The Awakening Caused Controversy English Literature Essay

In 1899, Kate Chopin ‘s book titled The Awakening caused contention for its extremely provocative word picture of Edna Pontellier during the bend of the new century. Chopin portrays the chief character, Edna, as a adult female who longs for the right to freely show herself versus conforming to the outlooks of her society. Edna ‘s demand to show her individualism is invariably a chief beginning of tenseness throughout the novel. Edna Pontellier expresses her demand for individualism by holding personal businesss, traveling out, and being un-maternal to her kids.

In the beginning of the novel, Edna is a female parent and a married woman who is seeking to conform to the outlooks of society. Her hubby Leonce, a successful man of affairs of 40, looks at his married woman “ As one looks at a valuable piece of personal belongings which has suffered some harm. ” She is discontent with her life ; nevertheless she continues to act in the function set by society that says the demands of a married adult female ‘s hubby and kid should be her first precedence. Edna ‘s realisation of her place in society becomes clear toward the terminal of Chapter VI when the book states, “ Mrs. Pontellier was get downing to recognize her place in the existence as a human being, and to acknowledge her dealingss as an person to the universe within and about her. ” When she is largely entirely at place, she decides to pass most of her clip with Mrs. Ratignolle. Her developed friendly relationship with Mrs. Ratignolle exposes her to a great trade of freedom which shortly leads her to Robert, the immature 26 twelvemonth old boy of Mrs. Ratignolle who interreges her and maintains her involvement throughout the book. At first, their relationship started of inexperienced person with little and piquant conversation. However as clip progresses, she starts to experience a new found freedom, like butterflies let go ofing from a cocoon into the soft zephyr of the air. The love between Edna and Robert grows strong unto the point where words are non needed to state how they feel about each other. Equally shortly as Robert knows he can non command his desires, he leaves for Mexico without stating Edna. When Robert leaves, Edna all of a sudden becomes in-tune with her freshly awakened feelings for him.A

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Another incident is when Edna additions the bravery to go forth place. A Edna says, “ That the house is excessively large, there are excessively many retainers, and she does non desire to populate on her hubby ‘s money any longer and that she wants a topographic point that feels like her ain ” . In this act of rebelliousness, she is demoing her household that she is non meant to populate in the Creole society. When she leaves her hubby and her kids, they start inquiring what is incorrect. Leonce really has to lie for his married woman stating that the house is being renovated to maintain him good in the eyes of others, but Edna does non care. Her ideas are geared toward go forthing and being set free. She feels that in order to be free and to detect her individualism, she would hold to go forth the chief topographic point that is doing her heartache. Populating life as a mouse running about in a ne’er stoping labyrinth of a Victorian society drove her to the border and she jumped.

Last, her newfound significance in life showed that she wanted to be entirely and wanted to avoid her duties, which chiefly were her kids. She neglects her kids by holding personal businesss and traveling out. Edna says in Chapter Sixteen, “ I would give up the inessential ; I would give my money, I would give my life for my kids ; but I would n’t give myself. I ca n’t do it clearer ; it ‘s merely something which I am get downing to grok, which is uncovering itself to me. ” She ne’er spent clip with her two male childs and the quadroonA nurse largely took attention of them. Edna ‘s irresponsible behaviour, peculiarly when she allows her emotions to brush her off every bit good as her inability to believe about the effects of her actions, invariably draws her away from her kids.

Edna Pontellier struggles throughout the book seeking to show her individualism. This changeless battle non merely affects her, but besides those around her that love her such as her hubby and kids. Her thoughtless actions affected everyone. She allowed her emotion to take control of her life and destruct the other 1s around her. Edna Pontellier is like many of us in the universe today. The demand to show individualism is one that everyone faces throughout his or her life-time and everyone grips it otherwise. Edna chose to show her demand for individualism by holding personal businesss, traveling out, and being un-maternal to her kids. Ultimately this led to something much more tragic, the wanting to take her life to get away the force per unit area placed on her by society.

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