The Company Is In The Education Sector Economics Essay

SEG International Berhad and HELP International Corporation Berhad are the public listed instruction companies in Malaysia. The intent of study is to place the type of market construction of the two companies operate and compare these two company public presentation based on fiscal statements. Methods use to analysis the fiscal statements are profitableness, liquidness, stableness and investing. The decision of the study


SEG International Berhad ( SEGI ) has 35 old ages academic experience in higher instruction sector and it is one of the largest private instruction companies listed in the Bursa Malaysia. SEGI was founded in 1977 and known as Systematic College before. It serves more than 27500 pupils in 6 major campuses which distributed in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Penang, Seri Kembangan and Subang Jaya. SEGI offers assorted programmes include Architecture & A ; Built Environment, Business and Law, Creative Arts and Design, Education and Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Hotel and Tourism, Medicine & A ; Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences. SEGI has planetary connexions with oversea universities such as University of Southern Queensland from Australia, University of Greenwich, University of Abertay Dundee, Teesside University and so on. Lastly, SEGI Subang Jaya was the 1 of merely three colleges in Malaysia to be awarded the highest 6-star evaluation in MOHE MyQuest Evaluation. ( SEGI, 2013 )

HELP International Corporation Berhad ( HELP ) is an investing keeping company and incorporate in 2005. The chief concern of the company is in the instruction sector. It has 5 major establishments, HELP University, HELP Academy, HELP College of Arts and Technology, HELP Executive Advanced Training and HELP Training Centre. HELP University is the chief subscriber to HELP Group. HELP University founded in 1986 and supply a broad scope of classs such as concern, economic sciences, humanistic disciplines, information engineering, direction and societal scientific discipline. HELP University has spouse universities with University of Melbourne, Liverpool John Moores University, Upper Lowa University, Shanghai International Studies University and so on. It has built a trade name acknowledgment and good repute in the market. ( HELP, 2013 )

Market construction means how the market is organised, based on the figure and distribution size of purchasers and Sellerss in the industry for goods and services. Market construction divided into four theoretical account, they are perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly. Perfect competition is a market has many purchasers and Sellerss and no individual houses can impact the monetary value of goods. Monopoly means a individual marketer green goods goods which there is no replacements in the market. Monopoly has the power to command the monetary value and supply in the market. Monopolistic is a market state of affairs has a big figure of little marketer green goods similar but non indistinguishable goods. Oligopoly is market construction has a few figure but big size marketer bring forthing differentiated or homogeneous merchandise. ( Miller, 2009 )

SEGI Group and HELP Group are belonging higher instruction sector. Higher instruction industry in Malaysia is classified to monopolistic market construction which means there are a big figure of little Sellerss bring forthing close utility goods. Monopolistic competition is one of the signifiers of imperfect competition. There are big Numberss of houses in monopolistic competition, but non every bit many as in perfect competition. There are no individual house can impact the market monetary value due to the size of houses are little.

Besides that, houses in monopolistic competition produce differentiated merchandises. The houses in monopolistic competition produce similar but non indistinguishable merchandises. For illustration, SEGI Group and HELP Group are supplying instruction service company, but they are different in some facet such as installations, programmes and analyze path. They may distinguish their merchandises through advertisement, trade name names, design and packaging.

In monopolistic competition, there is easy entry into the industry. New houses may easy come in the industry without limitation with close replacement merchandises.

Last, there are non-price competitions in monopolistic competition. Sellers in monopolistic completion will utilize assorted methods to distinguish their merchandise trade name and attract purchasers to purchase their merchandises. For illustration, SEGI Group and HELP Group will advance their college and university by utilizing different advertizement in order to pull client enroll classs in their university. ( Vengedasalam and Madhaven 2010 )

There are many Sellerss in monopolistic competition, hence, the grade of competition is higher in the industry. Degree of competition defined as degree of competition between Sellerss in order to increase gross revenues and net income. The effect of high grade of competition is produce good quality goods. Firms will bring forth best quality goods and services in order to pull consumer to purchase their merchandises. For illustration, SEGI Group employed the experience and professional lector and HELP Group supply the comfy environment and latest technological equipment to pupils. This is that they try to supply the best services to consumer so that pupils will register in their university.

Furthermore, because of high competition, consumers have more picks between the merchandises. Consumers have more picks to take the merchandise to fulfill their demand. For illustration, pupils can take university based on their demands, because there are many colleges and universities in the higher instruction sector of Malaysia.

Last, Sellerss will seek to cut down monetary value of merchandise or pattern non-price competition so as to increase gross revenues volume and net income. Sellers will pattern non-price competition such as advertizement, gross revenues publicity, free gift and others in order to pull consumer purchase their merchandise among legion rivals. For illustration, SEGI Group give tuition fees rebate for first 1000 pupils register in their college. HELP Group give the free gift to the first 1500 pupils register in their university. ( AmosWeb 2013 )

Demand means the ability and willingness to buy specific measures of goods during a specific clip period at a peculiar monetary value, ceteris paribus. The jurisprudence of demand shows that when the monetary value of a goods addition, measure demanded of the goods will diminish. When the monetary value of a goods lessening, measure demanded of the goods will increase, ceteris paribus.

Factors that influence the demand degree are monetary value of the merchandise. The higher the monetary value of goods, the lower the demand of the goods. For illustration, the higher the tuition fees of SEGI College, the lower the demand of pupils register in their college.

Second is alteration in monetary value of replacements goods.

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