The Ideas Of The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

Harmonizing to CliffsNotes, The Great Gatsby, published in 1925, is hailed as one of the first pieces of American fiction of its clip. This fresh reflects many facets of the 1920s. There are many similarities between Fitzgerald and both Carraway and Gatsby, such as his life in the armed forces and his love life. Gatsby, one of the chief characters, is a adult male who wishes to be affluent. Carraway is the storyteller of the novel, and is Gatsbys merely friend. Daisy is the adult female that Gatsby is after. If The Great Gatsby is considered to be a great American novel, so possibly it is because it includes a historical overview of the 1920s, a relation of the writer to the chief characters, and a development of its chief characters.

The 1920s was a clip of prohibition, a deficiency of ethical motives, and importance of money. As a consequence of the prohibition of intoxicant, people began bootlegging and involved themselves in organized offense. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby becomes involved in bootlegging and organized offense with Meyer Wolfsheim in order to do the money he wants. During the 1920s, people did non believe criminal conversation was a large wickedness as they did non believe matrimony to be a womb-to-tomb committedness. Many characters in The Great Gatsby, such as Tom Buchanan, show this deficiency of morality. Tom Buchanan darnels on his married woman, Daisy, with a adult female who is already married. In add-on to this, he believes that money is everything and since he has it, he is better than people without it. Peoples of the 1920s felt that money was of import. Daisy got married to Tom because he had money, non because she loved him. Gatsby works highly difficult to acquire money, so that Daisy will recognize she wants him, non Tom.

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Fitzgerald served in the military, fell in love during the war, and pursued wealth in order to acquire love. In 1917, he went into the United States Army where he was a 2nd lieutenant in the foot. While at that place, in Alabama, he met Zelda Sayre and fell in love with her. They became engaged to be married, but Zelda broke it off because she did non believe Fitzgerald had adequate money to back up her. This caused Fitzgerald to get down prosecuting wealth. He wanted to hold money so Zelda would be willing to get married him, so he began composing books. Once these books began to acquire published, Zelda told Fitzgerald that she would get married him.

Jay Gatsby, besides known as James Gatz, is a hapless military male child who pursues wealth for love by going a moonshiner and affecting himself in organized offense. Gatsby was sent to war, but right before he left, he met Daisy Fay and fell in love with her. He tricks her into thought that he is a adult male of great wealth so that she will wait for him until he gets back from war. She ends up happening out that he is non affluent and marries Tom Buchanan. This leads Gatsby to prosecute wealth to derive Daisy ‘s love one time more ; nevertheless, he turns to bootlegging and organized offense to acquire his wealth. With the money he earns from his life of offense, Gatsby buys an tremendous sign of the zodiac across from Daisy in hopes that she will acknowledge him and recognize that he has money now.

Nick Carraway ‘s name was chosen carefully by Fitzgerald to add to the development of his character. The significance of the name Nicholas is ‘victorious people ; ‘ the significance of the family name Carraway is ‘dweller at, or near the route by the forepart ‘ ( ) . Fitzgerald selected the name Nicholas because Nick survives throughout the narrative and is a really dynamic character. He learns a batch and is able to see past the bad in people and see the good. The surname Carraway is chosen because Nick was in the war. He thinks he possesses the central virtuousness of honestness and claims to be one of the lone honest people that he has of all time known. In add-on, he tries non to be judgmental of others. When he finds out about Gatsby ‘s engagement in organized offense, he does non disinherit him as a friend. Besides, he is non judgmental of Gatsby seeking to acquire Daisy even though she is already married.

Daisy Fay Buchanan is a symbol of Fitzgerald ‘s married woman, Zelda, is the object of Gatsby ‘s fondness, and is blinded by philistinism. Daisy was partly based on Fitzgerald ‘s married woman, Zelda. If one believes Gatsby to be Fitzgerald, Daisy is Zelda because merely as Fitzgerald pursued wealth for Zelda, Gatsby pursued wealth for Daisy. Daisy is the one thing that Gatsby has been after his whole life. He bought his house so he could be near her and throws elaborate parties in hopes of her demoing up. Gatsby does this because he knows that Daisy is mercenary. She cares more about money than she does anything else, even love. For this ground, Daisy married Tom Buchanan instead than Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby is critical of the corruptness of the American Dream, has immoral characters, and contains sexual immorality and intoxicant maltreatment. The American Dream was peoples ‘ hopes to go affluent and comfortable. They wanted money and success, but this led to the corruptness of the American Dream. Peoples started to go immoral with their actions, which besides lead to the corruptness of the American Dream. In The Great Gatsby, Tom Buchanan is immoral because he cheats on his married woman, thinks he is superior to others because he is affluent, and thinks that people of different races than him are of less value. Gatsby is immoral because he is a moonshiner and is involved in organized offense. Myrtle Wilson is immoral because she cheats on her hubby with Tom. Many people in the fresh drink intoxicant and have sex. When Nick, Tom, and Myrtle go to New York, they get intoxicated. At one point during the dark, Tom and Myrtle disappear to the sleeping room where they proceed to hold sex ; this is an immoral act because both of them are married.

If The Great Gatsby is considered to be a great American novel, so it includes a historical overview of the 1920s, a relation of the writer to the major characters, and a development of its ‘ chief characters. ‘Though Daisy is a married socialite and a female parent, Gatsby still worships her as his ‘golden miss ” ( The Big Read, 2006-2010 ) . Nick is the storyteller of the novel because of his honestness. Gatsby pursues wealth in order to win over his one love. Fitzgerald lived a life similar to the chief characters in his novel, The Great Gatsby. Many features of the 1920s are incorporated into the novel. There are many similarities between the 1974 movie of The Great Gatsby, with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and the novel every bit good as a few differences. Therefore, The Great Gatsby is a great American novel with a historical overview, biographical overview, and a development of chief characters.

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