Reflective Paper On A Film Goal The Dream Begins English Literature Essay

The film, ‘Goal! The Dream Begins ‘ is a fictional narrative of a Mexican-American, Santiago Munez, populating in Los Angeles. The secret plan revolves around the life of Santiago, from a football player to a professional association football participant. As an underprivileged Mexican-American immigrant turning up in the hapless sector of Los Angeles, Santiago seemed destined to follow his male parent ‘s footfalls, tuging at humble occupations to gain merely plenty money to back up his household. His male parent wanted him to fall in the household concern and helped their household financially. Though Santiago was improbably talented in association football, his male parent discouraged him from playing association football, believing that it was merely a worthless phantasy. He was disbelieving and disapproved his dream. He refused to accept his kid ‘s possible. However, Santiago ‘s grandma ( Colon ) could see the possible that lied within her grandson and supported him in making his aspiration.

In the film, one twenty-four hours, a former British professional, Glen Foy, spotted Santiago playing in a pickup game, and promised him a attempt out for Newcastle United. When Santiago was given the opportunity of a life clip, he had to do a determination whether he should go forth his household and his life in Los Angeles and traveled to England to carry through his dream. Santiago ‘s greatest obstruction was he had no money to purchase an air ticket to England. His male parent has taken his nest eggs to purchase a truck for the household concern. He was frustrated and he thought there was the terminal of his dream. But his grandma sold her jewellery and he left without his male parent ‘s cognition to England to accomplish his dream.

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In life, parents tend to be over realistic and worry about the future chances of their kids. They have many times accidentally dimmed their kids ‘s dreams. Dreams are fantastic and indispensable as they give us hope and do us travel on in life. Harmonizing to Gallozi ( 2010 ) , a dream is “ one ‘s vision, aspiration or ardent hope for the hereafter ” . Ozzie Smith, a celebrated baseball participant in America one time said “ all great journeys start with a dream ” . Of class, we should woolgather the right dreams and follow our dreams until we make them come true. This secret plan of the film reminds me of two occasions in my life. Firstly, after signifier five, like many pupils, I wanted to foster my survey overseas. However, due to fiscal job, I have to analyze locally. My male parent whose income was hardly adequate to run into the household disbursals had to give much to patronize my survey in University of Malaya. It was my male parent ‘s support that I could derive a varsity instruction. Second juncture was when I was looking for a occupation. My passion was to learn. My male parent did non halt me from following that though he wanted me to be an accountant. And because of his blessing, I was able to come in into the instruction profession and this passion still lives on after 26 old ages.

This secret plan besides challenged me as a parent. It is of import for parents back up our kids in carry throughing their dreams. We are to assist to foster their dreams. We can supply a contributing environment at place for them to turn into their full potency. When my boy was 11 old ages, I have discovered his endowment in music. As a parent, I have tried to back up him promoting him to prosecute his dream in playing membranophone, guitar and piano.

Santiago went through tests and trials to gain his rightful topographic point in the squad. He shortly realised that going professional association football participant is non every bit easy as it looks and that his male parent may hold been right. As things began to acquire tougher, Santiago realised that he must foremost believe in himself before anyone else will. His difficult work paid away as he finally was noticed by the manager and made to the modesty squad. Like Santiago, he did non give up although he got screwed several times. However, merely believing we can make something does non intend at that place will non be any jobs. We need to look for solutions to our jobs. Santiago tried to accommodate to the bare-knuckle of the English game such as he had ne’er played in rain or clay before and he besides tried to avoid the immoral life styles of his teammates.

The twelvemonth 2005 was a tough twelvemonth for me as I was in the thick of my PhD survey. I could personally associate this secret plan of the film when I was watching it. As my survey was based on a split programme, I had to return to Malaysia for a twelvemonth. In 2005, I have returned from England to roll up informations for my PhD. I had to “ believe in myself ” and moved on when I faced troubles in acquiring responses from questionnaire study. Interviews with the fiscal analysts were besides a challenge to me.

The film has prepared me mentally for 2006, the twelvemonth which I had to travel to England entirely to go on with my PhD. Populating entirely in England was truly a challenge. It took me a piece to set to my life style at that place. My chief focal point in that twelvemonth was to analyze the informations collected and complete my thesis. The PhD journey was non easy. There was this though of discontinuing but finding and believing in myself had kept me traveling and finishing my PhD and went for my oral within three and a half old ages.

In add-on, this film besides has inspired to go on larning my piano which I had stopped prosecuting my PhD. I am still taking piano lessons today to better my accomplishments. The belief in myself has helped me to make this today.

Despite of holding asthma, Santiago ne’er loses his clasp of going a professional association football drama. At first, he was in denial of his instance. He even lied during his physical scrutiny. Yet, when his conference director, Mr. Dornhelm, learned about his status, he instantly advised him to see a doctor for a thorough cheque up. As a consequence of this brave disclosure, Santiago ‘s morale lifted up. Denial is a negative package of life. It is a common mechanism we adopt to get by with our troubles. Harmonizing to Jacobson ( 2010 ) , denial makes us experience safer and secure but it does non alter the truth. We love to deny things until we get to gain there is no genuineness inside me. The truth is confronting our failings might be a liability but it is non an obstruction.

We besides see that when Santiago ‘s male parent died of bosom onslaught while he was in England, he had to do the pick between prosecuting opportunism over responsibility to household that Santiago has to do. Finally, he has chosen to go on with the chase of his dream. In 2003, I had to do an of import determination in my life. It was a determination which affected besides my household and my mother-in-law. Bing the lone boy, my hubby is expected to look after his elderly female parent. The determination as to whether the whole household should travel to UK with me or otherwise was tough. Of class, personally I would wish to all to travel based on selfish ground. However, responsibility to household is another issue. Whatever the determination there are effects.

In this movie, there are two great Samaritans behind Santiago ‘s success. First is his grandma who gave Santiago the air ticket to his dream. Second is Mr. Glen Foy the retired professional football participant who discovered Santiago ‘s endowment. Despite of failures and defeats, he still helps Santiago in any agencies. In my life, there are besides two Samaritans who have helped me in accomplishing my ends in my life. They are my male parent and my PhD supervisor. My male parent motivated me in making my ends in life. He had non stopped me from analyzing even though the Chinese believe that adult females should non analyze so much. My supervisor ‘s dedication and committedness in his work has helped me much in finishing my PhD.


Even though this movie is a fiction it brings out assorted truths in life. As we relate good to narratives, ‘Goal! The Dream Begins ‘ is a capturing narrative which will appeal to all particularly for those who have left their innermost dreams behind. We need to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams. This film inspires us non to give up but nurture our dreams until they are fulfilled.

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