The Boston Tea Party History Essay

It all started when the King of Britain was upset about all the money lost during the Gallic Indian War, and so he passed revenue enhancements on the settlements to do the money up. However, before he could revenue enhancement the settlements, he had to come up with Acts such as, the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act. The Sugar Act put a revenue enhancement of three cents on sugar that was bought by the American Colonists. The Stamp Act taxed every piece of printer paper used, ship ‘s documents, paperss, licences, and newspapers. The settlers so had protests against those Acts, which made the British Parliament cancel the revenue enhancements. Then the authorities decided to set revenue enhancements on lead, pigment, paper, and tea, which became the Townshend Act.

Once the Townshend Act was passed, people held meetings to seek and acquire others non to purchase English material any longer. Still, after all that happened, the Parliament decided to drop all revenue enhancements except for one, tea revenue enhancements. The settlers still refused to pay revenue enhancements even though it merely cost them pennies a twelvemonth, so they drank bootleg tea in from the Netherlands. Since they drank the inexpensive material, they did non care what the Parliament did with the revenue enhancements, whether they raised them or lowered them. Once the East India Tea Company found out what they were imbibing, the Parliament gave them the chance to transport tea without holding to pay responsibilities. They did this so that the tea could be a batch cheaper so the Holland Tea, even with the revenue enhancements. That became the Tea Act, which is one of the most of import grounds for the Boston Tea Party.

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Settlers reacted to the Tea Act by holding meetings to speak about it. Letterss of protest were sent to the authorities by some protagonists of the revolution, like John Adams. However, nil was accomplished with the letters because the tea ships geting in Boston still had to pay the British revenue enhancement. In November of 1773, a group of settlers found out that three East India ships full of lading of tea, were on their manner to Boston and they knew that if the ships were unloaded and the revenue enhancements were paid, it would be a annihilating licking. The group of settlers wanted to do the East India Company quit their occupations in forepart of everybody, but that did non go on. Over hebdomads period of clip, addresss were made to acquire all the settlers informed about each of the events. Peoples so started imbibing java alternatively of tea.

In December of 1773, the ships had arrived. Messages were posted everyplace to put up a meeting between the citizens and the governor that was called “ Committee of Correspondence ” . The citizens wanted the governor to name the ships back to Britain, but he did non hold. So a group of work forces disguised themselves as Indians and headed away toward the seaport where the ships were boarded to throw the tea into the ocean. The work forces divided up into three groups, with each one holding a leader. Once the captains were picked, the squads went on to each of the three boats, grabbed all the lading of tea, cut them unfastened, and threw them in to the sea. A large crowd was environing the seaport, and some even tried to steal the tea. They all together destroyed 342 ladings of tea, weighing up to 10,000 lbs. That dark, after the ladings were all thrown overboard, the streets of Boston were soundless. The undermentioned twenty-four hours, everyone was happy spell lucky, and programs were made to denote the of import event in all settlements of America, The Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party is one of the cardinal events to the start of the American Revolutionary War and one of the biggest events in the United States History. When the English won the Gallic Indian War, they lost an inordinate sum of money and struggles began to happen. After Acts had been passed so cancelled, American settlers decided to board three ships and throw 10,000 lbs deserving of tea into the sea. The settlers were so frustrated with all the revenue enhancements, that they decided to set in to action, one of the most good known events in history, The Boston Tea Party

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