The End To A Legend English Literature Essay

When a adult male loses everything in life, what else does he hold left but decease? Such is the narrative of Ambrose Bierce. Born in June 1842, Bierce subsequently became a Civil War Veteran and author for William Hearst. Unfortunate for Bierce, he suffered some major life altering calamities. “ In 1888 he and his married woman separated ( she died on 27 April 1905 ) and in 1889 his boy Day died ” ( Merriman ) and a twosome old ages subsequently, “ In 1901 his boy Leigh died ” ( Merriman ) . Unable to bear the idea of “ outlasting his boies ” ( Merriman ) he had no desire to wait for decease to come knocking at his door in old age or unwellness, so he sought a more fitting manner for a soldier to travel by taking portion in the revolution go oning in Mexico. This is where the narrative begins ; the life of Ambrose Bierce in hunt of an terminal illustrated and brought to life by Carlos Fuentes in his Novel, The Old Gringo.

Carlos Fuentes was born in Panama City, Panama ( Carlos ) . His male parent, who worked for Mexico ‘s diplomatic corps, was transferred and had to travel his household to Washington D.C. where he worked in the Mexican embassy ( Carlos ) . Carlos Fuentes received an instruction from an American point of position and during his holidaies he spent his summers in Mexico with his grandparents larning about Mexican history ( Carlos ) . Subsequently, the Fuentes household was re-allocated to assorted topographic points in South America ( Carlos ) . Carlos Fuentes, early in his life, had decided to go a author but, persuaded by his parents, pursued a calling in jurisprudence and entered the diplomatic service, like his male parent ( Carlos ) . However, he ne’er gave up on his dream to go a author. He wrote many novels and was widely recognized by the Spanish-speaking universe ( Carlos ) . His novel, The Old Gringo, hit North America like a storm and “ became a best-seller in the United States in 1985, the first novel by a Mexican writer to accomplish this position ” ( Carlos ) .

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The Old Gringo is the narrative of an American author, Ambrose Bierce aka EL Gringo, seeking decease in Mexico, after the losing his household, and finds himself in a tripartite struggle between Harriet Winslow, General Arroyo, and himself. Harriet Winslow lost her male parent in Cuba and sees the Gringo as a male parent figure but gets trapped in a love matter with General Arroyo. The general besides lost his male parent and sees the Gringo as a male parent figure, he knows that the Gringo has come to Mexico to decease but at the same clip is confused as to why he is contending in a war that does non concern him or his state. This last idea dramas into the historical facet of the book, the differences between two states: America and Mexico. Last, the Gringo has come to Mexico to decease, finds himself tempted with the desire of the flesh one last clip, but clangs with a difference of sentiment by General Arroyo. The flood tide reaches an terminal when General Arroyo kills the Gringo and has Harriet Winslow sent back to Washington D.C. where “ she sits entirely and remembers ” ( Fuentes ) .

The narrative is written from the position of Harriet Winslow ‘s memory, the first and last lines of the narrative are “ Now she sits entirely and remembers ” ( Fuentes ) . The narrative of The Old Gringo is filled with suspense, passion, and action. When the Gringo foremost arrived at the cantonment of General Arroyo he was escorted by a immature male child to see him. The Gringo had told the general that he had come to fall in Pancho Villa ‘s ground forces and to contend with them. Arroyo was so surprised at this remark that he could non forbear from express joying believing that this 71 twelvemonth old would be of no usage to them, “ Old adult male! Old adult male! You ‘re excessively old! Go H2O your garden, old adult male! What are you making here? ” ( Fuentes ) . The Gringo told him, “ I came to contend, ” “ This is an ground forces, non a place for old work forces, ” the general said. In a cold answer the Gringo said, “ Try me. ” In an effort to turn out that the old adult male was non worth the problem, the general took the Gringo ‘s handgun and threw it to him so he took out a Ag peso and tossed it in the air. As the coin flipped and spun in the air get downing its decent, the Gringo and general had locked eyes neither one eye blink, and waiting until the last 2nd merely as the coin fell in forepart of the general ‘s face the Gringo fired his gun and pierced the coin ( Fuentes ) . The Gringo ‘s audaciousness had won the regard of the general and silenced the soldiers who witnessed this event.

I thought the novel was really good written. It had many exciting and cliff-hanging scenes where it made me desire to maintain reading to see what would go on next. Particularly during the conflict scenes, when the Gringo would merely walk directly into the enemy fire and come out untasted. He was so ready for decease that his desire was looking upon as a unsighted bravery. The novel painted such a clear image of what was go oning that it about felt like I was at that place. The sense of pragmatism and escapade is brought to visible radiation through the Gringo ‘s wish to decease after losing everything. He does non desire to sit around and delay for it to go on, so he goes looking for it. I have found a few reappraisals of The Old Gringo and many referees and I agree that this is a merriment and easy to read novel, and it captures the kernels of pragmatism, escapade, passion, suspense, and action.

John Seabrook ‘s article in The Nation focused chiefly on the world of the novel and the struggles between the United States and Mexico. He says, “ The novel is non merely approximately hatred, force, and misconstruing between our two states. It is besides about our familiarity. It ‘s non an easy familiarity and it ‘s difficult to understand because it comes from force and hatred, from negative things. ” The Gringo wanted to decease and he wanted the Mexicans to kill him, merely as Harriet wanted to be seduced by the Mexican ( Seabrook ) . Mary Whipple in her reappraisal says, “ The contrasts between existent life and its unreal contemplations, between the worlds of war and the possibly unrealistic dreams of its participants, and between remembered history and its loss, buttocks significance and thematic profusion to the writer ‘s apparently simple narrative. ” She fundamentally states that even though it is a simple narrative to read, there is a much deeper significance as to why Carlos Fuentes wrote about the life of Ambrose Bierce in Mexico. He took the world and added his ain particular effects to make this narrative and exemplify the “ differences between the two gringos-Bierce and Harriet-and the Mexicans they meet at this critical clip in history provide the fulcrum upon which Fuentes explores the disjunctions between the United States and Mexico. ” ( Whipple ) . Both these referees agree that this novel was written from a historical point of position and non merely for the enjoyment of a reader.

Earl Shorris of The New York Times in his reappraisal, “ To Write, To Fight, To Die, ” besides discusses the bond between the United States and Mexico. He says, “ The Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes has returned to one of his favourite subjects – the uneasy relationship between the United States and Mexico. ” In the narrative, this struggle is drawn out between the Gringo desiring the Mexicans to kill him and them still inquiring why he is at that place contending a battle that does non concern him. All three of these reappraisals said a batch of the same thing about the political and historical facets of the narrative, but they besides recommend this “ absorbing novel ” ( Seabrook, Whipple ) for others, and even though Earl Shorris ne’er really said he recommends it he ne’er said he did n’t.

Allan Cogan on the other manus found the novel to be a “ job ” to read. He goes on to state that while the disappearing of Bierce is a great beginning for a narrative, Cogan merely wished it was done in a better manner, “ No 1 knows for certain what happened to him. He merely vanished and Carlos Fuentes used this enigma as the footing for his novel. It sounds like a good foundation to construct a narrative on. He ‘s non seeking to explicate the enigma but, instead, is merely utilizing the state of affairs as his get downing point. I merely wish it had worked itself out in a more interesting mode. ” Which I do agree with to a point, while the Gringo was with the Mexicans in their rebellion the narrative was interesting and kept my attending. All the different struggles go oning at the same clip makes you believe and maintain reading otherwise if you flinch, you might lose something of import. However, after he dies, the terminal seems to take everlastingly to make, kind of like the Gringo waiting for decease to take him, it merely drags on and on.

Overall The Old Gringo is a fresh I would extremely urge to the devouring reader. The sudden disappearing of Ambrose Bierce, or anyone for that affair, allows for so many possibilities to a narrative. Carlos Fuentes evidently had his ain thoughts for Bierce in The Old Gringo, a narrative full of suspense, escapade, passion, action, struggle, and history. All of these traits make a great novel, but it is merely the head and one ‘s imaginativeness that makes it come to life.

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