The Importance of Health over Wealth

Hi everyone , this is my first post here. Hope you’ll spend a little time to read and post some comments. Best regards, Health is more important than wealth. Let consider, health is the necessary condition while wealth is the sufficient condition. We need both of them , in order to live happily . Bus as you can see, the necessary condition is always more important. A certain fact is that we can’t buy health with money. Today, there are still some deseases which have no cure . ealth doesn’t always make life more healthy and happily . If you are a billionair, you always fell unsafe . Afraid of being killed of kinapped for your fortune will speedily harm your health and shorten your longevity. Further more , without being fit , how can you enjoy your wealth . If a man have wealth , he can have every thing . As an old saying : “Where there is health , there is life “ That’s why health is more important than wealth.

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The statistics are clear that people are healthly live longer amd more happily than rich ones. Rich people are taken effect by money pressure, it make their life uncomfortable when always have to think about money and how to make money. Today, many young people spent almost all their time to earn as much money as possible. They don’t care about themselves because they think money can keep them healthy . This is completely erroneous , many people earn like mad until they have stress, and waste money on treatment.

They have forgotten that after they die , they will leave everything behind. From my view point, I would like to be healthy instead of wealthy. I can do anything include becoming rich but I can’t just work hard , drop my health and live the rest of my life in bed . It’s good to live healthy and remember : “Keep the green mountain , and there is a plenty of wood”. P. S Are my ideas enough ? I would like to make it a bit longer .

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