The Archetypal Hero Katniss Everdeen English Literature Essay

A fictional novel written by Suzanne Collins, called The Hunger Games, reveals a heroic adolescent, Katniss Everdeen, as she encounters a brave journey. Merely heroes can salvage the twenty-four hours in the center of any calamity, devastation, or calamity because they hold the bravery to encompass their accomplishments through brave and hard actions. In the book of archetypical unfavorable judgment, The Hero and the Outlaw, Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson states “ There are infinite fluctuations on this narrative, but in every one the Hero victory over evil, hardship, or a major challenge, and in so making, inspires us all ” ( Mark and Pearson 105 ) . Throughout history the usage of originals has been put into many of the universe ‘s best narratives. In every narrative these characters appear in they tend to give it more life and involvement. There are several characters in the novel The Hunger Games, portrayed as different originals ; the supporter Katniss Everdeen is portrayed as an archetypical hero.

Katniss Everdeen is a hero in the sense that she risked her ain life for her household, friends, and territory. Heroism has existed since the beginning of storytelling. Heros stand up for the weak and guiltless, and clang with evil. A hero may besides be known as a brave figure, the 1 who ‘s ever running in and salvaging the twenty-four hours ( Understanding Literary Archetypes 2002 ) . The hero typically undergoes a journey or quest that begins when something traumatic happens in their life coercing them to go forth place, and is prepared to do forfeits to do certain that others are kept safe. Throughout history, originals have been a portion of narratives, myths, journeys, and narratives. These narratives that contain archetypical heroes have similar secret plans, along with features that are comparable to the single archetypal hero. In many of the universe ‘s best narratives, originals make the narrative more entertaining and gratifying. Ultimately, Katniss displayed true gallantry in this novel as she put her life in danger while she made forfeits for the wellbeing of others. She portrays what a true hero is, one that is prepared to give up everything for the safety of others and the triumph over immorality. Katniss is great illustration of a hero, because throughout the narrative she sacrifices herself by taking her sister ‘s topographic point in the games to maintain her sister safe. Making this, she entered a universe of both emotional and physical hurting and force.

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In the fresh Katniss Everdeen is the lead female hero that was born in the state of Panem, a hapless coal excavation territory, besides known as District 12. Throughout the narrative Collins portrayed Katniss ‘s character as a traditional male original but she besides accepts female archetypical features. Katniss taking on the function of huntsman, supplier, and defender are typically designed for the male gender. A huntsman goes out to capture or kill nutrient to do certain the household is fed. A supplier is an single that ensures that the household ‘s demands are met, like nutrient, H2O, shelter, and overall wellness. The defender watches over the household to maintain them out of injury ‘s manner: “ She is driven by the will to last and through her hunting learns to supply for her household on her ain. Normally parents provide for their kids, but for Katniss the functions were reversed, which causes her to maturate faster than most adolescents. ” ( Jimenez 31 ) . In The Hunger Games, after the decease of her male parent, Katniss embodies the characteristics of defender for her household. She risks her unrecorded traveling into the forests runing for nutrient to set on the tabular array to protect her household for endurance ; Katniss stats “ Inside the forests [ animate beings ] roam freely, and there are added concerns like deadly serpents, rabid animate beings, and no existent waies to follow. But there ‘s besides nutrient if you know how to happen it. My male parent knew and he taught me some before he was blown to spots in a mine detonation ” ( Collins 6 ) .

The immature female bowman in The Hunger Games, the supporter, is interesting because of her single strength and the acknowledgment she puts Forth that she needs to last, which creates a intent for people to desire her to remain alive. Archetypal heroes normally contain a particular arm that symbolizes the quality and skill the hero embodies. In most instances, the hero is the lone single able to utilize the arm and it is normally acquired from the wise man ( Jimenez 22 ) . In the book, Katniss ‘s particular arm is a bow and pointer crafted by her male parent: “ My bow is a rareness, crafted by my male parent along with a few others that I keep good hidden in the forests, carefully wrapped in waterproof screens ” ( Collins 6 ) . Katniss perfectly embodies gallantry as she faces about an impossible undertaking with eternal sums of bravery ; that keeps others alive with her accomplishments as huntsman, caretaker, and supplier. For those of you who have non read the narrative, the hero is forced to travel against 23 other immature people to try to win a atrocious competition called The Hunger Games. She has to seek her best to remain alive, while the other 23 contestants dice. The Capitol created The Hunger Games so that the Districts would retrieve their complete hopelessness they have under the Panem ‘s regulation. Every twelvemonth one adolescent male child and one adolescent miss are chosen from each District to travel away as testimonial. The 24 contestants are put in a wilderness sphere and forced to contend to the decease until there is merely one left standing. The testimonials from each of the 12 territories are pampered with nutrient and other points the capitol provides, and they can have sponsorship throughout the games finding on how good they fight and survive. The District that wines for that twelvemonth is indulged with wealth and favour.

A general archetypal hero besides has a inclination to go forth his or her loved 1s because of a tragic event that usually leads him or her to a pursuit where he or she could confront many undertaking along the manner to seek for person or something. In The Hunger Games when Katniss voluntaries herself for the reaping, to take her sister topographic point is a good illustration because she is forced to go forth her household to vie in The Hunger Games. Katniss ‘s younger sister, Primrose Everdeen, is the name that Effie Trinket really pulled out of the glass bowl for the misss. From Collins novel, Katniss says, “ Effie Trinket crosses back to the dais, smoothes the faux pas of paper, and reads out the name in a clear voice. And it ‘s non me. It ‘s Primrose Everdeen. ” ( Collins 14 ) .When delicate 12 twelvemonth old Prim, Katniss ‘s younger sister, is selected from the reaping, Katniss does what any large sister should make, voluntaries to take her topographic point. She goes to the Capitol with male contestant Peeta Mellark, where they are trained and pampered for the large event. Katniss and Peeta are trained by Haymitch, who concocts a romantic scenario between the two of them to assist construct their onscreen characters and get the better of District 12 ‘s underdog position. Haymitch is District 12 ‘s lone Games subsister, and a ramping alky. It ‘s ne’er openly stated, but we know this is because he ne’er got over his injury, and has to live over it every twelvemonth by developing up a twosome of childs he knows will decease.

There are analogues with another bowman: our namesake, the Greek goddess of the wilderness and of birthrate, Artemis. We chose Artemis as our symbol for some of the same attributes that Katniss embraces ; she represents strength, truth, fostering and protection. As in The Hunger Games, research is frequently approximately seeking to do sense of a ambitious environment. Strength of focal point and truth in reading are critical. Our work is frequently used to assist foster a turning trade name, or to protect an bing one. We love the significance of our namesake Artemis, and so, despite the ghastly subject of The Hunger Games, we love the contemporary evocation of the virtuousnesss that make the image of this bowman so strong.

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