Study on death of a salesman

In Act 2 scene 7 of the drama Death of a Salesman, the audience is given insight into Happy ‘s character and the subject Truth, Deception and lies is portrayed. The scene begins with Happy discoursing with the server, Stanley, when he states that adult females will shortly get down come ining the eating house. A beautiful adult female shortly enters and Stanley is marvelled at Happy ‘s ability to feel a adult female ‘s presence. Happy coquettes with this immature adult female seeking to happen out if she is a cocotte when he states “ you do n’t go on to sell, make you? ” Her reply being no, she so informs him that her name is Miss Forsythe and that she is in fact a screen miss as he queried. His brother Biff so joins him. Happy, like his male parent is populating in denial as he is convinced that he is the helper when he truly is the helper of an helper. He excessively loves the idea of experiencing like an complete success and lies to Miss Forsythe that he is a bubbly salesman and that Biff is a professional football participant from the West Coast. At this point the subject of misrepresentation and lies is highlighted. Happy lies to the adult female so that he can experience like he measures up to her because of hearing her occupation and besides to affect and entice her into entertaining him and his brother for the eventide. Happy informs Biff that she is “ on call ” and persuades this immature adult female to call off her twenty-four hours ‘s events and ask for a friend to fall in him and his brother.

Biff is disquieted that he had been waiting at Oliver ‘s office for six ( 6 ) hours to recognize that he is n’t remembered. It is at this point in the drama that Biff learns that he is non a salesman but in fact a transportation clerk. Biff had been fed with the prevarications of his father- Willy, his brother being an confederate, that he was a salesman alternatively of leting him to accept who he is and perchance force himself further in life to carry through more if he so desired. To vent his defeat through populating a prevarication to himself and non being remembered by Oliver, Biff steals Oliver ‘s pen from his office. The subject is highlighted one time more when Biff seeks advice from Happy about what to state Willy about his meeting with Oliver. Happy gave the advice that he should lie to Willy and state him that Oliver is believing over his proposition “ … say Oliver is believing it over. And he thinks it over for a twosome of hebdomads, and bit by bit it fades off and cipher ‘s the worse ” He states that Willy will shortly bury about the meeting after a few months and until he forgets Biff should go on to lie.

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Another subject that may be explored in this scene is that of guilt. Biff is guilty that he has stolen the pen from Oliver ‘s office, “ I did a awful thing today Hap- I stole his pen ” . This could tag the possibility of hope for Biff because he is able to gain the wrongs that he has done and he makes the attempt to vent about it unlike his male parent who bottles up his experiencing about things that he has done alternatively of speaking to person which subsequently leads to his decease. This scenario is besides symbolic of Willy ‘s bad rearing accomplishments as he justified Biffs ‘ stealing antecedently in the drama and now Biff uses it as a mean of let go ofing his defeat.





In Act two, scenes Eight Willy meets his boies in a eating house. Biff is really eager to see Willy as he has something of import to state to him. Likewise, Willy is eager to hear what Biff has to state to him, but little does he cognize that what he expects Biff to state is non precisely what he ( Willy ) will hear.

Act two scene eight is important because it is in this scene that Biff is honest about his life. He realizes that it is clip to ‘hold on to the facts ‘ . There is no sense in feigning or concealing the truth. Willy, on the other manus, refuses to confront the truth as he continues to oppose Biff when Biff tells him he is non a Salesman for Oliver ; he is really a transportation clerk.

In add-on, in this scene Biff urgently wants Willy to cognize of his ‘mishap ‘ as it relates to Oliver ‘s office and the pen. However, Willy does non give him the chance to make so ; alternatively he invariably interrupts Biff every clip he tries to talk. It is about as if Willy senses that what Biff is seeking to state is unfavorable and as a consequence he prevents Biff from stating anything, he does this by disrupting him, replacing what Biff wants to state with what he wants to hear. For case, Biff says “ good, it was sort of__ ” . Before Biff gets to complete what he is stating Willy interrupts, “ I wonder if he ‘d retrieve you. ” Another illustration is when Biff starts, “ Wellaˆ¦he came in, see, and____ ” , and Willy interrupts Biff by stating, “ what ‘d he state? Betcha he threw his weaponries around you. ” Willy truly wants to hear that Oliver and Biff had a really good conversation.

Happy besides aids in disrupting Biff, nevertheless, he does non state every bit much as Willy.


Appearance and world

Punch wants to be honest about his life and he wants Willy to be honest about it every bit good. He does non desire to populate a prevarication. He says to Willy “ allow ‘s keep on the facts tonight, Pop. We ‘re non traveling to acquire anyplace bullin ‘ around. I was a transportation clerk. ” Punch wants Willy to see this truth and accept this truth every bit good.

Willy is besides true in this scene as he was able to state his male childs that he was fired from his occupation.

Love and household relationship

The subject love and household relationship is apparent in this scene. Willy and his boies are able to sit inside the eating house and have a treatment. They were being slightly honest with each other.

Guilt and Tension

Biff feels really guilty about ‘stealing ‘ the pen and he tries urgently to state Willy how it happened. However, he does non acquire the opportunity to make so because he is invariably interrupted by Willy who wants Biff to state precisely what he ( Willy ) wants to hear. There is besides tenseness in this scene as Biff wants to be honest, but he is non given the opportunity to make so and for this ground he seems really angry, annoyed and defeated and he asks inquiries, such as “ Why do n’t you allow me complete? ” and “ aˆ¦will you allow me complete? ” . He besides shuts at Willy near to the terminal of the scene. He says, “ Jesus, pa! ” which symbolizes is defeat.


Willy refuses to be true about Biff ‘s life ; nevertheless Biff is honorable with himself. Willy opposes sentiment of himself ; he continues to state Biff is a salesman for Oliver. This is dry because Willy was able to acknowledge something true about his life, that he was fired from his occupation, yet he will non let Biff to be true to himself about his life.

It is besides dry that Willy tells Happy non to disrupt when Happy cuts into the conversation and says, “ He told him of my Florida thought, ” because he ( Willy ) invariably interrupts Biff when Biff tries to talk. This besides important because it is as if Happy does non truly hold a say.


Symbolism is apparent where Willy says the “ The forests are firing ” . This is symbolic of the fact that his clip is running out. His life is deteriorating. So many unfavorable things are go oning.

Biff ‘s words, “ Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s clasp to the facts ” is besides symbolic. It symbolizes Biff ‘s realisation and honestness to himself about his life.


The scene is a continuance from scene 7 and8 in Frank ‘s Cook store. However it begins with Willy come ining one of his reveries in his house with immature Bernard madly come ining to inform Mrs. Loman of Biffs ‘ failure in mathematics and that he has left for Boston to seek his male parent ‘s aid. In the present state of affairs we see Biff seeking to do every effort to inform his pa about his meeting with measure Oliver candidly but Willy makes no effort to listen. With all that is acquiring Willy stressed we see him one time once more barricading out Biff by come ining a semi-day dream. Disoriented he shouts at Biff stressing that he is non to be blamed for Biffs ‘ failure in math. Frightened or confused as to why his male parent would be transporting things from the yesteryear he ignores this and continues speaking about his meeting. Miss Forsythe and Letta returns and Biff along with Happy engage in deep conversations with the where we see Biff on occasion adverting his male parent out of concern. Biff becomes overwhelmed and emotional about the state of affairs and runs out of the eating house. The scene ends with happy forcing Miss Forsythe and Letta through the door trailing punch and Willy in the public toilet mumbling to himself.


Despite the prevarications shared between Willy and his boies, it is apparent that Biff is frustrated and wants to alter by being true. While Biff efforts to make this we see in several cases where Willy tries to barricade out all Biff has to state by come ining his reveries. Entering his revery at this phase in clip high spots his inability to get by with world or to accept that all he has are dreams. Willy seems disoriented in the first parts of the drama and behaves out of the ordinary:

‘No, No! You had to fail math! … Mathematics! Mathematics! Mathematics! …

If you had n’t flunk math you ‘d be set by now! … Do n’t

incrimination everything on me, I did n’t fail math you did!

What write? ”

In add-on to Willy ‘s inability to get by with world or the truth, him saying to pummel that he should non fault him for everything high spots or shows that he feels responsible for Biff ‘s failure but wants to do it clear that he is non.

Biff becomes flustered in his efforts to relay the truth to willy and based on willy ‘s behaviour is forced to lie about his interview and it is here we see willy deriving some involvement in what Biff has to state.

Willy- “ No, noaˆ¦ ”

Biff- ( urgently standing over Willy ) Pop, listen! Listen to me!

I ‘m stating you something good. Oliver talked to his spouse

about the Florida thought. You listening? He- he talked to his spouse

and he came to meaˆ¦I ‘m traveling to be alright, you hear? Dad, listen to

me, he said it was merely a inquiry of the sum! ”

Here we besides see Biff imploring for his male parent to listen in order to acquire him to quiet down. He does this to the point that he seems despairing, he wants to make his male parent and connect with him. At this phase punch is reassuring Willy through prevarications.

The undermentioned subjects are highlighted in this scene ; Truth, Deception and Lies, Love and Family relationship and male/female relationships.

The subject truth, Deception and Lies is conveyed through the characters of Biff, Willy and Happy. Biff attempts whole heartedly to relay honest information about his meeting with Oliver to Willy,

“ Now, expression, I ‘m gon na state you what happened, and you ‘re traveling

To listen to meaˆ¦ I waited six hoursaˆ¦ I kept directing in my name but

he would n’t see me. So eventually heaˆ¦ ”

Even though he makes an effort to state his male parent the truth it was all in vain and he is subsequently forced to lie. Even happy has to make the same. As highlighted above. When Willy responds positively to the prevarications this high spots that he is a prevaricator and believes prevarications and in kernel his full life Is a prevarication that is the foundation on which it is based. In Biff ‘s lies we see that he truly does non desire to make it and later we see him being true but in a sarcastic manner, when Letta says she has jury meeting ;

Letta- “ I got Tas acquire up early tomorrow. I got jury responsibility. I ‘m so aroused!

Were you fellows of all time on a jury? ”

Biff- “ No, but I been in forepart of them! aˆ¦ . ”

We see Happy lying to the adult females after Biff runs out after been overwhelmed by his male parent ‘s behaviour. He does this because he feels embarrassed by Willy:

Happy- “ No, that ‘s non my male parent. He ‘s merely a cat. Come on,

We ‘ll catch Biff, and, honey, we ‘re traveling to paint this town! ”

A male / female relationship is highlighted in Biff, Happy, Miss Forsythe and Letta ‘s brief relationship. Their relationship can be described as a ‘one dark base ‘ relationship. It is based on sexual attractive force and satisfaction therefore it has no significance or is non serious. Through the relationship harlotry is highlighted. The adult females are high category cocottes who work with a peculiar patronage list, ‘rich work forces ‘ . It is obvious that Happy is all about sexual satisfaction and based on what he says makes it even more obvious.

Happy- “ Well, misss, what ‘s the programme? We ‘re blowing clip.

Come on, Biff gather unit of ammunition. Where would you wish to travel? ”

It is obvious that sex revolves around their universe particularly Happy. And it is obvious that they inherited this strong sex thrust from their male parent ‘s cistrons separate and apart from it being in their nature. As Willy and the adult female in the hotel room in Boston relationship was characterizes based on sexual attractive force and satisfaction.

Finally, the subject love and household relationships. It is in this scene that we realize that despite Biff bitterness towards Willy, he profoundly and truly attentions about his public assistance. And it is apparent that he still wants his male parent to experience proud of him:

Willy- “ No, you ‘re no good. You ‘re no good for anything. ”

Biff- “ I am, pa, I ‘ll happen something else, you understand? Now,

do n’t you worry about anything. ( He holds up Willy ‘s face ) Talk to me dad. ”

In this case and a old one the manner in which Biff speaks to his male parent is in a composure and caring tone like a male parent speaking to his kid reassuring him. We notice here that the functions have changed. He will travel the excess stat mi to support his male parent no affair what and this is apparent from his response to Miss Forsythe ‘s line:

Miss Forsythe- ” Oh, he is n’t truly your male parent! ”

Biff- ( at left turning to her resentfully ) “ Miss Forsythe, you ‘ve merely seen a prince

walk by. A all right troubled Prince. A buddy, you understand. A good comrade

ever for his male child. ”

Biff- “ Why do n’t you make something for him? ”

Happy- “ Me! ”

Biff- ” Do n’t you give a darn for him, Hap? ”

Happy- ” What are we speaking about, am the one who- ”

Biff- ” I sense it, you do n’t give a good God darn about him.

( He takes out the rolled- up hosiery from his pocket and puts it on the tabular array

In forepart of Happy ) . Look what I found in the basement, for Christ interest. How can you

Bear to allow it travel on? ”

Happy- “ Me? Who goes off? Who runs off and- ”

Biff- “ yeah, but, he does n’t intend anything to you. You could assist him. I ca n’t.

Do n’t you understand what am speaking about? He ‘s traveling to kill himself,

do n’t you cognize that? ”

Happy- “ Do n’t I know it! Maine! ”

From this duologue the critic analyses that Happy is non excessively concerned about Willy ‘s public assistance as he denies about everything or holding cognition of Willy ‘s state of affairs. He seems to fault it all on Biff because he is Willy ‘s favourite. Some green-eyed monster comes out here. He does non desire to take duty in any manner for Willy ‘s behaviour. This high spots that he I s merely like Willy unwilling to confront the truth or take duty for anything as Willy did before sing Biffs failure in math.


Sarcasm is one nonliteral linguistic communication used in the scene and is seen in punch ‘s response to Letta ‘s inquiry:

Letta- “ I got Tas acquire up early tomorrow. I got jury responsibility. I ‘m so aroused!

Were you fellows of all time on a jury? ”

Biff- “ No, but I been in forepart of them! aˆ¦ . ”

The hosiery is symbolic of Willy ‘s effort to kill himself and high spots that Biff was the lone one ready to assist his male parent. Willy ‘s upset has become unsafe.

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