The King Oedipuss Mistakes English Literature Essay

In the Grecian calamity Oedipus the King written by Sophocles, Oedipus was destined to kill his male parent and get married his female parent. After he had known this rough world of his life, he tried making everything his best in order to get the better of his destiny – he left his fatherland, Corinth, and travelled far off to avoid meeting his parents. I truly admire him for making that because he was the 1 who attempted to make the right thing. In the drama, King Oedipus exhibited many important features as a good male monarch, such as demoing finding and duty. In this essay, I will demo some of his features ensuing in his ain devastation and besides happen out what precisely makes him confront his calamity.

The first feature of King Oedipus was finding. Since his metropolis, Thebes was now confronting with a catastrophe – harvests and cowss were deceasing every bit good as people started killing each other, the priest asked Oedipus for his aid to salvage the metropolis as follows:

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Act now-we beg you, best of work forces, raise up our metropolis

Act, support yourself, your former glorification!

Your state calls you savior. ( Sophocles, 57-59 )

As a good male monarch, Oedipus came up with the solution to work out this job by directing his brother-in-law Creon to see Apollo ‘s oracle-the God of prognostication and healing-to get more information and King Oedipus said,

I acted at one time. I sent Creon,

My married woman ‘s ain brother, to Delphi-

Apollo the Prophet ‘s oracle7-to learn

What I might to make or state to salvage our metropolis. ( Sophocles, 81-84 )

After cognizing that the lone manner to get the better of this job was to happen out who the Laius ‘s true slayer is. Laius was a former male monarch of Thebes, who got killed at the hamlets. It was obvious that Oedipus was so determined and seeking so difficult to happen out the slayer. He investigated his ain people and collected information. However, it did non work good. He eventually decided to confer with with a blind prophesier, Tiresias. The undermentioned conversation demonstrated how determined Oedipus was in happening Laius ‘s existent slayer:

For the love of God, do n’t turn away,

non if you know something. We beg you,

all of us on our articulatio genuss. ( Sophocles, 371-373 )

Oedipus was merely seeking to be a good swayer and I think he was. Look what happened, Oedipus himself finally turned out to be a Laius ‘s slayer. In my sentiment, if he was non so determined to seek for the slayer, he would non hold to confront this awful truth of his life like this. Can we truly see this a error? Furthermore, the ground why King Oedipus was dead is because he attempted to salvage his people. As Creon brought the word from the Prophet that he had to happen the liquidator and banished him from Thebes ; otherwise, the pestilence that was endangering the metropolis would prevail. It appeared to me Oedipus was making precisely what a good male monarch should be.

The 2nd feature of King Oedipus was pride. He was a great male monarch and had a valid ground to be a proud adult male. When looking at the yesteryear, he was the 1 who saved Thebes before from the monster Sphinx. As the priest said “ You freed us from the Sphinx/you came to Thebes, ” ( Sophocles, 45-46 ) . If Oedipus had non solved the Sphinx ‘s conundrum, the metropolis would hold been controlled by the monster. Therefore, I think King Oedipus deserved the right for the throne of Thebes. Possessing inordinate pride, nevertheless, was non good because it made Oedipus look to be chesty and egoistic. He was so proud and confident of himself that he forgot to listen to other people ‘s voice as he said,

I stopped the Sphinx! With no aid from birds,

The flight of my ain intelligence hit the grade.

And this is the adult male you ‘d seek to subvert?

You think you ‘ll stand by Creon when he ‘s male monarch?

Alternatively of accepting his ain fate, he went huffy and brainsick. He accused Creon of cabaling with Tiresias to steal the throne. Oedipus ‘s pride blinded him to understand Tiresias ‘s words.

I think the biggest error that Oedipus made was denying his ain destiny. Harmonizing to the Oracle of Delphi, when Oedipus was immature, he had been told that he would kill his male parent and slumber with his female parent. So, he escaped his destiny by taking himself off from Corinth and ne’er returned once more. This action, however, led him to kill his biological male parent Laius and get married his biological female parent Jocasta. I wonder that what will go on if Oedipus decides non to get away his fate, but Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s face it. In other words, what will go on if Oedipus did non go forth the Corinth? Possibly he will non stop up his life with calamity.

It is true that King Oedipus made several errors merely like other human existences. Possibly he should non hold left Corinth. He should non hold solved the job of Thebes so that he will non necessitate to the terminal of his life. Ultimately, I think this individual is inculpable because of his ignorance. I do non see him as a iniquitous individual. I would instead look up to him for making his best to contend against his destiny than make nil. We should look up to Oedipus as a good male monarch. He did work out the catastrophe of Thebes and succeeded in happening Laius ‘s true liquidator. At the terminal of the drama Oedipus was unsighted and exiled like Tiresias predicted,

You are the flagellum of your ain flesh and blood,

And the dual cilium of your female parent and your male parent ‘s expletive

Will flog you from this land one twenty-four hours, their football

Steping you down in panic, darkness shrouding. ( Sophocles, 474-478 )

From my position, when Oedipus gouges out his eyes at the terminal of the drama, it symbolizes the sightlessness of the unknowable complexness of the existence.

In amount, I am on the same side as Oedipus. This individual desires to make the right thing which eventually consequences in his ain catastrophe. It seems that destiny still obtains the triumph at the terminal. In mundane life presents, nevertheless, people can plan and make their ain life – what they want to be and what they want to make in their life. You must be really careful on the manner you view destine or destiny. For case, if you were born in a really hapless household, you must make something in order to better the quality of your life and wellbeing. You can non merely fault on your destiny and state to yourself that I was destined to be hapless. It is the intent of the Gods and whatever I do is non traveling to assist me at all. This can go on in existent life if you have a incorrect feeling about destiny. In this instance, it is a glorious thought to see destiny as a incentive to take a better life and better the better hereafter.

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