The Art Of Persuasion Womens Oppression English Literature Essay

Judy Syfers ‘ essay “ I Want A Wife ” introduces to an single adult female what married life is all approximately and to raises consciousness of the low-level function a adult female will take after matrimony. The intended audience for this text is non faculty members or bookmans. Syfers is more likely concentrating on single adult females, and that is why she published her authorship in Ms. Magazine. She accomplishes her purpose by composing about all the undertakings and functions of a married woman. The 2nd text is “ Liberation of Women: Sexual Repression and the Family ” by Laurel Limpus. The intended audience for this text is everyone ; all adult females and work forces. The intent of her text is to seek and acquire more people to fall in the Women ‘s Liberation Movement, which was taking topographic point at that clip. Limpus does so by composing about the subjugation adult females went through at that period of clip, and she examined all the facets and grounds as to why adult females were oppressed. “ I Want A Wife ” by Judy Syfers is more convincing to its intended audience than “ Liberation of Women ” because it is humourous, its linguistic communication is accessible to the reader, and the writer has authorization as she relates to her personal experience as a married woman and female parent.

Humor is an of import tool a author should utilize to acquire and maintain the reader ‘s attending. Syfers successfully achieves this facet in her authorship. She uses sarcasm and a witty, humourous tone to supply amusing alleviation for her audience. Since the text is written to secretaries, pupils, and individual adult females in general ( homemakers might besides be reading Ms. Magazine ) , its wit will catch their attending because of their immature age. The pupils do a batch of analyzing and the secretaries are busy with their work. Therefore, Syfers ‘ text works best for them because they can read it during a short interruption, and it will supply them with some amusing alleviation. The wit in the text will besides cover up any abuse homemakers might experience because of the world spoken about their subsidiary functions. Syfers ‘ wit, represented by the contradictory transition, “ I want a married woman who is sensitive to my sexual demands, a married woman who makes love passionately and thirstily when I feel like it, a married woman who makes sure that I am satisfied. And, of class, I want a married woman who will non demand sexual attending when I am non in the temper for it, ” made her text become widely spread all over the cyberspace and in anthologies, while Laurel Limpus ‘ text can merely be found in three web sites, with merely one incorporating the whole text. In contrast to Syfers ‘ sarcasm, Limpus ‘ text is excessively serious, which is most likely traveling to be unappreciated by the audience the text is written to. Even from the really first sentence of her text, Limpus writes, “ This is an effort to cover with some of the theoretical jobs of the release of adult females, peculiarly as they relate to gender and sexual repression. ” Although she moves right to the point of her text, she is more likely to drive some of the audience she could hold won had she non been as serious.

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Not merely does Syfers supply wit in her text, but she besides uses simple, accessible linguistic communication, which is a really of import facet of any piece of composing. When the linguistic communication is simplified, the text ‘s audience broadens. Syfers uses easy apprehensible nomenclature and vocabulary and still gets her point through. Since her text is aimed at immature pupils and secretaries, who are non needfully university alumnuss, the accessible linguistic communication will do them be able to easy understand what they are reading. Syfers uses simple phrases like, “ Not excessively long ago a male friend of mine appeared on the scene fresh from a recent divorce. He had one kid, who is, of class, with his ex-wife. He is looking for another married woman, ” to clearly acquire her point through. Her text is non merely interesting because of the humourous tone and simple linguistic communication, but besides because it is short and to the point. Since the text is aimed at making adult females, some of whom do non hold the clip to read long articles, they ( the audience ) need a short text to read while eating a repast or shopping in the supermarket or during a interruption from work. Syfers ‘ accessible linguistic communication, combined with her wit and the text ‘s shortness makes the reader able and willing to read it at anytime and more than one time. On the other manus, Laurel Limpus ‘ text is really long – about 15 pages. That is in add-on to her really hard and complicated linguistic communication. Limpus uses phrases such as, “ One of the most pervading constructs in the present political orientation is that the household is a natural, inevitable phenomenon. . . because of the evident catholicity of the household, adult females are relegated. . . . ” This narrows down the audience that Limpus could hold obtained if her text were shorter and more simplified.

In add-on to wit, accessible linguistic communication, and shortness, Syfers ‘ text contains authorization. The authorization of a author is determined by his or her personal experience in the field he/she is associating to in the text. In her text, Syfers negotiations about married womans and their functions. She has authorization because she herself is “ a married woman. And, non wholly by the way, . . . a female parent. ” Syfers, hence, can associate to her personal experience of being a female parent and married woman, and hence, the reader ( any reader, no affair who the intended audience is ) can swear what she says. However, some people like to take into consideration the dangers of personal experience doing a text excessively subjective and biased. This is true in a batch of instances, but Syfers ‘ text is non biased because it talks about the existent world of married life at that period of clip. The married womans ‘ functions she writes about are the existent functions of all married womans at that clip. Therefore, Syfers does non show her sentiment or her illation about the functions of married womans at that clip. Rather, she speaks facts and world. On the contrary, Limpus does non hold authorization, and that is because she does n’t talk from personal experience. Limpus writes about married womans and adult females ‘s subjugation during her old ages as a university pupil, demoing that she has n’t experienced what she writes about. Her point of position is shown weak when she says, “ The myth that childbearing and raising is the fulfilment of a adult female ‘s fate is by far, in my sentiment, the most detrimental and destructive myth that imprisons her. ” Not merely did she non show her point of position with authorization by utilizing phrases like “ in my sentiment ” , but she speaks of childbearing and rise uping while she is but a university pupil or really recent alumnus. What does she cognize about childbirth, raising, or even being a married woman? Therefore, the reader is non likely to easy believe everything Limpus writes about.

Humor, accessible and simplified linguistic communication, and authorization through personal experience make “ I Want A Wife ” by Judy Syfers a more convincing text to its intended audience than Limpus ‘ “ Liberation of Women: Sexual Repression and the Family. ” Syfers combines many of import composing variables to accomplish popularity for her text. That is why her text is found all over the cyberspace while Laurel Limpus ‘ text is really seldom found or even heard of. Judy Syfers has, without a uncertainty, convinced her audience through her good written text.

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