The Developments Of Characters In The Color Purple English Literature Essay

Celie ‘s wretchedness starts at an early age of 14. Celie ‘s female parent dies and she is expected to make full the loving places for her household. Walker presents Celie as an uneducated, inactive and traumatized adult female. It is suggested by this word picture that the lone way for her in life is a life of domesticity. Her male parent is the first individual to injure Celie. He treats her like an immaterial individual alternatively of his girl. She is like a slave she has to make whatever her male parent says. Celie male parent took her out of school when she became pregnant with his kid and so he took the kid off from her straight after the birth and ne’er says anything about her and what he has done to the babe miss. Celie was left with fright which was at its highest degree she could n’t conceive of that her male parent had killed them. When Celie was at a immature age she did n’t have any apparels, but alternatively dressed in lacerate frocks she wore sizes which were n’t her size. She got no love, no regard and she did n’t hold any sense of household. Her male parent had mistreated her to such degree that there was nil left which will ache her flesh. He gave her physical contusions to be the emotional and psychosomatic contusions which he had already imposed to her. He had so exhaustively physically mistreated her that she learned to fear from work forces. Celie seemed to be safe with adult females because at this phase Celie had ne’er been hurt by a adult female so hence in her life she felt that adult female were the lone people who could allow herself put on the line the hurting of loving.

Celie started composing letters to God because she lived in a life of panic ; her male parent repeated blames and maintain on abused her by hitting her. In the first missive she uses a linguistic communication called American African Vernacular English ( AAVE ) which shows her idiom, phonic spelling like “ Ast ” , “ Grit ” , “ Cuss ” , “ Kilt ” . Her linguistic communication is bantering because she did n’t acquire any formal instruction in her life and sometimes her sentences do non do any sense. Plus Celie ‘s grammar, spelling and vocabulary is atrocious she ne’er used any kind of vocabulary and she ne’er checked her spelling because she did n’t no how to spell any words. Celie uses really simple and short sentences to depict her status, she says in the first missive “ My mamma dead ” and so she says that “ she cuss me “ . In formal English Celie is expected to state that “ my female parent is dead and she was cussing me ” .

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In missive two Celie ‘s contusion spread like a pestilence. It becomes like a violet finger stretched out until it had infected every country of Celie ‘s bosom and organic structure. As physical contusion, her emotional contusions could non get down to mend until they were treated with heat and love. Celie had ne’er been loved by anyone there was merely one individual her sister, Nettie, until she became a good friend to her hubby ‘s kept woman, Shug. She had to take her clip to acquire to cognize Celie. She was caring and soft with her. “ She say, I love you, Miss Celie. And so she hauls away and gives me a buss on the oral cavity ” . Celie had ne’er earlier known such tenderness. Through Shug ‘s sort goad, Celie opened up about her suffering yesteryear. She told Shug about the maltreatment from her male parent and her hubby. She rediscovered her emotions that had been hibernating for so long, and this was a elephantine spring toward mending her contusions.

Through the bravery of Shug and Nettie, Celie became courageous and she spread it all around the other adult females ‘s at the dinner tabular array. Celie earned her Purple Heart for bravery that dark. She stood up for herself and she told Mr.___ what she thought approximately him without any fright of effects. The Courage released her from her enfeebling fright of adult male, and awakened her to the full to the possibilities of her bosom.

During missive three Celie assurance was sky high she was n’t afraid, she used powerful quotation marks such as “ Dear God. Dear stars, beloved trees, beloved sky, beloved people dear everything, and beloved God ” and “ when you look at Shug ‘s eyes you know she been where she been, seen what she seen, did what she did ” . These quotation marks show how Celie has improved her linguistic communication, spelling, vocabulary and comma ‘s she uses complex sentences which are easier to understand and there are barely any errors in missive three.

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