The Effects Of Father Absence In Families English Literature Essay

In a drama that is really good written by a celebrated and gifted author, the absence of a male parent from a in-between category household shows a sever consequence on the kids. Thomas Lanier Williams known as Tennessee Williams was the author of a drama titled The Glass Menagerie. Mr. Williams frequently saw his parents engaged in violent statement and how it frightened his sister Rose. His male parent who was a shoe gross revenues adult male forced him out of college to work for the shoe company, but subsequently in life he returned to college and won an essay competition. Tennessee Decided to go a drama author after watching a production of Henrik Isben ‘s named Ghosts. In his life-time he won several awards for his composing including 2 times the Pulitzer Prize. He suffered from deprecation in the last 10 old ages of his life after losing his loved one to malignant neoplastic disease. Mr. Williams battled intoxicant and prescription drug dependence and ended his life chocking to decease on a bottle cap in his New York City abode. In his drama the Glass Menagerie he clearly pictured a lower in-between category household with a halt girl, a female parent who usually brags about her glorious yearss, a male parent who had left go forthing behind non much but a eccentric massage and a brother who resented all of that and desire to travel and follow his dreams.

First, the drama takes topographic point in the Wingfield ‘s flat across an ally from a ball room. It is narrated by Tom who is besides the boy of Amanda, the female parent, and the brother of Laura, the girl. Amanda is a individual female parent seeking to raise her kids under a rough fiscal status. Frequently, she talks about her old yearss and how she was capturing and wanted by excessively many Gentleman companies. Tom is the boy who is obligated to allow travel of his dreams and work in a warehouse to back up his household, but he ca n’t merely bury his passion for escapade, so he live over it by ticker films and imaging himself to be the chief character. Laura, Amanda ‘s girl, is a really diffident immature miss who is besides crippled. She confines herself to her glass aggregation which is so delicate to conceal off from the existent universe. Many critics consider her to be the chief character of the drama because of her ideal function every bit good as the drama name. Jim O’Connor who is Tom ‘s work mate and used to be Laura ‘s category mate. He was invited to diner by Tom to be a Gentleman company to Laura, but he is committed to another individual. Mr. Wingfield, which is represented by a Hugh portrayal in the room, he is absent and no 1 knows where he is, and the lone thing his household knows about his going is that he left a massage stating hullo and good pass.

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Second, the drama is a authoritative about a individual female parent devoted to her kids seeking to raise them under a really rough fiscal status retrieving her glorification yearss and denying the fact that her girl is handicapped. Amanda the female parent wants the best for her girl Laura. She wants her to get married a respectable Catholic adult male who has a good occupation and non a rummy. Amanda asked her boy Tom to convey a friend from work to be the gentleman company for her girl. Tom is boy who works in a warehouse to back up his female parent and sister, he does non merely detest the being a warehouse worker he dreams about go forthing the house to follow his desire for escapade. Laura who is disabled and lacks self assurance, she hides behind a glass aggregation from the existent universe. Laura sees her disablement as something that really black. She dropped out of college because of her low ego steam, and eventually a memory of a selfish male parent who left his household fighting to last.

Third, the author used so many techniques which made the drama exciting and really attractive to the audience. One of many was the symbolisations in which the author used an object to reflect on the character ‘s personality or feeling. In the Glass Menagerie, such methodological analysis was used. Tom used to travel out for fume on the fire flight every clip he gets disquieted of angered by his female parent. Although the fire flight was merely a topographic point, the author used to typify Tom ‘s desire to get away and go forth this life manner behind him. The glass aggregation itself symbolizes the breakability of Laura.

Finally, the drama is a really good written and structured in which the author stress the function of each household member and their consequence on the remainder of the household. Thinking about the drama, the thought of a female parent that is abandoned by her hubby to care for her kids without much resources is good exploited. The absence of the male parent had lest undeniable consequence on the whole household. The female parent had to work difficult and take on the function of the male parent excessively to raise her kids. The girl lacked self assurance and isolated herself from the outside universe. The boy was unable to travel after his dreams for a piece holding to back up his female parent and sister donging what he hated. A portrayal of male parent shows a missing portion of that household.

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