The Motorcycle Diary Historical And Social Background English Literature Essay

During these novels it can be seen how of import is the background in at that place, whether historical background and societal one were profoundly connected in the manner the secret plan was developed, making contrast and contemplation about that current clip in both narratives. Besides, even they were written in different old ages they are a critical betrayers about the deficiency of moral in the American society in the 20 ‘s and in the other manus, the economical state of affairs in Latin-America -specifically in South America – ; the poorness that took portion during the 50 ‘s and in some manner besides modified thought and public presentation of that society.

In a really short reappraisal, The Motorcycle Diaries tells the trip of two friends the 29 old ages old Alberto Granado and the chief and subsequently radical character the 23 old ages old Ernesto ‘Che ‘ Guevara, both university pupils of medical specialty that travel from Argentina to Venezuela, go go throughing from Chile, Peru and Colombia.

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Here the unfavorable judgment of the societal unfairnesss of exploited mine workers ; persecutedA Communists, ostracizedA lazars, and the tatterdemalion posterities of a once-greatA Incan civilisation are the chief subjects of the novel.

Opposite to The Motorcycle Diaries, The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, tells the narrative of Jay Gatsby, the Buchanan Family and Nick Carraway, the storyteller of the narrative. The novel shows how the American society of the 20 ‘s – recreated in the New York metropolis – was unwrapped in an environment of luxury, individuality, superficiality and visual aspects, all reflected in each of the characters in the secret plan of the book and at the same clip are portion of what Fitzgerald ever idolized and wanted to acquire for himself.

However, it is really of import to retrieve that both narratives were written in order to demo to the reader deep state of affairss that Fitzgerald like Guevara were involved with, seeking to confront them and go forth a moral maybe.

Harmonizing to ‘Che ‘ Guevara this trip was non merely another experience gained during young person but besides made of him another wholly individual ; in his spirit:

“ The individual who recognizes and polishes them, “ me, is no longer ” , at least I ‘m non the individual one time was ( aˆ¦ ) . Our America with a capital A, has changed me more than I thought ” ( Page 16 ) .

But what are the experiences that made of him a wholly different individual, as it was mentioned antecedently, the poorness of this continent, the one of he belonged and the political patterns far off of the existent demands of people changed his position of the life.

Harmonizing to Guevara the cordial reception of Chile – “ … To run into in Chile means invite ( to a house ) aˆ¦ ” page 101 – because in contrast with Argentina, Chile did non endure the confusion between Creoles and the Saxons that lived in the South in that state: Creoles and Indians lived together in distances of each others. The deficiency of chances that Chilean people had for holding a better life manner was reflected and besides how the community, contemplation of society in general, disapproved the other people conditions coexisting in that manner a sort of a common resentment between the people who is a small spot better than the other 1 who lived in bad conditions, and the 1s who are under the “ standard ” degree of quality of life between the other people over their living conditions whose reproach them:

“ aˆ¦and go a strictly negative factor in the battle for life, and accordingly, a resentment for healthy members of the community who resent their unwellness as if it were a personal abuse to those who have to back up them. ” ( Page 70 )

Continuing in Chile and harmonizing to different issues that took portion in the stay in this state ; specifically in Valparaiso, they could happen tonss of societal jobs that the constituted authorities during that clip did non work out, like the overcrowding and the about inexistence of economical aid for the community exposed in the undermentioned reference:

“ aˆ¦is clip that politicians and set less attempt blowing clip in the goddesses of their propaganda and more money, ( ) , for work outing the work in societal net incomes. ” ( Page 72 ) .

Traveling frontward in the narrative, the corruptness, deceive, and the naivete of constabulary and common citizens were involved each other. Furthermore, placed in the North of Chile, Chuquicamata, they met a twosome in the desert dark who were communist, and where the work forces told them about the clip he was in gaol due to his political inclination ; while the adult female, his married woman, followed him go forthing their kid with person else until they got some money. This state of affairs was peculiarly difficult and sad for both Alberto and ‘Che ‘ Guevara ; for the last 1 added:

“ ( The twosome ) was the living image of labor in any topographic point around the universe ” ( page 77 )

and harmonizing to Guevara ‘s words being Communist was considered like a wickedness while. That spirit produced the long for something better in the hereafter, at least that was what the twosome expected to acquire at the terminal, but is it deserving seting your life in hazard, in a work topographic point where you can acquire a pneumonic disease and even dye, an go forthing person ‘s kids entirely merely because of dreams?

At this minute ; at the beginning of the terminal, Granado and Guevara leave Chile for traveling on with their aims at the North of this continent ; and something else, even this is the adieu of this long and narrow state Guevara keeps speaking about the societal differences evidenced and experienced by them and most of all, how the more powerful people in the history of this state, and in most of the states for certain, applied his energy over the remainder of the common people immortalized in:

“ aˆ¦the act of Valdivia represents the ne’er deny attempt of the work forces for accomplishing a topographic point where to exercise his incontrovertible authorization ” ( page 85 ) .

Finally, some contemplations written tell now the societal state of affairs of Chile, like he said in the whole South America and even worse. First of all the deficiency of consciousness of wellness in everyplace, streets, infirmaries and besides in Chile existed low chances for working and the people ; thereby, Chile showed a lower quality of life than Argentina, and no counting those old characteristics of this stray state, the life can be easy transport in the manner people work hard and, of class, they do non belong to the Communist party.

While they were in Peru they could see that most of Peruvians believed that Argentina was like the land in which people ‘s dreams were made come true, and non merely Peron was great but besides Evita ( Peron ‘s married woman ) , where everything was good merely because the “ American indians ” were non punished by the white adult male.

Guevara ‘s life, consciously or unconsciously, went around the chase of societal justness, corruptness and democracy. Since they started their journey and specifically when they arrived in Chile they were focused in different issues that embodied those moral behavior in people and in the peculiar foible due to, however they went all over Chile, they could place the cultural features between southern and the more north people.

And being in Peru they could be cognizant about their same life doctrine and ideals. However, some believes of those friends were non jut portion or applicable in hierarchal relationships but besides in the more typical of import 1s ; between the community itself.

“ When we kept on the path, the old Indian took off from his apparels a really appetising maize and he offered it to us. Quickly we realized that he democratically divided into the same portion out of the maize. ” ( Page 115 ) .

In the same manner, the accent of people who had been fired because of their political thought, it is besides an issue that must be non merely for reader be cognizant of that but besides Ernesto Guevara as itself and most of all to understand what was go oning on that clip ; subjugation against who were apposite to the authorities believes. Those state of affairss were reflected in the twosome of Chuquicamata and Puno a Peruvian indigenous who was expelled of the authorities due to the already mentioned facts. Drumhead from this fragment can be assumable during that decennary South America was overwhelmed by the power of its leaders.

Furthermore, Puno ‘s words reflected about that current state of affairs between the vanquisher who have the state and the forced 1s who were seeking to make their best in order to obtain what belongs ( erectile dysfunction ) to them ; nevertheless, Guevara had interpreted those words like violative to the Inca people: to themselves, so at that minute more than a possible Marxist ‘el Che ‘ seemed an nihilist ; against everything and everyone that subjugated to other, the Incas in this chance. At this minute, Guevara showed himself like a critical thought individual and at the same clip a ‘dreamer ‘ with clear purposes for his life and for the other excessively.

The ‘Great Gatsby ‘ , like The Motorcycle Diaries, presented in its secret plan a societal issue during the 20 ‘s, placed in America the narrative moved through the high society.

The deficiency of values like honestness, friendly relationship, trueness, love, among many others is present into those people ‘s Black Marias. The good known ‘American dream ‘ evoked the worst portion of people for both the upper category and the recent 1. But this is non merely a fiction – and successful – narrative ; whereby, the narrative itself was yet the reproduction of that society involved in individuality and superficiality. Therefore, that world was embodied by Fitzgerald in this book.

Throughout the narrative a large figure of subjects can be deeper developed. Every character is different to the other but all of them portion the same behavior, puting each other, being cognizant of visual aspects, and doing the other wage for their ain errors.

Finally, whereas Gay Gatsby, the chief character of the novel, it is of import to concentrate on his personality and his life was developing since he worked to the rich adult male and so when he met Daisy and the ends in his life made them strong. After that, during the reunion with Daisy he showed for one time one hundred per centum honest and that proved the power of his dreams, which they came true partially but accordingly, made of him a wholly different individual, pretentious, bed and condemnable and eventually triggered his dead.

For concluding, both novels are recognized by the whole Earth, like inb Time Magazine on June the 14th of 1928 ( page 5 ) due to his relation with the historical and societal context in which both were written. The Motorcycle Diaries novel revealed the poorness in Latin American and in the other manus The Great Gatsby reflect the high American society before the ‘Black Thursday ‘ in which the American dream was the symbolic icon of this society. Thereupon, some contemplation can be pulling presuming that no affair how much money person have do non specify what people are and there is plentifulness of grounds for that when Guevara told about the hapless economical development in Latin America, nevertheless, he and Alberto could did their trip because the people ‘s aid in most of the topographic points they arrived. Opposite to that world, America ‘s fiscal state of affairs seemed good every bit good as the comfy life for Americans, but if Guevara and company had decided do their journey to America they would surely had to give up to that odyssey, because people were non every bit generous as the 1 in the South.

Expression wholly opposite can be contrasted rapidly, in order to understand the immense and deep feelings and believing that separates our chief characters. Expressions like labor and bourgeois – page 125 – can be easy found in the Latin American novel and that represented the societal – communist inclination of the author. But in conformity to the societal context of Fitzgerald novel, we can happen tonss of citations which named luxury, stylish, ebullient, money, and so on. So it can be easy to reader place the environment in which this two celebrated dramas were written.

But as it was mentioned before, is it deserving leave of import thing off from you merely for acquiring a dream? , or non merely ‘things ‘ but besides people like leave your kids them enduring in a topographic point alternatively go forth your dreams that make them enduring in a topographic point where their dreams did non care at all. The best illustrations for each 1s are the life in Valparaiso and Chuquica-mata. Or putted it in another manner, is it deserving to contend for a dream that possibly ne’er would go existent, until seting your life in danger, like Gay Gatsby did it with non worthwhile people like Daisy ; and most of all, the word picture in Great Expectations suggests that money causes people unconsciously to insulate themselves from the remainder of the universe. Here you can reflect by yourself.

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