, which defined his development as poet. The inordinately intensified sight and hearing gave a immature adult male so deep pleasance of beauty and inscrutability of nature perceptual experience that rather frequently he submerged in a enchantment or in the province of delectation, awe of it and even trembling.

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The verse form “ We are seven was written many old ages ago and it like all other verse form has ain history of its authorship. Harmonizing to Ruzicka we can it briefly describe in the following manner: “ William Wordsworth wrote We Are Seven on a walk from Alfoxden to Lenton, one late spring afternoon in 1798. He was accompanied by his sister Dorothy and his good friend Samuel Taylor Coleridge ; on his pilgrim’s journey he besides composed portion of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, every bit good as other verse forms in Lyrical Ballads. We Are Seven was inspired by a small miss he met in the country of Goodrich Castle. “ ( Ruzicka, 2005 ) In continuance of above stated we should add that the thought to compose such verse form was born during this walk and greatly influence on Wordsworth, because it reflected kid ‘s earnestness, head shrewdness and besides truly true love for ain household and involuntariness to allow them travel from her life. Ruzicka noted that “ Wordsworth had originally written the last line of this stanza foremost. As he describes, in his journey at the grove of Alfoxden, he worked his manner backwards to the beginning of the verse form. When the verse form was about finished, he asked Coleridge to assist him organize an introductory stanza. ” ( Ruzicka, 2005 ) Writer needed aid to organize his verse form in right construction to do it more powerful and full of great poetic sense.

The poem expressions like lay or it will be better to state that it relies on facets of the ballad tradition in its usage of a chorus. The verse form begins with simple, but original four lines, and with the narrator inquiry:

A simple kid, beloved brother Jim,

That lightly draws its breath,

And experience its life in every limb,

What should it cognize of decease?

The verse form is built on miss ‘s ideas about decease and an absence of fright of decease. The miss has non typical idea, because she knows that her brother and sister are dead but she consider that they are with her in mundane life.

Wordsworth shows us it in the following lines of his verse form:

“ How many are you, so, ” said I,

“ If they two are in Eden? ”

Quick was the small Maid ‘s answer,

“ O Master! we are seven. ”

Child ‘s concluding about decease are really assorted – a child thinks about that, where people go, when dice ; when decease must come ; why people die et cetera. Question of decease – it is one of unalienable inquiries of Torahs of the universe, circumferential kids, and so will continue until the secret of human immortality will non be found. The miss in Wordsworth ‘s verse form is happy and full of life, because she has no unneeded stereotypes and believe merely in ain household and its ageless being. It is needed to retrieve that there is no 1 concrete right reply on a inquiry, what is decease and why it comes, and why chooses an precisely certain adult male in some exact clip and state of affairs. In spiritual households, as a regulation, a kid knows from the birth day of the month, that decease exists non, but the psyche of adult male is immortal. A kid is educated with cognition that God is love. In such households, as a regulation, there is merely no topographic point for the fright of decease. But it can be in such manner merely in status, that parents educate kids sagely and realized, but non by force compel a kid to travel for services in a church, pray, and besides frighten by tortures in the snake pit. on the premise of above enumerated causes the miss of Wordsworth verse form was educate in the right manner and writer unfastened us a simple truth that many grownups have no such instruction and life place as this small eight old ages old miss has.

Moorman emphasized that “ The talker is confused and asks her how they can be seven, if two are in Conway and two gone to sea. To this, the small miss merely replies, “ Seven male childs and misss are we ; / Two of us in the God’s acre prevarication, / Beneath the God’s acre tree. ” The talker says that if two are dead, so there are merely five left, but the small miss tells him that their green Gravess are nearby, and that she frequently goes to run up or eat supper there while singing to her asleep siblings:

“ You say that two at Conway dwell,

And two are gone to sea,

Yet ye are seven! I pray you tell,

Sweet amah, how this may be ” ( Moorman, 1968 )

In the verse form “ We are seven ” we see non merely writer ‘s attitude to the kid, but besides he reflected the point of position of the whole romantic period, because as we know Wordsworth is the bright representative of that period and precisely those times formed his personality and greatly influenced on his manner of thought. We see through this verse form that a kid is bit by bit selected, as an independent animal, disassociating him from the universe of grownups. The particular universe of kids, in which even apparels are already sewn merely for kids, appears so ; the particular objects appear for them. It is begun to choose childhood as the separate phase. Children are perceived as A«little creaturesA» , understanding that they are defenceless, that they yet live in the universe which has the particular care. These all alterations in kid ‘s life specify us in following times on that a kid is easy dissociated from the universe of grownups, but it besides one time more emphatic that sometimes kids can be more grownup than grown up individual.

Harmonizing to Havens “ this verse form epitomizes the romanticism attitude of the late eighteenth century. It was written after he had encountered a immature miss on his travels. The storyteller is shown to hold a rational point of view as clip and clip once more he attempts to do her realize that her siblings are dead. However he is met with defeat as the small miss openly rejects reason and believes in immortality. ” ( Havens, 1941 ) In recognition of these words we have a piece of verse form that reflects all emotions in a bright manner:

“ But they are dead ; those two are dead!

Their liquors are in Eden! ”

‘T was throwing words off ; for still

The small Maid would hold her will,

And said, “ Nay, we are seven! ”

Child ‘s image in literature changed from period to period and as you see romantic period has its ain specific features. As we already talked in the old paragraph, the survey of kid ‘s image is non limited to the Scopess of some one subject, it goes through an original fibril through many scientific disciplines and revealed in an art, faith and other domains of public consciousness. We should believe about literature for the better apprehension of this inquiry, because literature is a separate sort of art which has specific characteristics.

We will endeavour, analysing literature, to impact a few periods of different literature periods development. It is possible to see in literature of classicalism, that childhood is perceived, as divergence from a norm of “ non- adulthood ” . At this clip representatives of such attack to literature interested in model in the behavior of people. For enlighteners involvement is set to childhood, together with it period has instead educate character. Literature is published for kids, where the serious and scientific thoughts of the universe of grownups try to explicate to the kids. Books are built in an accessible didactic, illustrated signifier. It was published something about 2400 such books in England between 1750 and 1814. Child ‘s and youth old ages are occupied by an all more topographic point in clarifying autobiographies and A«novels of educationA» , represented as a going period, forming of personality of hero. And merely in the era of romanticism childhood is examined as the A«precious universe is in itselfA» .

For romanticisms a relation is inverted. Romanticism was set by the cult of kid and cult of childhood. Eighteen century understood a kid, as an grownup adult male in small format. With romanticisms kid ‘s kids are begun, they are valued in itself, but non as campaigners in future grownups. We see in kids life ‘s etymology and first word visual aspect. Harmonizing to Wordsworth ‘s verse form “ We are seven ” in kids there is a upper limit of possibilities which disperse and lost subsequently. Attention of romanticisms is directed to that in kids and in kid ‘s consciousness, that will be lost by the grown up individual. A«Child ‘s childrenA» of romanticisms really are rather non kids, and the same conditional characters of the certain ideal universe, as A«happy savagesA» of Eighteen century. Child ‘s artlessness and spontaneousness is matched against the A«pervertedA» and cold universe of the rational grownup individual. The self value of childhood in every manner is underlined. On Wordsworth finding, a A«child is a male parent of manA» , he emphasizes that a kid can in a great trade learn the grown up adult male. As we see from different plants of literature and Wordsworth ‘s verse forms are non exception, in romantic plant appears, non existent, populating kid, but abstract character of artlessness that is near to the to nature and full of life sensitivity. Such feelings were the portion of grownup life, but many people forget about them and experience their deficiency in many life state of affairss.

Therefore, taking into history all above mentioned it is possible to reason that the verse form “ We are seven ” reflects the Wordsworth ‘s attitude to the kids and he shows us non merely ain attitude to kids, but like representative of the romantic period, he shows besides attitude to kids of the whole era and its chief bright personalities. I want to advert that image of childhood is provided with deep meaningfulness at Wordsworth verse forms. He offers an thought that childhood appears an unsteady blossoming island in the center of the abandoned sea of life. In my sentiment he besides in the same waiting line behaves to childhood, likewise every bit good as to old age, as merely to the minute in the rotary motion of times. The subject of childhood entered in our literature as mark of intensive consciousness of personality and all society on the whole.

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