Robert Lee Frost Was An American Poet English Literature Essay

Robert Lee Frost, named after his male parents idol Robert E. Lee, was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. He was born to William Prescott Frost Junior and Isabelle Moodie Frost. William and Isabelle had met while working as instructors to a little school in Lewiston, Pennsylvania. The two were married March 18, 1875 and settled in San Francisco, California. William was a journalist, unsuccessful politician, and teacher while Isabelle was besides teacher. Isabelle was an immigrant of Scots line of descent while William was descended from New England lineage. William ‘s male parent, Robert Lee Frost ‘s gramps, was Nicholas Frost who had come to New Hampshire on board the Wolfana from Tiverton, Devon, England in 1634. William was the eldest of the twosome who gave birth to his younger sister, Jeanie, two old ages subsequently.

Although satisfied with their little household, multiple complications, both physical and emotional began to strive Isabelle and William ‘s matrimony. William was an bizarre alky with really eccentric inclinations and curious penchants. He was a loud, authoritarian journalist who ever carried a rifle ; it was noted that he besides kept an obscene jar of pickled bull testiss in apparent position on his work desk. Frost ‘s female parent was the polar antonym of her hubby but non in a positive facet. Isabelle was an improbably soft spoken adult female who was invariably combating her overpowering depression. The twosome ‘s different personalities caused much nervous tenseness and strife during their old ages of matrimony. These contentions in their matrimony caused an addition in William ‘s already inordinate intoxicants intake which led to his unfortunate decease in 1885 from TB when Robert was twelve. William had stated, prior to his ill-timed decease that he wished to be buried in his place of birth of Massachusetts. Wishing to carry through his concluding petitions, Isabelle moved with Robert and Jeanie across the provinces and settled in her late hubby ‘s hometown of Lawrence, Massachusetts with his parents.

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After paying off her late hubby ‘s debts and traveling in with his parents, Isabelle began learning in-between school in Salem, New Hampshire. Robert and Jeanie were pupils at the in-between school where their female parent educated. The household adjusted appropriately to their different life. Isabelle and Robert even became a member of the Swedenborgian church although the latter left as an grownup. It was around this clip that Robert discovered his abilities as a author. While go toing Lawrence High School, Robert promoted his first two efforts at literature in the school newssheet. Although non widely reviewed, his two verse forms provided a foundation to his hereafter in literature. In 1892, Robert graduated from Lawrence High School as co-valedictorian to his schoolmate Elinor White.

Robert registered for Dartmouth College after graduating from Lawrence High School. Robert ‘s college experience was stopped suddenly after less than a semester when he un-enrolled to happen work elsewhere. Queerly, he was enrolled long plenty to be accepted into Theta Delta Chi fraternity. After his un-enrollment, he found income in making many little occupations. He began working as a newspaper bringing male child, a light bulb fibril modifier, a labour mill worker, and as a instructor at the school where his female parent taught. Although these occupations brought in a little beginning of income, they left him experiencing unrealized. Robert knew that his true passion was in his poesy.

Robert was non merely unsuccessful in his poetic ends, but he was non making really good romantically either. Ever since their graduation in 1892, Robert had been seeking to capture fellow co-valedictorian Elinor White. Although Robert was really sincere in his love he was still rejected by Elinor. On one case he had tried to win her over by offering her a book of his poesy. She was evidently non really impressed because she turned him down one time once more.

Feeling burdened by his occupation loss, college ejection, and romantic failures Robert was surrounded by wretchedness. He had been unsuccessful at printing any nice poesy. Besides he was still unable to obtain the love of Elinor White. Recognizing at that place was non much for him in his current state of affairs he strove to do a alteration. He packed a few minor necessities and took a trip down south to Dismal Swamp located around the North Carolina-Virginia country. Dismal Swamp, despite its rugged home ground and unwelcoming name, was a often visited by a assortment of people. Many poets would see this topographic point for thoughts in order to do poetry bosom interruption and love strivings. Robert went at that place in the hopes of holding a similar experience. Originally Robert had the hopes of perpetrating self-destruction as a dramatic terminal to his life, but he was stopped by a opportunity brush. He came upon a group of duck huntsmans and exhausted clip with their group. The clip he spent with them gave him a new mentality on life. After disbursement clip with the duck huntsmans he blessed with a train ticket by his female parent and returned place. He did non enter what really happened in the swamp, but most of the events were noted in his verse form “ Kitty hawk ” .

This trip to the Dismal Swamp seemed to hold had some consequence. After his return from Dismal Swamp, Robert had his first verse form published. The Independent, a New York newspaper, was the 1 who published his first piece, “ My Butterfly ” . Not merely was his professional life get downing but he was holding a better romantic life every bit good. He proposed matrimony to Elinor one time once more and this clip she accepted but she wished to acquire her grade from St. Lawrence University before matrimony. He had begun to go to Harvard University and while there he and Elinor were married December 19, 1895. For the following two old ages, he studied broad humanistic disciplines but after experiencing restless he dropped out and sought to happen a better life for him and Elinor.

Prior to his decease, Robert ‘s gramps had left an old farm for Robert in his will. The farm was located in Derry, New Hampshire and it was here where Robert and Elinor started their household.

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