Studying The Life Of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar English Literature Essay

In fact, he is a blast that cleans all cobwebs of tentativeness. A certain blast of cheer that tells us what we are genuinely capable of. It comes as a daze to us when person amongst us ( or some sector in our economic system ) does truly good, and radiances as an illustration of certain mastermind. The I.T. companies attracted everyone ‘s esteem for their undeniable effort of turning out extremely billable man-hours from fresh-off-the-campus technology work force that was natural, to state the least. Bollywood came of age and taught us lessons in excellence against all hardships. But to be certain, no 1 and nil draws our esteem as the mastermind that is Sachin Tendulkar.

I have ever loved Sachin Tendulkar ‘s manner. Watching him from his crude calling, boulder clay today when he rewrote ODI & A ; test history, has been a enormous experience. From a budding enterpriser ‘s position, there are several of import lessons I can pull from this populating fable. Here they are!

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Lessons in Excellence from Sachin Tendulkar

“ Change is the lone invariable ”

This is what we learn from Sachin ‘s cricketing span. One has to invariably alter himself and tackle his accomplishments. Tendulkar has incorporated several modern and irregular shots into his repertory in recent times, including the paddle expanse, the scoop over short all right leg and the cut to 3rd adult male over the faux pass ‘ caputs, over the last seven or eight old ages. This has enabled him to stay hiting systematically in malice of the physical toll of hurts and a thin period in the mid-2000s. By his ain admittance, he does non bat every bit sharply as he did in the 90s and early 2000s, because his organic structure has undergone alterations and can non prolong aggressive shooting devising over a long period. He is frequently praised for his ability to accommodate to the demands of his organic structure and yet maintain hiting systematically.


A As we all know that Rome was non built in a twenty-four hours, it takes several old ages for excellence to develop. It ne’er happens as an accident, but is the consequence of a witting belief that one has to make it, for it to go on. And it really goes beyond that. Consistency – i.e. the spirit to travel on and on and on – is the cardinal footing for all advancement that world has made. If you do n’t hold consistence, your endowment can non show itself to the fullest extent. It was Sachin ‘s unblinking chase for excellence that made him sail through all the turbulency that he had to confront in his bearer. If you are a immature individual merely get downing off in your calling, do non acquire excessively aroused about being successful excessively early. Be patient! It takes clip. Use your sense of anxiousness to turn yourself into a dynamo of purposeful activity. All I.T. companies that are making so good have perfected their winning expression over several old ages, fastidiously. It did non go on overnight.

Discipline and Mind-control

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A Derived from the point above, a sense of subject and control over one ‘s head provides the basic templet for public presentation that is dateless and aeonian – both Sachin ‘s properties. Without subject, you tend to take autonomies that eat into your most cherished resource – the clip available per twenty-four hours. Discipline brings certainty into our lives. It brings predictability that helps us plan things decently. Though apparently it cripples our freedom ( and some would state individualism ) , it adds an component of firepower that ‘s undeniably the bedrock of success. Mind-control springs from this sense of subject. And gratuitous to state, the biggest influence anyone can hold on us is our parents. If one is blessed with parents who understand the importance of subject in early old ages of our life, one has it instead easy subsequently on. Habits made early on stay for a long clip. Chhatrapati Shivaji became what he was due to the permanent influence and instructions of his female parent, the iron-willed Jijabai.

Eternity of public presentation

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A Sachin ne’er bothers what the universe saysA about his public presentation, his tempers, his household life, his ups and downs, or his personal likes andA disfavors. He is one of the most quiet and reasonable sports-person around. His belief in the fact that “ work will talk louder than words ” has stood the trial of clip. And all of us have witnessed the thaumaturgy of these words! He merely performs. Anyone who wants his/her success to go on for a long clip must retrieve that while ups and downs are portion and package of any professional ‘s calling, they do non find who you are. Your mind determines that. I would rate the Belgian cartoonist George Remi ( Herge ) who created the legendary series called ‘Tin Sn ‘ at par with Sachin, as both are timeless. Steve Jobs, the foreman at Apple, is another illustration of a mastermind who adjusts to the demands of the age and produces miracle after miracle!

Bouncing back from hardship

A Even a soft mastermind like Sachin faced the wrath of media that seemed to steep all the good workss he had done. When he did non do good as the captain of the Indian squad, everyone was acrimonious about his public presentation. It was about as if his calling had ended ( and that was several old ages ago! ) . But true to his manner and name, Sachin proved everyone incorrect. This clearly indicates he has in ample step what a star performing artist demands in ample measure – bounce back utilizing self-belief. Critics will ever be – God made them to instil in us a sense of being grounded into world. But a true performing artist looks beyond and inquiries himself – am I seting in my 100 % ? If yes, he plods on, without fright.


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From an honest strong belief towards one ‘s ends is born a sense of self-belief. It was this that made Dhirubhai Ambani lock horns with the bing giants in Bombay, while he was merely an upstart. It was this that made Sunil Gavaskar proves his mastermind during his inaugural circuit to the fierce West Indies ( in 1970s ) . Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle are blessed with a pristine sense of self-belief as their sheer consistence andA riyaazA over decennaries has turned them into performing artists beyond all human comparing! If you feel defeated clip and once more, it does non intend you genuinely are defeated. All it means is that either the end you have chosen is incorrect, or the attempts you are seting in are misdirected or uncomplete.

Sense of belonging

A We all have seen some egomaniacs who were portion of the Indian cricket squad, and destroyed their ain callings, and many of the callings around them due to their foibles. Sachin has ever put India and India ‘s repute above everything else. You can see it in his eyes, and his full organic structure linguistic communication. Ask yourself – how many times did you experience Sachin was playing egotistically simply to hit tallies and add to his personal tally? It is a fact that true performing artists do non merely believe of themselves. They besides focus on what affairs to their state. And when you do that, everyone responds in a large manner!

Humility – thy name is Sachin! A

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It takes a true human being to non allow success hit his upper floor hard. What I mean is simple – the minute people become successful ( by any criterions – money, celebrity, position ) , they face the inevitable pick. Either allow success stay a byproduct and wages of solid work, to be relished in its repeat, or to allow success manifest itself in one ‘s changed attitude and behavior. Very few people remain unaffected ( at least externally ) when they achieve great success. Sachin is one of the finest illustrations of how guiltless and child-like one can take to be ( likely it ‘s natural! ) despite earth-shaking accomplishments. Indeed, the household values with which 1 is brought up in the early old ages does hold a deep and permanent impact. That ‘s why you are lucky if your parents have repeatedly told you “ to remain grounded, non to take flight at every sight. I have seen flooring illustrations of people, who on accomplishing comparatively modest degrees of success merely ca n’t manage it! They take flight! And acquire grounded really often, and at times, for good. Let Sachin ‘s illustration be the polishing beacon for one and all.

All these virtuousnesss mentioned above can be used across sectors, across professions, and across geographies.A For all practicians and pupils of direction – if you of all time needed a role-model to emulate, he is right at that place for you.A The legendary Sachin Tendulkar. Timeless, ageless.

Three mantras that defines sachin ‘s success


A Passion is the no 1 factor for his success. No uncertainty about it. If you want to go successful in life so you must hold the passion, the ardor to win.

Never give up attitude

A Giving up shortly is a coward ‘s nature. Sachin has a enormous ne’er give up attitude. This is a major factor which contributed to his success.

Never Give Up your Dream

Never via media on your dreams. If you are truly interested in something so travel for it. If Sachin had chosen to make technology 20 old ages back so you can conceive of where he would hold been today. So ever select the best that you can make.

Application of three mantras


A Passion means the firing desire to win. If you have a passion in something so no 1 can halt you from accomplishing it. Take for e.g. believe any of your yesteryear success which you achieved in your life. It may be anything like winning awards in athleticss, vocalizing, dancing or analyzing etc. Did you analyze why you succeeded in the above events? I will state you. The ground you won was because of your passion, doggedness and committedness. If you have it so success is yours. It ‘s a simple mantra.

Never Give UP Attitude

This is the celebrated quality of all the successful individual in the universe. It runs like a concatenation among all of them. In surveies excessively this attitude is a must. If you are non able to work out a job so it does n’t intend that you should shut your book and get down worrying about it. The manner to acquire over this is by seeking and seeking once more until you win. Try to work out the job for 15 proceedingss to half an hr. Even if you are non able to work out it so no job, at least you can better your constructs with this technique which is really of import and utile.

Never give Up your Dream

A Last but non the least ne’er give up of what you dream. If suppose a pupil ‘s wants to fall in humanistic disciplines and wants to go a journalist but due to the parental force per unit area he ‘s forced to fall in technology. But subsequently he ne’er succeeds in this field and fails merely because his aptitude and involvement prevarications in humanistic disciplines.

If you apply these three Torahs on yourself so I am certain that no 1 can halt you from wining in your life.


Tendulkar is considered as a demi God in India. But even he had to travel through ardent times. He was marred by some contentions. But what stood out was the manner he overcame these contentions and made a grade for himself. Tendulkar quoted “ My dreams began immature. But I ever planned on things one measure at a clip. I think, subsequently, that made all the difference, between merely conceive ofing and recognizing that that imaginativeness needed a focal point. “ A

This is a great lesson for any budding professional. Success is non merely about woolgathering and working in a contrary manner. But it is about planning, steering and put to deathing your schemes.

Sachin was quoted as stating:

“ In athletics, we have several ups and downs, but being a sportswoman of class, one does n’t wish to lose. In fact, I think the lone clip I have deliberately allowed myself to loosen up in competition is against my kids, because my married woman Tells me that you have to sometimes allow your childs win.

At the same clip, I still do n’t let them to win every clip. They have a long manner to travel and I think it ‘s of import to reenforce the message, every bit subtly as possible to childs that you have to gain your chevrons in life ; that, the universe might lie in front but you need to work towards suppressing that universe. ”

Therefore at the terminal I would wish to state that no affair the sum of adversity that we face, we should ne’er lose hope. Alternatively we should unrelentingly work hard to prosecute success. Success is a poisoning that drives us to work hard and accomplish more of its sort in future. This is a lesson that we learn from Sachin Tendulkar.

He is stating all of us – “ Do n’t give up so easy my beloved Indians.. Excellence is accomplishable ” .

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