The Play A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis English Literature Essay

A Streetcar Named Desire is a drama that was written in the twelvemonth 1947 by an American drama author known as Tennessee Williams, the drama “ A Streetcar Named Desire ” is a romantic, play and tragic drama that revolves around the life of a 30 twelvemonth old lady known as miss Blanche DuBois, who is the chief character in the splay who has undergone a batch of bad lucks which includes fring her lovely hubby to suicide, fring her occupation because of holding a sexual relation with her pupil, being raped with her sisters husband ( Stanley ) and ab initio taken to a rehabilitation centre because of claims that she was psychologically ill ( Williams, par 7 ) . The drama besides indicates the cultural differences between her with Stanley Kowalski who is Polish and there cultural believes and patterns are beliing this screening that these characters do n’t bask or even like each others company yet they are connected with one character Stella s who is Blanche ‘s sister and Stanley ‘s married woman.

In this paper I am traveling to foreground on the subjects that are presented in the drama A Streetcar Named Desire, the drama is wrote in a modern scene in that there are vehicles, nines, newspaper, Story edifice ( Mortgage ) and other modern things, hence in this paper I will speak of the different subjects that are expressed in the drama as some of these subjects include the undermentioned Fantasy, Sex, and the subject of over-Dependence on Men.

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The first subject that I will foreground is the subject of Fantasy, this is besides known as the inability to face world or overcome world, in this drama the subject of phantasy is extremely shown as the chief character and other characters in the drama are get awaying world and slop seek all the possible agencies to get away what is existent and fell in there imaginativenesss.

In the drama A Streetcar Named Desire, the chief character Blanche is the most affected character that is concealing from world and opts to coerce her ego to believe that her life is going better twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ( Williams, scene 1 ) . This is where the character is faced with cryptic bad lucks that include the decease of her hubby, being fired from her profession, losing at that place Belle Reeve house because she had mortgage arrears and holding a concatenation of sexual spouses that she feels that are out to utilize and blow her.

Blanche is really afraid to confront these jobs that she is confronting consecutive and will choose into activities like imbibing severely and playing fire hook with the other characters who were running off from world ( Williams, scene 2 ) . The job that Blanche had of imbibing overly was a clear indicant that she had given up in life and ne’er have any hope other than fantasying, this is clear in the drama as she does n’t see Mitch as the sort of adult male who will come to her deliverance and supply her with all her demands and wants this is because she has a longtime suer known As Shep Huntleigh who she dreams of day-to-day and hope that he will come to her deliverance and supply her with all the things that she requires and demands.

The drama besides shows that Stanley is populating in phantasy as he has lost hopes in life and the lone hope that remained for him was the bad lucks that befell Blanche, so in this instance he was utilizing the past experiences of Blanche to run away from his existent life and merely brood on the past bad lucks of Blanche and at the same clip get awaying his ain yesteryear and present jobs. Mitch is besides populating in phantasy in that he is most of the times drunk because he lives in his old sallow female parent ‘s house he knows that his female parent will shortly decease and he opts to imbibe senselessly in order to get away this world.

The other subject in the drama is the subject of sex and its connexions with decease the chief character Blanche is sad because of the decease of her longtime teenage friend and hubby Allan Grey who died because Blanche disclosed to the populace that he was a homosexual and she caught him in bed with another adult male.

Blanche is besides afraid of decease as she will choose to hold sexual activities with younger work forces and slop non be willing to unwrap her true age to the people around her in efforts of doing the people believe that she is immature, that thought entirely shows that she does n’t desire to be seen as old and this will do her believe that ‘s she is n’t aging and will remain a small longer before she dies.

Sexual activity is besides expressed in the drama as Stella has opted to remain with Stanley and unpluging the contact that she had with her household members this is because of the sexual satisfaction that she has with Stanley and would n’t go forth him for another adult male ( Williams, scene 2 ) . This subject is besides expressed in the drama from the lecherousness that Stanley had on Blanche as he was covetous and angry because she was developing a relationship with Mitch.

The overdependence in work forces is another subject in the drama this is when the author places the adult females characters in the drama topographic point all there programs and hopes in the work forces and they ca n’t be complete without the work forces in there life, in this instance Blanche has placed all her hopes in the millionaire Shep Huntleigh as the lone adult male who will come to deliver her from the jobs that she is confronting at the minute while Stella on the other side has high hope on Stanley to the extent of go forthing her household members out of her life in order to be with the love of her life.

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