The Horse Whisperer Nicholas Evans English Literature Essay

a ) It ‘s a really modern narrative. The clip it takes topographic point is non mentioned in the narrative, but the people have really modern package and material, so I guess it ‘s in this clip, because a twosome of old ages ago they did n’t had a laptop, while in this narrative they have one.

B ) the narrative takes about a twelvemonth. It stats when the kids have that accident and it ends when Tom died.

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degree Celsius ) The narrative takes topographic point around New York where Grace lives and in Montana, where the Equus caballus whisperer lives.

3. Plot

Grace has an accident ; she gets hit by a truck while siting her Equus caballus. Grace ‘s leg is really severely injured and her Equus caballus Pilgrim has a bad injury. Her female parent reads about Equus caballus whisperers and they decide to travel at that place and see if he can do Pilgrim better. He makes Pilgrim better and Grace ‘s female parent and the Equus caballus whisperer autumn in love. When Grace hears this she goes for a long drive with Pilgrim and when she ‘s in the mountains Pilgrim and another entire get in a battle. Tom and his brother go looking for her and they try to acquire Pilgrim off from the other Equus caballus, so Tom gets hit by the other Equus caballus and dies. Grace and her female parent travel place to her father/husband and her female parent get divorced. Subsequently the female parent get ‘s a babe.

4. Fictional characters

a ) Main characters:

* Grace: she ‘s the 13-year-old miss who has the accident. She blames herself for the accident and have problems to cover with it. She get ‘s really quiet of it, and ignore ‘s her female parent at the beginning of the narrative. At the terminal she can speak a batch better with her female parent and the contact is better.

* Pilgrim ( grace ‘s Equus caballus ) : The narrative is peculiarly based on him. In the beginning it ‘s a normal Equus caballus, but it gets damaged in the accident and Acts of the Apostless weard after this. The Equus caballus whisperer tries to do him normal once more.

* Tom Booker: the Equus caballus whisperer. He ‘s a quiet and nice individual. He falls in love with Annie, but at foremost he does n’t give in, becuase she ‘s married. He ‘s really patient with people and animate beings.

* Annie ( grace ‘s female parent ) : Grace ‘s female parent, she feels guilty because after Grace she could n’t hold kids any more. She got four abortions and she blamed herself for this. After Grace ‘s accident she tries to do her happy once more. She spend tonss of clip in it and even make up one’s mind to maintain Pilgrim and do him better, even though Crace do n’t desire this.

B ) * Robert ( Annie ‘s hubby, grace ‘s male parent ) : When Grace and Annie leave he stays in New York to work as a attorney. He and Grace are really near.

* Frank: Toms brother. He ‘s a nice individual and looks out for Grace at times.

* Judith: she ‘s Grace ‘s friend who is at that place with the accident, but she dies.

5. Subject

the subject is about non giving up. The people in the narrative has got a difficult clip, but they keep on contending to go happy once more. It ‘s besides about making thinks because you love people. In the narrative the do a batch of thinks to do the other individual happy. They woul do everything to see them smile once more.

Bacilluss: Your sentiment

1. Which character ( s ) did you like?

Annie, Grace ‘s female parent I like the most. It ‘s really hard for her when her merely child gets a accident and she tries everything to do her kid happy once more, allthough Grace do n’t do it easy for her. She an be really bothersome and annoying, but Annie do n’t give up. Annie tries to be strong for her doughter.

2. Wich character did you dislike?

I think I dislike Grace the most. I know she has tonss of problem covering wit the accident, but her female parent wants to do her happy and does a batch of thinks for her, but Grace acts like she ca n’t appreciate this and does really raging to her female parent. She makes it hard for her female parent to assist her, so she makes herself merely more unhappy. I understand whye she does this, but I do n’t hold with it. It ‘s besides largely her mistake that Tom gets killed.

3. What did you experience when you read the narrative?

You do n’t acquire a happy feeling when you read this narrative. The accidents make you sad and you truly sympathize with the participants. It ‘s a really sad narrative.

4. What is your favorite portion?

I guess the terminal of the narrative I liked the most. This because of the beginning you know there will be a decease on the terminal, and at the terminal you finnaly read it. Besides you know how the narrative ends, and thats largely the lone thing whye I stay reading. The terminal was n’t happy, but I was glad when I had finished the book, because I kept in tenseness about who should decease.

5. What do you believe about the subject?

The narrative is based on a true narrative, so it ‘s non truly one subject where it ‘s based on. I do n’t wish Equus caballuss, so that was non whye I read it, but I think this narrative besides has got a message and that came out good. He merely want to demo the reader that when you truly want to assist people and do them happy it can work, allthough you have to make a batch for it.

6. Question to the author:

I want to cognize why they let Tom decease at the terminal of the narrative?

In the beginning it ‘s a unhappy narrative, but in the center it looks like everything wil turn out right, but so Grace ‘s female parent darnels on her adult male and at the terminal Tom dies. I wish the narrative could stop different.

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