Studying The Author Of The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

Fitzgerald creates stalking images of those who work hard all their lives to accomplish their ends. The two outstanding characters in this class are George Wilson and Jay Gatsby who have toiled in their ain ways to gain their ‘American Dream’.A Both are motivated by their thrust to populate and proper. In the Freudian visible radiation, they are driven by ‘sex ‘ and non so much ‘aggression ‘ . Both are besides guided by a strong Superego or ‘faith in something ‘ . Wilson lives his life in court to God, he works difficult and low. It seems like he is the lone character that has any respect for God in his country at that period of clip, he sees the Doctor T.J. Eckleberg hoarding above his house as a mark of God, who looks after the society ( Fitzgerald, 152 ) whereas no 1 else feels the same manner. For Wilson, he values household and honestness, for him, his married woman, Myrtle, his lone household member, means the whole universe to him. In the beginning of the book when he was merely introduced, he truly showed regard to his married woman by listening to his married woman and wholly swearing Myrtle ( Fitzgerald, 28 ) . Like WIlson, Gatsby besides seems to populate his life go arounding around the adult female he loves, Daisy.A For case, Gatsby bought his house because of Daisy ( Fitzgerald, 76 ) . He aspired to go affluent because of Daisy, in order to fit her magnificence and win her love in return. And he even died for Daisy in the acrimonious terminal. Both Wilson and Gatsby seem to populate their lives for their other halves.A Having assessed their values in life, we can so understand their similar psychological sciences.

George and Gatsby were both born without wealth or position. This common factor shaped their personalities the manner they became non-self centered since they were used to functioning others and non being in the limelight. For George, he even got married in a borrowed suit ( Fitzgerald, 37 ) . However, holding been poorA but this really shaped him into a individual with a stronger Superego and a of course worsening Id. Wilson tried really difficult to populate his life morally and rightesously and even depict himself asA ‘one of these swearing chaps and does n’t believe any injury to cipher ” ( Fitzgerald, 151 ) . He ever aimed to assist others and be a lovingness, good citizen. He has such an acute sense of righteousness, such a steadfast belief, that when his values are threatened he would take aggressive action to ‘right the incorrect ‘ . This piece of his character exemplifies his Ego at work. For case, he kills Gatsby as implementing opinion on him and so kills himself since his Super Ego wo n’t allow him populate this improper title. Like Wilson, Gatsby ‘s SuperEgo supersedes his Id due to his lower position background. Gatsby was born into a hapless household, a farm household, without any position ( Fitzgerald, 94 ) . As a consequence, he is used to laboring for his piece of the pie and non taking that whole pie for granted. Gatsby, like Wilson, besides has the demand to ‘right the incorrect ‘ to forbear from taking advantage of others as he had likely been taken advantage of before.A When Nick fulfills his petition to convey Daisy over for tea, Gatsby tries to refund the favor by abundantly ask foring Nick to the Coney island ( Fitzgerald, 79 ) .A In add-on, Gatsby respects all his familiarities no affair their position by taking their sentiments into history when he is prosecuting his dream. He shows his love for person by esteeming them. He treats adult females like a true gentleman for illustration when he defended Daisy at the hotel Grand Plaza ( Fitzgerald, 125 ) . This societal group does n’t let themselves to be ‘devil ‘s advocators ‘ . They are chiefly driven by their passion to delight others which makes them to be more lovable, yet on the downside, more vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

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A In contrast, people who were born into wealth no uncertainty act, think otherwise, characters such as: Tom, Daisy and Jordan. In their eyes, they merely value what ‘s good for them and what ‘s convenient for them. And normally something unethical and shallow. For illustration, Daisy thinks “ the best thing a miss can be in this universe is a beautiful small sap ” ( Fitzgerald, 22 ) this shows how shallow her values are and besides how her ‘perfect ‘ small universe shaped her ideas. Because of turning up affluent and holding her bosom ‘s desire ever readily near at manus, her Id grows of all time more pronounced.A She cares about herself more than anything else. Daisy does n’t truly love Gatsby, or else she would non hold married Tom, the “ more practical cat ” when she had promised to wait for Gatsby to return from the war ( Fitzgerald, 144 ) . Daisy could non even care less for her ain girl ; she even said it herself, she merely wanted to show-off her girl, that ‘s all ( Fitzgerald, 112 ) . Yet a normal female parent ‘s love is normally unconditioned and infinite. Of the same strain is Tom, who besides harbours a perilously strong Id because of his affluent background and upbringing.A For case, he, holding a strong, vernal build and in fact, being the strongest adult male out of all the characters, did non travel to contend for his state and countrymen. He did non experience that same sense of responsibility as did Nick and Gatsby of a lower societal group. Tom was excessively busy acquiring married and concentrating on his ain life to care about anything else ( Fitzgerald, 21 ) . Another thing, Tom took everything for granted, even the ‘love of his live ‘ , Daisy. He was non even there when Daisy gave birth to his duaghter ( Fitzgerald, 22 ) . Similar plenty, Jordan behaves irresponsibly and recklessly. She is a bad driver but she thinks it is all right every bit long as she does n’t run into another bad driver like herself ( Fitzgerald, 59 ) . This merely shows how Jordan expects society to set to her outlooks alternatively of her ‘blending in ‘ with the remainder of society. Since all three of this societal group have a strong propensity towards their Id, they of course lack a house Ego to assist them consider and equilibrate their Id and Super Egos and therefore, are forced to use immature tactics of Ego defense mechanism mechanisms: supplanting and suppression. For case, Tom and Daisy are described as “ careless people who smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness ” . Suppression is apparent in their motions from topographic point to topographic point, par illustration, Tom and Daisy flying from Chicago to bury approximately and non hold to confront the dirt Tom has caused ( Fitzgerald, 125 ) . Finally, they besides had to fly East Egg after they messed up yet once more ( Fitzgerald, 156 ) . In general, this societal group cares about nil else but themselves and expects others to accommodate to them alternatively of the other manner around. They took everything for granted, they are used to and believe it ‘s merely natural to hold everything the manner they desired. Because of this, from clip to clip they would sleep together up and would cover with it merely by avoiding taking the duty for their errors. They of course assume that they have the wealth and power to make so.

A Because of the different psychological sciences of the two societal groups, we understand why they do non and can non populate “ merrily of all time after ” .A This of course plays out in the secret plan, how the different societal groups clang and as a effect, the ‘innocent ‘ difficult working people pays the monetary value for it while the wealthier, irresponsible people moves on with their lives unshattered. Ironically plenty, the first group people who associated with the 2nd group all end up died in the terminal. The affluent people seem to close off their Super Egos about wholly so it is hard for the lower categories to fit or even to understand their ways.A The wealthy can step on the lower groups merely to experience good about themselves without experiencing much compunction, if any.A To qualify, Tom merely used Myrtle to experience better about himself, to experience more vernal and to corroborate his belief that he is still capturing, that he still has “ got the game on ” . Likewise, Daisy used Gatsby ‘s love wholly over once more, to experience the entire love affair they one had, to experience wanted since she lacked desire from her existent hubby, Tom. After the auto accident, Daisy, alternatively of lodging by Gatsby like we expect a normal lover would, she instantly leaves with Tom so as to salvage her ain skin.A

In today ‘s society, clang of societal groups are still obvious. In most instances, people with higher position and power normally becomes corrupted and takes advantage of the lower position groups. Just like how Fitzgerald presented the societal clang in The Great Gatsby, it ‘s still true that the different psychological sciences built-in to each person group prevents true and durable, solid relationships. He intentionally endorsed this struggle to uncover to mankind the abrasiveness of humanity. From the each societal group ‘s contrasting stoping, Fitzgerald shows that sometimes one has to follow one ‘s Id in order to last in the barbarous society. This prods the readers to believe about what our society has become and if we can, at all, better ourselves to do society better.


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