The Anglo Saxon Poetry Of Beowulf English Literature Essay

On the footing of these standards, which shall be examined in the undermentioned paragraphs, Beowulf can safely be characterized into the heroic poem genre. The hero of Beowulf is “ a figure of heroic stature ” . Beowulf ‘s physical stature mirrors his qualities and when we foremost see Beowulf as he arrives from his fatherland Geatland at Scylding in the land of the Danes, attending is drawn to his stature by the Scylding guard who exclaims that he has ne’er seen a “ a mightier baronial, / a larger adult male ” ( 247-48 ) Beowulf is a hero of heroic strength with the strength “ clasp ” of 30 work forces, who kills nine sea monsters on a swim. Subsequently he establishes his strength by killing Grendel and his female parent. We can see that “ the scene is huge in range ” . Though immature at the beginning of the verse form, Beowulf has all the devisings of a good leader. He reveals his line of descent to the reader when he mentions his male parent to the guard who is funny about him ( 251 ) . Beowulf besides reveals his male parents name and the name of his male monarch, Hygelac. On his meeting with King Hrothgar ( 418 ) , we realize that non merely is Beowulf brave and brave but he besides is loyal and has come to refund the generousness and kindness of King Hrothgar to his male parent Ecgtheow. He besides divulges that he has cleansed his fatherland of its enemies and has killed a folk of giants. Thereafter he shows his strength when he kills the sea monsters while viing with Breca. Beowulf ‘s handling of Unferth ( 529 ) is a farther testimony to the wisdom of the immature hero. By his handling of Unferth, and the mode in which he reminds the assemblage, of the certificates, of Unferth and how he killed his ain brothers, Beowulf asserts himself even before he confronts Grendel. In the conflict with Grendel, Beowulf displays his accomplishments as an intelligent warrior as he allows Grendel to devour a Geat, while he lies still accessing his enemy. As a consequence of analyzing his enemy he manages to rend Grendel ‘s right claw off from his shoulder socket. He farther strengthens his repute as a worthy and courageous warrior in the mode in which he deals with Grendel ‘s female parent. He besides shows himself as a loyal friend when Hygelac is killed in a conflict, since he does non claim the throne for himself but supports his boy. Merely when Hygelac ‘s boy is killed in a feud does Beowulf go up to the throne. The conflict with the firedrake in his old age once more proves his strength and him as a good warrior though a few critics found him reckless for non worrying about who would go up him to the throne.

Beowulf besides makes the usage of the tools of heroic poems such as asides, addresss, and expeditions. There is besides a mirroring of the unwritten tradition of narrative stating in the text, as we see the “ scop ” who chants the occurrences of The Finnsburh Episode ( 1063-1159 ) . The asides though they appear cumbersome were feats of good known heroes and popular narratives. For case the blood-feud history of Finn and the Danes reverberations Cain and Abel in its misrepresentation, craftiness, treachery and disloyalty. The slaying of Finn to revenge the decease of Hnaf brings on the onslaught of the monster Grendel, who is eventually slayed by Beowulf. The narrative of this narrative non merely celebrates his triumph but besides highlights the triumph of good over evil. Unlike the classical heroic poem, Beowulf does non get down “ media RESs ” and has no supplication to the Muse, but it is an heroic poem however, given the character of the hero, the events of great magnitude and besides the poetic composing. The verse form employs the usage of initial rhymes, which carry more significance than a rime. A important portion of the verse form does use the usage of rime as good. But over all it is evident from the scrutiny of the verse form that it was composed for unwritten narrative as opposed to a literary piece. The heroic poem is rich in item since it has a hero who harmonizing to Hegel[ 5 ]is waited on manus and pes, and has to fight for basic endurance, and the necessities of life such as “ Equus caballuss and arms and nutrient ” .

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Beowulf is a glorious merger of many subjects, viz. the subjects of Christian and Pagan rites, of light and darkness which mirror good and evil, of Men and Monsters, of Treasures, of the importance of family tree, of community, of Wyrd and of good Kingship which run parallel in the narrative. In the book English Epic and Heroic Poetry, the writer W. Macneile Dixon, stresses that Beowulf was perchance non “ crude poesy ” ( Page. 14 )[ 6 ]when it was composed. Though the linguistic communication of the verse form appears to be simple, the poets have drawn on both the Pagan and Christian elements. Therefore Fitela, Scyld Scefing and Sigmund from heathen mythology are offered as defenders of demeanour and the monster Grendel ‘s household line belongs to the family tree of Cain ( 107 and 1258-67 ) . Again we see a strong heathen influence as the Anglo-Saxon construct of Wyrd is a subject by itself in the text. Beowulf calls upon Wyrd when he battles the first sea monster of the nine that he killed, when he competed with Breca. Subsequently he attributes his endurance to the Christian God. ( 569-574 ) . He besides refers to Wyrd at his concluding reference. Hrothgar besides thanks God when Beowulf defeats the monster Grendel. Through the text Hrothgar ‘s advocate and warnings to Beowulf reflect the Christian dogmas of generousness. Three of the awful seven deathly wickednesss are besides mentioned as a warning to Beowulf. ( 1724-78 ) When Beowulf is deceasing ; Wiglaf tries to resuscitate him utilizing a ritual with H2O which calls to mind the Baptism. Beowulf is really heathen in the mode in which he chooses to contend the firedrake entirely, and it is in maintaining with the codification of behavior of the warrior. His subsequent funeral, with a adult female and 12 considerations mourning him name to mind, Christ ‘s decease. Good and evil is another subject running through the text and it is farther emphasized as we view the struggle of visible radiation and darkness, and heaven and snake pit. The text begins with a apposition of the light universe of the human warriors and their gay mead-hall with the dark universe of Grendel ‘s prevaricator ( 417-426 ) . The universes invariably clash as Grendel ‘s hatred and slaughter of the Danes brings Beowulf to him who is non afraid to face the darkness. ( 480-488 ) . Hrothgar ‘s soldiers though brave do non last boulder clay dawn. Where Grendel symbolizes darkness, his female parent symbolizes snake pit and somberness that is dark at its darkest. Continuing with the subject of dark and light is the subject of adult male and monster. The subject of hoarded wealth therefore besides highlights the implicit in economic sciences of a feudal society while heightening the heroic poem.

Beowulf is an interesting “ Primary heroic poem ” which combines the best facets of heathen and Christian elements. It is an heroic poem with a sense of morality, intermixing many subjects, in a narrative affecting asides but still retaining the readers ‘ involvement. It is doubtless a rare hoarded wealth.

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