Studying The History Of The Vampire English Literature Essay

First away, as a disclaimer, I would wish to state that I can non corroborate nor deny the being of lamias, or that all of my information is accurate. When covering with non-human entities, you will hear both facets of the statement changing from individual to individual, I can merely compose about my ain theories from the digests of information that I have received on the subject over the old ages. Please maintain an unfastened head and retrieve to utilize your imaginativeness when seeking to convey these words.

To get down: the lamia is a animal that most of us in the twenty-first century have heard of from one point to another. Whether it is through folklore to books, from music to telecasting. Even personal experience. What most people do non cognize is where world begins, and fiction terminals. The modern twenty-four hours lamia is seen as a romantic, beautiful entity ( largely thanks to Dracula and Lestat ) that is improbably powerful and fantastical. This is at least the most popular thought in America. However, if you ask person in Greece for illustration, a lamia could be a serpent like being that feeds on kids at dark. So I ask you to set your ain thoughts of lamias aside, and allow us dig into the history of the “ immortal ” animal, the lamia.

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Now, you may be inquiring where does the thought of lamias come from. Well, the thought is that all around the Earth in the BCE times, drawings, narratives, and myths about lamias popped up in different countries. The word “ lamia ” has a batch of different beginnings, most associating to the English word immorality or enchantress. Since the narratives come from all parts of the universe, the theories on what they are, can make, or are created vary. In Greece, one of my favourite types of lamia the Strigoi, is an immortal category and can merely be produced by non being wed before decease. Besides, another narrative that is travelled down from coevals to coevals across the universe is how to kill a lamia. This will be discussed subsequently.

To get down understanding lamias, you must do a really clear differentiation between the different types. To make so, I made a [ messy ] small chart to do the differentiations that can be found here: hypertext transfer protocol: //

So, allow ‘s get down off with the smaller bracket. The stellar lamias. Dream lamias are the first type, and they are existences that jump from the dream of one homo to another to roll up energy, run a sludge, or “ hangout ” the individual. This could be the reply from naming a lamia, but sometimes they show for no evident ground other than you have mass sums of energy to save.

The 2nd type is phantom. Phantom coquettes are easiest compared to shades. Then goes through the categorization of sexual and asexual. One of the most common types of sexual stellar lamias is the Night Hag. She is seen to be a dreadfully ugly adult female that comes to work forces while they are kiping, seduces them, and collects their seeds to bring forth kids. There are histories of these liquors holding organic structures, but most of the clip they fall under the phantom class. Second is asexual stellar lamias, which are still like shades, but merely necessitate energy but are non contained by dreams. A popular manner for asexual apparitions to pass on with the life is through mirrors.

The following bracket is physical lamias, which are lamias with [ possibly one time populating ] organic structures. First we will discourse the life lamias. These are lamias that are take a breathing, [ perchance ] walking and speaking people that continue with every twenty-four hours life. The first sort of life lamia is Sanguarian. Sanguarian lamias are going rather popular today, and more people are “ rousing ” to go this. The ground may be that more people are going aware of it, or that it is merely the right clip of the century to make so.

So, in a nutshell, Sanguarian lamias are populating lamias that act like inanimate lamias. They suffer from any combination of the undermentioned symptoms: bloodlust, allergic reaction to the Sun, ruddy eyes or changeless bloodshot eyes, lightened tegument, allergic reaction to silver, insomnia, paranoia, heightened senses [ particularly smell and gustatory sensation ] , and heightened emotions. Most Sang ‘s map usually throughout life with safeguards, and holding known many, they can take reasonably normal lives. The biggest issue they face is the bloodlust, and seeking to happen willing and capable givers. For more information on Sanguarians, travel here: hypertext transfer protocol: //

A particular note to do about Sanguarians is that legit Sang ‘s may non endure from Renfield ‘s Syndrome. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // % 27s_syndrome ) This is known as Clinical Vampirism. Though some Sang ‘s do acquire diagnosed with this due to the physical demand to hold blood, it is non at that place in all instances.

Traveling on from Sangurarian ‘s we meet the Incubi and Succubi. I had a difficult clip puting this one, since sexual lamias can be found in apparition ( sexual – Incubi/Succubi ) , nonliving, and life. Though, I do believe most instances can be found in the life class. To unclutter up the nomenclature, Incubi are male sexual lamias and Succubi are female. How they are sexual is that sexual lamias entirely feed on the energy/prana that arises from familiarity. The kids of sexual lamias are said to be really powerful, and will turn up to go enchantresss, devils, or fuel-air explosive.

The last categorization of life lamias are Psychic coquettes. This leads to the knowing and the unwilled. To explicate, Psychic vampires drain the energy [ or prana/mana ] from people, animate beings, workss, and even electronics around them. Not all Psychic lamias are cognizant of what they are, therefore taking to the unwilled. But the 1s that do, the knowing, are capable of a batch of harm depending on their tempers. What and how they are experiencing has a batch to make with it. It sort of plants like empathy, but backwards. You can run out person and project your emotions onto them. Besides, Psychic lamias are really capable of run outing people dry to the point that they get ill. Finding givers for energy is a batch easier for Psychic coquettes than Sanguarians, since you can non contract any diseases this manner. Plus it ‘s merely a batch cleaner.

Now that I have wrapped up life and stellar lamias, the last bracket is nonliving. Nonliving lamias may or may non retain a psyche, and they may or may non hold been created as a lamia or subsequently turned into one. I break nonliving down into these two classs, Classical ( intending Immortal ) and Corpse-like because depending on where you are hearing the narratives from will depend on how they act. A cardinal thing to retrieve with Corpse-like lamias is that their organic structures may devolve holding risen clearly as a cadaver, therefore destructing them while the devolution continues.

Corpse-like lamias come from the old European and African positions of them. The people rise from their Gravess as disintegrating organic structures. They are bloated from the gases, and the blood in their organic structures has turned their tegument red. They smell dreadfully, and the more active they are the faster the devolution. And non merely is their weaponries and legs in problem, but the more their encephalon decays the more angered they become.

Continuing to Classical/Immortal lamias, I could non in all good witting list out all the possibilities for this one. There are as earlier described immortal lamias that: were one time living, were created immortal, have a psyche, had a psyche, ne’er had a psyche, are human based, are animal based, are considered divinities, etc. As you can see, the possibilities are eternal. I am traveling to discourse four different types: everlastingly soulless, animal based, works based, and one time human.

My favourite soulless lamia is the Celtic Snow Queen. She is the keeper of winter, and lives in a castle made of ice. How she survives is she finds a adult male that is lost in the snow or is going through it, and she disguises herself as their ideal dream miss and seduces them. She so takes them back to her palace, and one time they completely fall in love with her, she eats their psyche. She craves the one thing she can ne’er and has ne’er had. If the adult male is in love with another, she turns into a adult female even more beautiful and will steal him off. The lone ways to interrupt the expletive of the Snow Queen is for the adult male to fall in love with another adult female, be saved by another adult female, or to transport St. John ‘s Wort.

The following is a animal based lamia. The narrative is about a Grecian adult female who had fallen in love and had multiple kids with the God Zeus. Hera, being really covetous, had found out about Zeus ‘s unfaithfulness with this adult female so she cursed the hapless miss. Here slaughtered her kids in forepart of her, and turned her into a atrocious serpent animal that could ne’er kip nor shut her eyes, so she can ne’er bury watching her kids dice. She is called the Lamia, which comes from the Greek word “ pharynx. ” What she is is the upper organic structure of a adult female with the lower organic structure of a serpent. She can mask her tail as legs to entice in males. After she was turned, she hid from Zeus so he could non look upon her in disgust. She found consolation in violent death and imbibing the blood of worlds, particularly blue kids, covetous married womans, proud female parents, and rip offing work forces. The Lamia is sometimes known to be sort to kids, for she is unable to reproduce and hanker for her ain, but she is besides known for traveling into tantrums of fury and slaughtering said kids. Grecian female parents tell their kids to be quiet at dark or the Lamia will steal them off.

My 3rd type of animal is works based lamias. I find this improbably dismaying but screaming at the same clip. These are vampiric Cucurbita pepos and Citrullus vulgariss. It is said that if you grow squash and melons on Gravess or unhallowed land, on the rise of the full Moon they will go “ alive ” and hunger for human blood. However, since they do non hold oral cavities they can non feed on a regular basis. Theories say they feed through their vines or roots. They roll around the field shouting in dull voices, and about daylight they are back to normal ol ‘ fruits and vegetables.

The last type of classical/immortal lamia is the 1s that were one time human, but have been turned into lamia. I am non certain if these still look human, since I have ne’er seen a image of one that was positively claimed to be so. I have a theory on how they progress, but unfortunately, it is merely a theory and I can non state it is accurate. The theory states that there are three degrees of homo to vampiredom. This is done by a preexistent classical lamia turning a human by interchanging blood. The first is freshly created, the merely awakened. These are lamias that are larning how to feed, how to move, and how to get by with the universe around them. They really much trust on a shaper. Once they get to a certain point in their unlife, they reach the 2nd phase, or the “ Half-Eyed. ” They are enjoying in themselves, larning more about the universe. This can be the last phase, depending on the type of individual the lamia is. This is besides where they can travel brainsick. It is called Half-Eyed because they are considered “ Those with eyes half unfastened, ” picturing their ignorance. The last phase is Star-Seeker, which are those who achieve and enlightenment such as the Buddhist monastics.

Traveling through the many types of lamias, you may detect on chief subject: they all require some signifier of energy from person or something that is populating. Whether because they have a big storage, they need it to last, they crave it, or they do non hold any. Vampires are characterized as being reliant on worlds, so they must coexist. If you have lamias but no worlds, lamias would necessarily dwindle off and dice.

My concluding exert on this is how to destruct lamias. There are those that consider themselves “ vampire huntsmans, ” and being one that follows that for information, I can candidly state that the bulk of those that claim candidly believe they have killed lamias. Whether or non it was a error and they killed a human I am non cognizant of. Usually you do n’t acquire bad intelligence on a pro web site. But I digress. There have been many ways propositioned over the old ages on how to kill a lamia, but it truly depends on what type of lamia it is. If it is stellar, you can non so much as kill them as you can bind/banish them from you. To sound oh-so-stereotypical, the easiest manner to make this is garlic. Garlic is an herb considered rather utile in ostracizing all evil liquors, which is why it has become so popular in consuming lamias.

For a life lamia, that my friend would be considered slaying in most civilizations. So I ‘m non traveling to discourse that one. And for nonliving civilizations, the easiest most understood manner to destruct a lamia is to fire it, or to cut off the caput and bosom, burn them individually, and so fire the organic structure. It is decidedly symbolic of the Trial by Fire.

Wraping up, I hope this was an enlightening essay. I personally believe lamias exist, which is why I study them, for who am I to state they do non? But, even if you do non believe, it is still an interesting spot of info. There are many, many things out at that place in this universe and who are we to state centuries of information have been misguided?

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