The Collector Author John Fowles English Literature Essay

Im non a large fan of reading to be honest. I havent read many books. Since I got in the tenth class I actively started reading. It was compulsory and it was besides portion of the exams plan so I had to. The books that I have read were largely for Dutch. I had to read 5 books. I ‘ve read books like Gouden ei, Turks fruit, Het leven is verrukkeluk etc.


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I have chosen to read the book The albatross. I have a few grounds why I have chosen this book alternatively of another 1. The first ground is because of the rubric. The albatross is a unusual and unusual rubric. It instantly got my attending. Then I started to read a short description of the book. It said that I was about a miss who got pregnantaˆ¦ . And it sounded interesting. So I said to myself certain.

Bibliographic entry

Title of the book: The aggregator

Writer: John Fowles

First published by Jonathan Cape, London 1963


The narrative is about a immature adult male named Frederick Clegg. He works as clerk in a metropolis hall and collects butterflies in his trim clip. Clegg is obsessed with a miss named Miranda Grey. She is a art pupil at the Slade School of Fine humanistic disciplines. He admires her from a distance but is unable to do any contact with her, because of his utmost deficiency of societal accomplishments. One, twenty-four hours he wins a big award in the football pools. This allows him to halt working and purchase a house in the countryside. He feels lonely and wants to be with Miranda. Clegg decides to add her to his aggregation of pretty objects. He hopes that if he kept her confined long plenty she will turn to love him.

After careful readyings, he kidnaps Miranda by dosing her with Chloroform and locks her in his cellar. When she wakes up she confront him with what he has done. Clegg is embarrassed and he promises her that he will allow her travel after a month. He besides promises to handle her with regard and habit sexually molest her and that he will lavish her with gifts and nowadayss on 1 status. She ca n’t go forth the cellar.

During her imprisonment Miranda kept a diary. In it she writes about her old life before she was held confined.

Clegg scares Miranda and she does non understand him at the beginning. At first, she thinks that he has sexual motivations for kidnaping her, but subsequently as his true character Begin to uncover she gain that it is non true. Miranda starts to hold some commiseration for Clegg, because of his hopeless compulsion with her. Clegg tells Miranda that his first name is Ferdinand.

Miranda tries to get away several times but failed. Clegg was ever able to halt her. Miranda besides tries to score him in order to convert him to allow her travel, but this merely resulted in him going confused and angry. When Clegg refuses to allow her travel, she starts to fantasy about killing him. After a failed effort, she thought that killing Clegg would take down her to his degree. She refrained from any farther efforts. Before Miranda can get away once more, she becomes really sick and dies.

Clegg found out that Miranda died. At first, he wanted to perpetrate self-destruction, but after reading her journal in which she wrote that she ne’er loved him, he decides that he is non responsible and is better off without her. The book ends with his proclamation that he plans to nobble another miss.

Bibliographic entry

Title of the book: The albatross

Writer: Margaret Drabble

First published by Weidenfield & A ; Nicolson 1965


The narrative takes topographic point in London in Cambridge in the sixtiess. It ‘s about a 19 year-old miss named Rosamund Stacey.

The chief character is Rosamund Stacey

Other of import characters are the Beatrice ( the sister of Rosamund ) , Lydia ( friend of Rosamund ) , Joe and Roger, George.


The most of import events are that Rosamund got pregnant and she has n’t told the male parent George, the household and friends except Beatrice and Lydia.

Yes the life of the Rosamund alterations.

Both Joe and Roger think that she is kiping with one another so neither one of them presses her to hold sex.

In a saloon Rosamund meets George Matthews. He is newsreader for BBC wireless. She feels attracted to him and they end up in her level and finally hold sex. Rosamund… When she found out that she is pregnant, a whole new universe opens for her. While she decides non to state George and her parents in order non to upset them, she did state her sister, Beatrice in the hopes she will acquire some moral support

First personal reaction

The book is really interesting. You can associate to the events that happen in the book. The narrative is converting and has a deep nucleus.

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