Society Is Too Complex English Literature Essay

Worlds are societal animals who communicate with one another, organizing an intricate society ; but this manner of life appear to be excessively complex and misanthropic for some, like Holden Caulfield, doing them to insulate and estrange themselves from the remainder of the universe. Holden is a immature teenage male child who is go forthing his childhood behind, transitioning to maturity and he is fighting to accept this alteration. Holden is non excessively fond of turning up. He feels that the grownup universe is “ bogus ” , along with everyone in it, and everything which is associated with it. Though Holden ne’er really states that he is afraid of or hates the thought of turning up, but he expresses his conflict against going an grownup by showing the grownup universe as a topographic point full of “ hypocrite ” , dishonest, and selfish people, in penchant to the honest, inexperienced person, and merriment universe a kid lives in. . Holden is driven towards isolation and disaffection because of his deficiency of communicating which is made clear through the usage of the scenes, motives and the manner Holden is portrayed. “ hullo, kayse Ho? Mai sabbir bol raha hoo ”

1st paragraph, Settings:

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From the beginning of the novel, all through to the terminal, irrespective of being surrounded by people, Holden does non demo much involvement of pass oning with anyone. The fresh starts off with Holden reciting the events that occurred during his last Christmas holiday. In the beginning of the novel when he is watching the football game at the private school which he went to, Pencey Prep, from above the hill by himself instead than being down at that place with everyone else. He talks about all the aces being down at that place and how he feels he does non suit with everyone else. He does non speak to many of the pupils in Pencey Prep either and has a batch of negative things to state about rather a batch of them. When go forthing the school after acquiring expelled, instead than waiting till the forenoon to state adieu to everyone before go forthing, he leaves in the center of the dark without stating anyone. On his manner out of the residence hall, he calls everyone a “ Moron ” . Despite being in New York, surrounded by people everyplace in the metropolis that ne’er sleeps, he feels as if no 1 is at that place for him.

2nd paragraph, Word picture:

The manner a individual sees ad connects to the society and the people within in has a major effect on their personality, features and mentality on society. At first, Holden sounds like a typical, ill-conceived adolescent, rebellious towards his parents, angry with his instructors, and failing out of school. However, as his narrative progresses, it becomes clear that Holden is non the typical 16 twelvemonth old male child. He shows a great deficiency of emotional strength and immatureness and is fighting with going an grownup. Holden is a really misanthropic character ; he seems to happen the negative side of about everything. In the novel, Phoebe and Allie are the lone people that Holden speaks extremely of. He besides thinks really negatively towards himself and his life excessively. Holden feels that he is a failure and that his ain parents are ashamed of him. On his manner to New York, he meets Mrs. Murrow, the female parent of Ernest Morrow, a pupil that attends Pencey Prep. He does non desire Mrs. Murrow to experience ashamed of her ain boy and so he lies to her when she asks Holden about her boy. But in his head, he considered Ernest “ the biggest asshole that of all time went to Pencey, in the whole crumby history of the school ” ( Page 54 ) . Holden is unable to pass on and tie in with many people, doing him experience lonely and down. He ne’er finds any topographic point where he feels comfy. He feels that he does non suit into this society where many people live by false values and take advantage of others. This is shown through Holden ‘s actions every bit good as by the things he says. During his stay at the hotel in New York, he tells the lift male child to direct a cocotte to his room. When she got at that place, Holden says that he does non desire to hold sex but insist they have a conversation alternatively because his last few yearss have been really unsmooth for him. When Luce gets up to go forth him at the saloon, he gives one last call “ Please I ‘m only as snake pit ” . It ‘s the deficiency of love that Holden has that makes him so rejected from society. He feels isolated and alienated because he does non hold anyone to speak to ; and by non pass oning with others, he is forcing himself farther towards isolation

3rd paragraph, Motifs:

Holden ‘s inability to pass on with others is wall expressed through many of the motive found in the novel. He wants to name and speak to rather of batch of people. But he about ever does non stop up naming them and comes up with nonsensical alibis for why he does non name them. He wants to name them, but he is diffident of what he wants to state, he is diffident whether they will pick up the phone or person else will whom he does non desire to speak to. Many times in the novel, Holden negotiations about his ruddy hunting hat. Although, Holden and his chapeau are out of topographic point in New York, he loves this chapeau because it demonstrates his difference, uniqueness and independency from other childs his age. He uses his isolation as cogent evidence that he is better than everyone else around him and hence excessively good interacting with them. During his clip by himself, Holden imagines going a deaf-and-dumb and running off. He wants to be deaf-and-dumb so that he “ would n’t hold to hold any blasted stupid useless conversations with anybody ” ( Page 198 )

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