Short Story True Love Never English Literature Essay

There was a clip when I could state I love you so freely, but that was so and this is now. You see I was n’t ever this manner ; I used to really bask partaking in love. My name is Valerie Brown. I was n’t your norm 17 twelvemonth old miss, my parents are rich and we live in a sign of the zodiac on the nice side of town. Back at my school, I used to be what you might name popular. Everyone knew me, all the male childs wanted me, I was the dance squad, and I had the cutest athlete at school as my fellow. What more could a miss privation? I had it wholly, but everything changed that fatal twenty-four hours.

“ You better be stating the truth, ” I said. “ And this better non be anything stupid like the elephantine stuffed bear you got me last Valentine ‘s Day. ” He chuckled and promised it would n’t be a repetition of last twelvemonth. After interchanging a few words he wrapped his arm around my waist and brought me to his auto. We drove for what seemed to be an hr until we eventually gotto this old Motel. Something told me that there was a job that something was non right about this state of affairs that I needed to go forth instantly. But we were in the center of nowhere even if I wanted to go forth I had nowhere to travel. Derek looked at me,

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“ I love you Valerie, ” he said. “ Do you love me? ” I was confused, where precisely was he traveling with this?

“ Derek you ‘re frightening me, ” I said.

“ Answer me Valerie, ” he said. “ Do you love me? Come on Valerie I need an reply. ” it was n’t the inquiry that was scaring, it was the manner he said it something was off about it about as if he wanted something from me.

“ Derek I do love you but… ”

“ Then that ‘s all I need to cognize, ” he interrupted. He unbuckled his place belt and leaned over to my ear. “ Please Valerie, allow me love you. ”

“ No, I screamed. “ This is insane, Derek we ‘re non ready. Ca n’t we merely wait until we ‘re grownups to make this? ” He stared at me for what seemed to be an infinity ; he expected me to merely state yes. We sat there until I eventually told him to take me place since we were n’t acquiring anyplace. Derek merely laughed and turned the auto off.

“ You see Valerie, ” he began. “ I came out here to acquire something and I ‘m go forthing until I get it understand? So whenever you ‘re ready merely state me. ” There was an awkward silence until I rapidly unbuckled my place belt and ran out of the auto. Derek nevertheless caught up to me and dragged me back to the Motel. I kicked and screamed but no 1 was at that place to hear my calls. We eventually reached the room and Derek opened the door and threw me on the bed. I try to travel for the door but he anticipated that and locked it. I was trapped. He began to walk toward me easy sort of like a king of beasts watching its quarry preparing to travel in for the concluding putting to death. I began to endorse away imploring him non to make this.

“ Do n’t worry love, ” he said. “ I promise I wo n’t damage you. It ‘ll merely be you and me. And so I promise you can travel place. Just trust me. ” Tears began to stream down my face as the realisation of what he was approximately to make settled in.

“ Please do n’t make this, ” I cried.

“ Shh its O.K. I promise, ” he said as he took his fingers and wiped off some of my cryings. I tried to contend him off but he was excessively strong. He threw me back onto the bed and he started to discase me.

“ Please halt! I do n’t desire to make this, ” I screamed. I kicked and screamed naming for aid but he was excessively strong. He covered my oral cavity, had his manner with me, and every bit speedy as he started he stopped.

“ Wow that was merriment, he said. “ Let ‘s make it once more sometime kay. ” I stared at him in disgust I could n’t believe he merely said that. A few proceedingss ago this adult male had been the love of my life and now he was nil to me. “ Well I guess I should take you home huh? Put your apparels back on so we can travel. ” The thrust place was a long and soundless one non a word was said between either one of us. As we arrived at my house he leaned over and tried to snog me. I stopped him with my manus.

“ Let me explicate something to you Derek William, I yelled. “ You and I are over. I do n’t desire to hear from you, I do n’t desire to look at you, you got that? From this point on you are dead to me and you better bask the remainder of your clip free because the first opportunity I get I ‘m traveling to throw you in Jail got that? ” He laughed and all of a sudden his smiling face hardened.

“ Let me explicate something to you Valerie Brown, ” he said. “ If you tell anyone about this I swear I ‘ll make it once more and following clip I wo n’t travel easy on you understood? Have a nice dark Valerie. ” And with that he kissed me on the cheek. I instantly left his auto and entered my house. My parents asked me where I had been. I told them that I was at a friend ‘s house perusal, they bought it. I told them I was tired even though it was merely seven 30s and I went to my room. I cried for the remainder of the dark harder than I of all time cried before.

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