Struggles Of Home Ownership And Self Acceptance English Literature Essay

From the novel, Kathy finds out how tenuous is the dream of place ownership. Through no mistake of her ain, she is evicted from her lawfully owned place by a bureaucratic clerical error the revenue enhancement office was seeking payment for the house on Biscove Street, non Bisgrove Street.Although Kathy can non afford a attorney, she is assisted by a Legal Aid attorney, paid for by the province. Although Kathy ‘s attorney has filed suit against the county whose revenue enhancement office made the mistake, Kathy has nowhere to travel after she is evicted and, were it non for Lester ‘s aid, would go homeless.This thesis discusses the battle towards seeking to attaing a place and the different side of the immigrant experience in the battles of holding a place for the household.

The novel kicks off with Massoud Behrani who is a once a colonel who has been exiled from Iran following the Persian Revolution and now works as a rubbish aggregator and a shop clerk. Kathy Nicolo on the other manus is a former drug nut and is still retrieving from traumar of her hubby go forthing her.She has been unjustly been evicted from her ain place due to some unpaid revenue enhancements which the county claimed she owes them. Afterwards we learn that, the punishment was a bureaucratic mistake.Her house is placed for auction and Behrani who is from Iran seizes the chance and purchases it. He chooses to perpetrate his boy ‘s full college fund, in position back in his head that, he would be able to restitute the has and hopefully sell it at a higher monetary value than he bought.He decides to switch his household from the formely really broad flat into the new unwelcoming place. As a consequence Kathy Hs to travel out and thats when she meets her saviour the deputy. Kathy is forced to populate in her auto and rented motel suites but she cutely befriends one of the Sheriffs wko had come to evict her. They go through the protocols and ends up engaging a attorney to assist them persue the instance, but their programs dso n’t give a thing.From how the jurisprudence is interpreted, the house lawfully now belongs to Behranis. Following her despair, Kathy goes to her place and darings to perpetrate suicide twice without success.At foremost she trys to hit herself and secondly attempts to o.d. herself with pills.

Some would hold the events that unfold horrifyingly in Part II of the book te some Lind of bad luck. Behrani opted to purchase the house because it was up for auction and non because he had purposed to ache Kathy. He had the hard currency and knew it was a good trade. Kathy decides to over-dosed by utilizing kiping pills, because they were available in the medical specialty cabinet. The officers hiting Esmail did non cognize the gun he was keeping was non loaded. Some would impute the deficiency of justness to bureaucratic awkwardness: Behrani would hold ne’er purchased the house if San Mateo County had non mistakenly auctioned it off for back?taxes, and Kathy would non hold been evicted from what was rightly.An emotionally broken adult female, Kathy, all of a sudden finds herself homeless after her house is wrongly repossessed and auctioned. Seeking reprieve from his matrimony, Lester, a lubricious but sympathetic sheriff ‘s deputy comes to the assistance of Kathy and becomes closely involved in her state of affairs. Soon, Behrani, a proud emigre Persian and his household move into the house merely to happen their new lives burdened by torment from Lester and Kathy as they attempt to repossess her former place. The one time comfortable colonel denies Kathy ‘s supplications for he knows his recent purchase promises a profitable return and a better hereafter for his adolescent boy and excessive married woman. But latent effects lie beneath Behrani ‘s well intentioned program as Kathy ‘s emotions spiral out of control and her actions spark a tragic concatenation of events that will go forth no occupant unscathed in the House of Sand and Fog.

Though the novel starts with Behrani populating a two sided life where he leaves place every bit good appareled adult male but ulterior alterations apparels and gets to his occupation where he moves about picking up rubbish from the main road section during the twenty-four hours and moving as a shop clerk by night.he once more alterations back and returns place well and decently dressed. The married woman Nadi thinks that if they maintained their camouflage of populating a affluent life, it would assist their girl win a affluent hubby where so the matrimony type they looked frontward to happen as the novel comes to an terminal. Kathy excessively falls a victim of populating a life of camouflage by non stating her female parent that, she had been left by the hubby. So Behrani ‘s love for his ain household seems to be workss of selfish inhuman treatment to Kathy and Lester. When Kathy ‘s attorney comes and blames Behrani for seeking to acquire a good trade from the purchse of the house, he defends himself by claiming that things were non as they appeared..Here is where the fog motive factors. Fog is delusory, diverts perceptual experience and contaminations definition.It has been displayed that even really good people with sort Black Marias can be destroyed and be humiliated as felons.

The novel which present an intolerable suspense where there are three delicate yet determined cats who become involved in a ferociously relentlesly. Colonel Behrani was one time a affluent adult male in when he lived in Iran, but now a becomes a fighting hopeless immigrant and is willing bet everything he perchance has to all she has left, and who refuses to allow her hard-won stableness slip off from her. Sheriff Lester Burdon, is a married adult male who starts falling in love with Kathyand in the concluding terminal becomes highly obsessed with assisting the hapless lady battle for her justness. With no legal resort and no place, Kathy falls into an immature relationship with the helpful bull. He uses Kathy for energy to assist him eventually escape a matrimony that has started acquiring unemotional for him.He gets obsessed with Kathy ‘s predicament, and goes to any extent to coerce Behrani into selling the house back to the county at the original monetary value, and this manner Katy could repossess it.

The subjects of a place and the approvals that comes with it finds themselves conciding in this eventful novel. Due to her disregard of the house which her male parent hour angle laboured so much to procure eventually gets her to being evicted and therefore lossing its ownership. Lester has decided to take his married woman and kids for granted and selfishly wantonnesss them to be with Kathy who now becomes a beginning of another large tragedy.On the other side Behrani ‘s diligently fixs and improves the house status and has purposedto bettering his household position. Appreciation for God ‘s approval is besides another repeating point. Behrani goes in front and explains to Esmail that Ameericans do n’t merit what they have. He atests that Americans can hold the really eyes of a little one but in the existent sense be looking frontward on how they can work out devastation on the 1 they behold with the lead oning eyes.. ( III )

As the narrative comes to shut, the subject that has become apparent is the battle of place ownership and the effects that are followed by some errors committed.There the two characters who are in fright with life with some truths and so tthey reside to populate a lie.Soon than subsequently they find themselves being faced by the frights they had so much determined to get away. Behrani ‘s had purposed Ts make some good net income from the trade but unluckily ennds up being forced to resell the has back to Kathy at the same monetary value he had bought it despite the redevelopments made.The Persian immigrant Behrani, was urgently inclined to prosecuting his American dream of geting the societal position, earn himself some self-respect and to the really end happen a beginning of support for his household every bit good as have them own a place. On the other terminal Kathy Nicolo has decided to go forth her really ain household but eventually finds herself lssing control of her life. All her obfuscation could hold been avoided haad she decided to open the mail she had been sent from the county offices.. She entreaties to be really sympathetic as the book opens in the first scenes, but excessively bad for her incorrect picks which lands her in some unforgetiful calamity. There is besides Lester, the representation of the bad bull who is non merely extramarital but besides hungry for power. When he He decides to go forth her married woman and child to be with Kathy and this can be termed as a happenstance of calamities.Both of them are co-dependents, they cleaving to each other and consequently brings the universe down with them.Due to the job of working out the issue of Kathys ‘ house, calamity comes strike harding one after the other. Each of the characters is in demand of the house for personal and diverse grounds and in the concluding terminal ends up go againsting the moral cloth in their endavour to hold it.

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