The Life Of Married Women English Literature Essay

On my written undertaking, there are extra characters like Madea, who represents the sort of married adult female Janie wanted to be when she was younger nevertheless life did non give her that opportunity. Another character has been added physician Mandela ; he is the physician who is populating in Eatonville. He assured Janie at the terminal that she was really three months pregnant. My stoping gives another mentality to the book while giving it a position turn. Alternatively of being a sad stoping where Janie loses the one she loves because of a disease, she gets pregnant and expects a new extra to her life. She is still a widow who suffers of her hubby ‘s decease but one who has a pregnant and who is traveling to acquire a babe who will replace everything she had lost. Bing pregnant gives a new beginning to Janie, if the book had to be continued the following chapter would be about her gestation and the life of Tea cake Jr. That ‘s why I tried to alter the hereafter of Janie, the book was non meant to be romantic since Tea Cake arrived ; but everything changed with his reaching so it could non stop like that there will non be this charming thing in love that make people want to fall in love. I have made another stoping for Their Eyes Were Watching God ; I think my work should be read because it changes the positions of other readers. This stoping has been written in order to entertain people who likes Hurston ‘s novelette. In contrast to Hurston, I did non compose in idiom, Dialogues I made are written in Standard English of England. I have used linguistic communication to do people interested in what I am composing. Adjectives and adverbs helped me in composing by doing people how I want them to fell.

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Because now they understood how severely she was experiencing and how things have been traveling on. They felt commiseration for Janie. All twenty-four hours long, she got used to remain at place, think about Tea Cake and take attention of the wickednesss she had sowed the twenty-four hours she got back to Eatonville. The garden made with her wickednesss was the lone thing she had to retrieve about the Evergladess, Tea bar and the freedom she had at that place.

Sometimes after her reaching ; she started to purge early in the forenoon, her rhythm had stopped for a minute but she did non even noticed it because of tea bar ‘s decease, her chest were swelling and she was ever tired. She talked about it with Pheoby.

“ Pheoby, I do n’t cognize what happens but those yearss I am really ill and you know my symptoms ”

“ Yes I know and I think that you are pregnant ”

“ Pregnant!

How can I be pregnant?

Tea Cake died since Two to three months ago ”

“ I am certain you are pregnant longer than you think

Look at your abdomen it is acquiring bigger and bigger

It is obvious that there is something in it

There is Tea Cake Jr ”

“ You are right, what about traveling to see doctor Mandala tomorrow in the forenoon? ”

“ It would be a good thought ; I can come with you if you want ”

“ Yeah I truly want to be with person when I will be fix about my hereafter ”

“ Well I am about departure, because my hubby is about traveling place and if he acquire there he will fault me for no ground, he is acquiring brainsick now ”

“ Sooner state

Thankss you,

See you tomorrow ”

After five ‘s going, Janie started to believe about Tea bar, she remembered about her past gestation. That made her call all dark long ; she did non even sleep.

In the forenoon, when Pheoby came she saw Janie ruddy eyes.

“ Janie what happens? ”

“ Nothing Pheoby, You know how memories make people ”

“ What memories ; I know you miss tea Cake so much but that is what God decided ”

“ I did non state you but I have been pregnant one time, but things happen and I have lost my babe ”

“ I do n’t desire you to retrieve about that but do you desire to state me about that? ”

“ Yes, For certain allow me state you everything about my gestation while we are traveling to see Dr. Mandela ”

“ Like the fertile field in the Everglades ; I was besides fertile. The feeling of Jealousy I experienced because of Nunkie had woken up my demand of ownership. I knew that I were acquiring older and shortly Tea bar will be tempted to tribunal younger adult female ; and above all, the fact of seeing and being with Madea during her gestation made me desire a babe. Madea was a twenty- 7th twelvemonth ‘s old miss who came in the Evergladess because her hubby was a seasonal worker. When she arrived in the Evergladess she was 8th months pregnant, three hebdomads after her reaching she gave birth. Glady, were the babe ‘s name, she was a small babe girl really black with curly hair. Glady represents love the love between Madea and Luther. That small girl represents so much for her parents because she will be everlastingly the nexus between them. I became attached to the small miss by the clip the twosome leaves. I was transporting Glady when Madea and Luther went to Fieldss. At the terminal of the season, the twosome left and I felt like I was traveling to decease. I was non smiling as I used to make ; I was non even speaking that much. Tea Cake tried everything to do me happy but it was in vain. There was something lacking in my life, I wanted to be a female parent, I felt the demand of holding a babe. With Tea, we talked about it and we decided that we will hold a babe but everything will go on at the right minute irrespective the fact I was acquiring into the climacteric.

Dayss passed and as I was really fertile, I felt pregnant. The intelligence changed us. Everything that could trouble oneself us in our relationship had been cleaned with the intelligence ; there were no more uncertainties or anything like that. Together we were experiencing good and both were seeking to demo our love every bit much as possible.

Two months subsequently, Tea Cake and I were at place relaxing after an full forenoon in our bed. At a minute I wanted to make and I jumped out of the bed and so run to the privy. While traveling I felt down by knocking my pes against a stone. While falling, my belly was back uping all of my weight ; it was excessively much for me particularly with my province of gestation. Three yearss after I had started to experience really ill ; I could non eat, talk and non even place. Tea Cake got afraid and asked Dr. Simmons to come see me.

“ Janie. What de snake pit ‘s the affair with you? ”

“ I wish I know, Dr. Simmons. But I am certain I am ill

“ I know Janie. State me what makes you suffer ”

“ My caput is detonating, my vagina is intermixing and I feel pain in my venters ”

“ Hmm.. I do non cognize why but you have symptoms of person who has lost her babe really it is called abortion ”

“ I was believing of that because Three yearss ago, I felt down but I did non experience any hurting but now I think that I am traveling to decease ”

“ Janie and Tea Cake I am regretful for stating you that but you have lost your babe ”

Now you know how it happened and I will non go on otherwise I will be shouting

“ Janie you passed through really difficult experiences, now I understand why you are looking so sad ”

“ I know but it is how life goes on. Now it is clip to come in into Dr. Mandela ‘s office so that we will be fixed. ”

Janie and Pheoby saw the physician and they told him what was traveling on ; he examined Janie and assured them about their uncertainties, Janie was pregnant of 3 months.

After that she was really happy, since that twenty-four hours she was happier than she was with Tea Cake

The terminal…

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