The Essence Of Identity English Literature Essay

Identity, what is it, and what does it hold to make with The Alchemist, The House on Mango Street and a certain verse form that I like, “ The Buddha ‘s Last Direction? ” Identity, by definition, is a conditionA orA characterA asA toA whoA aA personA orA whatA aA thingA is. What it has to make with these three pieces of work are the chief characters betterments in individuality throughout the narratives. In The Alchemist, a shepherd, begins as a funny male child and becomes a wise immature adult male. In The House on Mango Street a immature miss is traumatized by several experiences, she starts out as a immature miss and grows into an independent, mature, immature adult female and author. In “ The Buddha ‘s Last Direction ” , it shows the speedy alteration in individuality of a deceasing adult male, or Buddha, beneath a tree looking at his ain life before his really eyes.

In The Alchemist, Santiago is a immature boy-shepherd, who is holding repeating dreams, where a kid tells him to seek hoarded wealth at the pes of the Egyptian pyramids. In the beginning of the narrative he seeks out what this all means ; Santiago consults a itinerant adult female to construe the dream, and to his surprise she tells him to travel to Egypt. A unusual, charming old adult male named Melchizedek, who claims to be the King of Salem, echoes the itinerant ‘s advice and Tells Santiago that it is his Personal Legend to travel to the pyramids. Throughout the book he continues to larn about what his ain Personal Legend is, and about the linguistic communication of the existence. Melchizedek, the King of Salem, convinces Santiago to sell his flock and set off to Tangier.

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When he arrives at Tangier he is robbed and forced to work at a Crystal Merchants ‘ store, where he earns back the money in 11 months. Santiago decides to hard currency in his net incomes and go on prosecuting his Personal Legend: to happen hoarded wealth at the pyramids. To make this he joins a train, and meets many new people. He learns about chemistry and Esperanto, and about the linguistic communication of the existence. The train stays at an oasis because of the instance of war, here, he meets and falls in love with Fatima, and besides meets the Alchemist. The Alchemist convinces Santiago to go forth Fatima and the train for the clip to complete his journey to the pyramids, and he offers to attach to Santiago on the following leg of his trip. When he reaches the pyramids, he realizes his true hoarded wealth. It was all the cognition he had gained from the merchandiser, the work forces on the train, Fatima, and the Alchemist himself. His individuality in the beginning was a meek, funny male child, and by the terminal he was a wise immature adult male with adequate money to back up a household, and of class a love in his life.

In The House on Mango Street, Esperanza is merely a 12 year-old miss, who moves into a new house on Mango Street. This alteration in individuality, is a alteration the happens over a few old ages, the old ages of teenage adolescence. During her first twelvemonth in the narrative she matures significantly, sexually, emotionally, and physically. The fresh charts her life as she makes friends, grows hips, develops her first crush, endures sexual assault, and begins to compose as a manner of showing herself and as a manner to get away the vicinity. After traveling to the house, Esperanza rapidly befriends Lucy and Rachel. During this following twelvemonth Esperanza slips into pubescence, and she is more interested in male childs and the manner they look at her when she dances, and does other womanly things. With this and the decease of two of her household members, her gramps and her aunt, she goes more into the life of maturity. During the beginning of the undermentioned school twelvemonth, Esperanza befriends Sally, a miss her age who is more sexually mature than Lucy or Rachel. Sally, meanwhile, has her ain docket. She uses male childs and work forces as an flight path from her opprobrious male parent. Esperanza is non wholly comfy with Sally ‘s sexual experience and their friendly relationship consequences in a crisis when Sally leaves Esperanza entirely, and a group of male childs sexually assault Esperanza in her absence. Esperanza ‘s traumatic experiences as Sally ‘s friend, along with her elaborate observations of the older adult females in her vicinity, finalise her desire to get away Mango Street and to hold her ain house. This is a large individuality alteration because ; in the terminal she stays in Mango Street a more mature immature adult female, who writes to emotionally get away Mango Street. Although, she is still in Mango Street, she still has desires to go forth.

In “ The Buddha ‘s Last Direction ” , there is non excessively much to state. It is about a adult male who is deceasing before his very villagers under a tree. Although, during this clip he has a really ‘explosive ‘ experience and eventually realizes the significance of what his life was. In the beginning he references what the Buddha said or told him ; “ Make of yourself a light ” . Contemplating this before he dies, he thinks about every forenoon he had, where the Sun would lift and the clouds would scatter. He thinks about his topographic point ‘in the now ‘ where he is deceasing beneath two sala trees. During this, he is sing one last, to the full blown, beautiful twenty-four hours. The Sun is out, the air around him and the feelings of xanthous moving ridges touches him as he says. During all this he thought of everything that had happened in his hard life, and in one last explosion he felt the Sun itself as if he were touched by a million blaze flowers, and he dies merrily ; Looking upon the scared people of his small town as they see him resting between the two trees. This was a really speedy individuality alteration, where a adult male inquiries what his life was, and in the terminal accepts it.

In the terminal, all three of these characters go throw obvious individuality alterations. Whether it took a long clip or non, the alterations are big. What they all have in common ; the connection to life of each one of these people. They are really interested to altering their positions of life, and so they did. Santiago, sought out his dreams and became more in touch with himself. Esperanza found a good manner to show herself and allow her emotions out, and that was by composing, whether it be novels, narratives or verse forms. And with the deceasing adult male, he was able to wrap up his whole life in a affair of hours, proceedingss, or even seconds, and be able to decease merrily, demoing that to his villagers. Identity, definition ; theA conditionA ofA beingA oneselfA orA itself, A andA notA another

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