Reviewing The Character Claudius In Hamlet English Literature Essay

Claudius is the homicidal uncle to Prince Hamlet. Claudius ‘ duologue finally leads to his ruin. His duologue gives off many of his thoughts. It besides causes struggles between him and other characters. These thoughts and struggles come back to ache him by the terminal of the drama.

In the beginning of the drama it is seen that Claudius is the brother of the late King Hamlet. In Claudius ‘ first address, people believe that Claudius is a caring brother. In the first few lines Claudius negotiations about his heartache and sorrow for his dead brother. Then, Claudius negotiations about how happy he feels because he is traveling to get married his sister-in-law Gertrude. Claudius speaks about get marrieding Gertrude in forepart of Hamlet. This was a immense error because Hamlet is disgusted by the fact that his uncle is now married to his female parent. Another illustration of bad speech production determinations is when Claudius speaks to Hamlet for the first clip. Claudius seems concerned for Hamlet ‘s feeling of mourning for his male parent ‘s decease. However Claudius does state him that “ stubborn condolement is a class of impious obstinacy ” ( 1.2.95-96 ) . What Claudius was stating is that it is foolish for Hamlet to mourn his male parent for so long. This did non travel over good with Hamlet. After this statement Hamlet started to surmise disgusting drama by Claudius.

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Claudius brings in two of Hamlet ‘s old friends in order to seek to happen out what Hamlet is depressed about. Claudius shows involvement in Hamlet when he speaks with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Claudius asks if they were able to happen out Hamlet ‘s issues. They were unable to happen the ground but were instructed to ask for the male monarch and queen to a drama at Hamlet ‘s petition. The two agree to travel in order to delight Hamlet. As Hamlet enters the scene, Claudius and Polonius fell in order to hear Hamlet talk to Ophelia. At the drama The Mousetrap, Claudius is being lead into uncovering his slaying of King Hamlet. When the male monarch in the drama is murdered Claudius calls out for visible radiation and exits the room. When Claudius exits the room he says, “ Give me some light. Away ” ( 3.2.260 ) . At this minute, Hamlet realizes that Claudius killed his male parent. These few words ruin Claudius ‘ secret about killing King Hamlet.

After the drama Claudius retreats to another room. While in the room Claudius begins to show his guilt and sorrow for slaying his brother. However Claudius is unwilling to give up the spoils from his bad title. “ That can non be, since I am still possessed of those effects for which I did the murderaˆ¦.May one be pardoned and retain Thursday ‘ discourtesy ” ( 3.3.56-59 ) . He reveals that he in fact feels guilty, but he thinks that being the male monarch and being married to Gertrude are good adequate grounds to experience this guilt, “ Yet what can it when one can non atone ” ( 3.3.69 ) . Claudius feels that if he is non forgiven he will be filled with guilt until he dies. This monologue shows the beginning of Claudius ‘ his ruin. This address shows how the King is seeking to protect himself. At this point in the drama Claudius is overwhelmed by guilt because he has killed his darling brother Hamlet. He wants forgiveness but he knows he will non have it and this is doing him to mentally interrupt down. He knows he has revealed that he killed King Hamlet to Prince Hamlet and can non acquire over the fact that he is likely traveling to acquire killed. He holding an emotional dislocation and is get downing to detest life. He prays to god and wants forgiveness so much. As he cries out, “ Help, angels! do check ” ( 3.3.73 ) , he is stating that he will ne’er be forgiven and is inquiring God for forgiveness. At this point, he thinks the lone manner he will be saved is by a miracle.

After go toing The Mousetrap, Claudius is cognizant that Hamlet knows of his programs to direct Laertes to kill Hamlet. Alternatively of leting Laertes to kill Hamlet one of two ways he devises three ways to kill Hamlet. The 3rd manner is a poisoned goblet. It is this overpowering desire to protect himself that finally leads to the decease of Gertrude

when she drinks from the poisoned goblet. This astuteness besides forces Hamlet to hurl his poisoned blade into Claudius and do him imbibe the same poisoned drink that Gertrude had died from.

In decision the duologue of Claudius shows him to be a selfish male monarch. Claudius ‘ duologue finally leads to his ruin in Shakespeare ‘s Hamlet.

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