Summary Of The Da Vinci Code English Literature Essay

To get down with, Da Vinci Code – is a fresh written by American writer and journalist Dan Brown and published in 2003 by printing house “ Random House ” .A It should be noted that Da Vinci Code was a continuance of another Dan Brown ‘s popular novel “ Angels and Demons ” ( 2000 ) . As a fact, the book has become an international best seller: it is translated into 44 linguistic communications and there are published a entire circulation of more than 81 million copies.A The Da Vinci Code has top place in the New York Times list of best-selling magazines. Many experts consider the novel as the best book of the decade.A Novel is written in the genre of rational detective thriller and has arisen widespread involvement to the fable of the Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene ‘s topographic point in the history of Christianity, as described in The Da Vinci Code – An Independent Book Review.

It can be said that on a secret plan of the book its chief character, Dr. Robert Langdon, a professor of spiritual symbology at Harvard University, should unknot the slaying of Jacques Sauniere, conservator of the Louvre.A As a fact, Sauniere ‘s organic structure was found inside the Louvre bare and placed in the same manner as in the celebrated drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s “ Vitruvian Man ” , with an encrypted lettering on his torso.A This lettering indicates that the key to the enigma of the slaying is hidden inside the celebrated plants of Leonardo Da Vinci.A As a consequence, analysis of such plants of Leonardo as “ Mona Lisa ” and “ The Last Supper ” greatly helps in work outing this puzzle.A In the interim, Robert meets the granddaughter of Jacques Sauniere – Sophie Neveu.A All her household ( female parent, male parent, brother, grandma ) had died in a auto accident.A Now, Sophie and Robert will unknot many secrets and mysteries.A However, Captain Fache is from constabulary, and believes that Langdon had killed Jacques Sauniere. It can be said that Robert and Sophie will hold to turn out his innocence.A The supporter of the novel will turn to two chief mystifiers: A what a enigma was defended by Sauniere and why he was killed? A Who killed Sauniere and who had planned this slaying? A

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Harmonizing to Book Review – The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown ( Author of The Da Vinci Code ) , it should be noted that unknoting the enigma requires the solution of a series of puzzles.A The secret of the Holy Grail location is known to a secret society, the alleged Priory of Sion and the Order of the Knights Templar.A The Catholic Church organisation Opus Dei besides plays an of import function in the secret plan. The novelA hasA severalA parallel plotA lines affecting the variousA characters.A At theA endA of the bookA allA the narrative linesA come togetherA andA are resolved inA the Rosslyn chapel.

It should be noted that the novel could be unnoticed by assorted Christian spiritual figures, if it had non had such success, and if on the first page of the book was non asserted the truth of the events that were described in the novel.A As a fact, the unfavorable judgments draw attending to the big figure of inaccuracies in the presentation of history, the reading of historical facts, and utilize all kinds of uncorroborated legends.A Consequently, Archbishop Angelo Amato, who is the 2nd adult male in the Vatican after the Pope called on all Catholics to boycott the movie “ Da Vinci Code ” . Archbishop Amato called Brown ‘s book: “ stridently anti-Christian, full of defamations, discourtesies and historical and theological mistakes sing Jesus, the Gospels and hostileA Church ” , and called its success by “ utmost cultural poorness of a big figure of Christian trusters ” . Amato urged Christians with great ardor “ to reject the prevarications and inexpensive slander ” .A He besides said that if “ such prevarications and slanders were directed at the Quran or the Holocaust, they justly would hold caused a universe rebellion ” , while the “ prevarications and slander against the Church and Christians, remain unpunished ” , as described in Book Review: Researching The Da Vinci Code: Investigating The Issues Raised by The Book and Move.

As a fact, Amato suggested that Catholics around the universe should get down organized protests against the book and the movie “ Da Vinci Code ” precisely the same as there were protests against Martin Scorsese “ The Last Temptation of Christ ” in 1988.A However, it can be said that opposing Da Vinci Code by representatives of Christian church non merely fuels the ballyhoo of the novel, and raises its evaluation, but it is consistent with the content of the novel, in which the Church seeks to conceal some sort of truth, which is presented in the novel, as stated in Book Review: Researching The Da Vinci Code: Investigating The Issues Raised by The Book and Move.

In my sentiment this is a great novel and I like it really much. To be more precise, the novel has dynamic secret plan, which is based on one of the most interesting historical enigma. It has graphic characters, a elaborate narration that to the full immerses the reader in the ambiance of the novel. As a fact, for the Dan Brown ‘s “ Da Vinci Code ” these footings were plenty to go one of the most celebrated best sellers in recent old ages.

Furthermore, in America, “ Da Vinci Code ” has literally revived the genre of historical investigator, giving it such popularity, that this genre works have non antecedently received.A It can be said that for high-performance gross revenues, and many praiseful reappraisals of concealing bad, there is a nice investigator, which in an accessible signifier tells the reader about some enigma hidden in the plants of Leonardo Da Vinci.A Uncovering the enigma, the supporter of the book with his caput is dipped into historical probe, the consequences and inside informations of which both look shocking and realistic.A

In my sentiment, this pragmatism, combined with the handiness of expounding and narrative item, is one of the chief virtuousnesss of the book.A Valiantly twirled secret plan complements the cocktail, reprobating the novel to succeed.A On the other manus, the novel has weak sides, among them is a reasonably weak syllable of the writer – many critics consider that the writer has a countrified manner of presentation.A On the other manus, the audience of the novel is so wide that a simple manner of presentation has non spoiled the fresh much- instead on the contrary ; thanks to this, “ Da Vinci Code ” is a book that is apprehensible and accessible to everybody without exception.A

To sum it up, “ Da Vinci Code ” by Dan Brown can be characterized as one of the most pressing “ must hold ” books of the recent decade.A And everybody should read this book non merely because it still remains one of the most stylish pieces – “ Da Vinci Code ” is a truly interesting, exciting and at the same clip sufficiently intelligent, uncovering the multiple plot lines prose.

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