Status Of Criminal Pakistani Women English Language Essay

Present survey purposes at analysing position of adult females in Pakistani society as represented by the local newspapers in offense studies. It is designed to research the function of print media in doing up the heads of the multitudes and effects of any issue represented in print media on the heads of the readers. My research inquiries trade with the lingual characteristics used to stand for adult females in print media and effects of this stereotyped representation.

1.1 Crime

Human being is of course fretful and while life in a society, s/ he has to acquire in touch with other existences. Everyone has his/ her ain sentiment and peculiar manner. There can be many struggles among people and if they will non seek to cut down them, there can be several clangs that can ensue in a desire to make problems for others. Obviously human existences are selfish and they do non waver to harm others. So in every society some regulations are made to protect the rights of the people and any one violating these Torahs is punished by the governments harmonizing to the nature of his/ her noncompliance and this misdemeanor of regulations is called offense. Legal definition of offense is: “An international misdemeanor of the condemnable jurisprudence or penal codification committed without defence or alibi and penalized by the state.” ( Bohm & A ; Haley, 2002, P.29 )

1.2 Gender and Crime

Gender differences in perpetrating any offense are really of import. Gender and offense can non be separated as most of the offenses committed are usually against opposite sex e.g. colza, force, married woman whipping, sexual maltreatment, erotica etc. Heidensohn ( 1989, P. 99 ) discussed gender and offense under three headers:

I. Important parts to the descriptive anthropology of female criminalism
II. Gender and condemnable justness
III. Gender-based offenses

1.3 Importance of Media

Media works as the mirror of any society, and, moreover, it has a power to build the heads of the multitudes so significance of any docket represented in media can non be denied. Altschull ( 1984, P.187 & A ; 194 ) believes in the power of imperativeness and calls them “the most powerful work forces in the history of the world.” He uses the simile of German shepherd for the imperativeness who keeps an oculus over everything and in his words: “The imperativeness is clearly cast in the function of an independent histrion as research worker, battler and planner” .

1.4 Media and Gender Specific Description

Modern society claims to supply equality to work forces and adult females in every field of life but differences are at that place and adult females are still treated partly and it is apparent even from linguistic communication used for them. Harmonizing to Sapir ( 1921 ) linguistic communication is a agency to show our thoughts and ideas. So it is better to judge the attitude of the people towards any issue by concentrating the linguistic communication used by them. Significance of the linguistic communication used by media is incontestable and definitely media has the power to build stereotypes. Womans are sort hearted by nature so there is a great unsimilarity between the offenses committed by both work forces and adult females. It is a fact that per centum of female felons is much lower than males but another acrimonious fact can non be denied is to foreground the mistakes of adult females to greater extent.

1.5 Patriarchy is the Main Reason

Differences in representation of adult females are possibly the consequence of male dominated society. Most of the newsmans in print media are male and it is possibly a clear cut ground of these differences. Observations of Spender in her article edited by Roberts in 1981 clearly indicate her attack towards publication of stuff against adult females. She says that women’s rightists and others protest against the information published but really small attending is given to the procedure of publication and it is impossible or at least really hard to happen “hard data” every bit good as “soft data” on the topic. She discusses the procedure of publication under four headers:

I. Significance of publication
II. Determining the subject
III. The standards
IV. Male gate keepers

She says that we should concentrate our involvement towards gate maintaining and ‘male control ‘ and should hold proper attending towards the issue unless adult females are represented on equal footing.

1.6 Analyzing Crime Reporting

The chief focal point of my undertaking was on analysing offense coverage. Padhy 2006 discusses offenses in day-to-day lives and form of offenses against adult females and says that a challenge in analysing informations on offense in general and on offense against adult females in peculiar is the trouble of mensurating the degree and grade of offense. He emphasizes that offenses against adult females should be given peculiar attending as adult females are at hazard even in their places and concludes as the acknowledgment of condemnable nature of offenses against adult females is non sufficient but these should be prevented and certain stairss should be taken by governments for the intent.

1.7 Pakistan, Women and Media

Pakistan is an Muslim state and Islam protects the rights of adult females and gives great regard to adult females but in Sub-continent Muslims and Hindus have lived together for centuries. So we have adopted so many things from their civilization and now even after 60 three old ages of independency, we are unable to acquire rid of these imposts and traditions. Humiliating attitude towards adult females is one of those imposts. In offense coverage adult females do non accomplish protected position. Though Pakistani media is altering its negative attack towards adult females yet visibleness of adult females in offense coverage is non increased.

1.8 Research Methods

The newspapers for the undertaking were selected from 1st May 2009 to 30th of May 2009. I used two methods of analyses to make the research quantitatively and qualitatively as these both were necessary to unearth the whole state of affairs. I used ‘Discourse Analysis ‘ to demo the linguistic communication used by print media. Lexis and grammar used for adult females were examined in this analysis and on the other manus, ‘Content Analysis ‘ to see the frequence, location and infinite given to the intelligence about adult females. Furthermore, I have made usage of questionnaires to research sentiment of readers about this representation.

1.9 Research Format

Second chapter trades with the old researches done in the field. First, there is general treatment about position of adult females as highlighted by Western and Pakistani media. Second, adult females ‘s representation in offense studies in print media is discussed. Third chapter trades with the methods of research. Fourth chapter includes findings and treatments of the analyses and after findings and treatment, there is a brief decision.

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